Episode 356.
          Norman sees Leslie pass a gun to Chandler. 

WA:       Steven Cord has known for some time that his grandfather, 
          Martin Peyton, has been seeing a much younger woman.  Tonight, 
          the young woman has been brought in the house as a guest.  And 
          Steven must deal with his grandfather's manipulations, once 

Intro:    The limousine arrives at the mansion with Lee Webber at the 
          wheel.  Adrienne Van Leyden walks up to the front door. 

Scene 1:  Peyton welcomes Adrienne and introduces Betty to her in the 
          foyer of the Peyton house.  Steven comes into the foyer and is 
          also introduced.  Peyton wishes Adrienne a happy birthday.  The 
          foyer is full of flowers as was her husband's custom.  Peyton 
          explains that Dr. Van Leyden was a specialist in blood 
          disorders.  Adrienne asks to be excused to freshen up.  Betty 
          escorts her to her room which is up the stairs and to the left. 
Scene 2:  Constance goes to Dr. Rossi's office and asks how Rachel is 
          doing.  Rossi tells her about Rachel's delusions. 
Scene 3:  Lee visits Jack Chandler in his jail cell.  Chandler asks Lee 
          to contact Steven Cord and tell Steven to come to see him.  
          Chandler threatens to tell Peyton that his faithful chauffeur 
          played host to Jack Chandler. 
Scene 4:  On a raised bench near the wharf, Norman and Rita visit.  
          Norman tells Rita that he got a "B" in English Literature.  
          Rita shows that she is very pleased.  She gives Norman a 
          sandwich she has made for him.  Norman eats it.  Rita says that 
          she has to go see her mother, Ada.  She walks slowly by Joe's 
          Boat Repair Shop, Ham's Shoreline Arcade, and on to Ada Jacks' 
          Tavern.  Rita is feeling weak. 
Scene 5:  Rita and Eli Carson are in the emergency room as Dr. Rossi 
          comes in.  He asks if she is having problems.  Rossi listens to 
          her heart using a stethoscope.  Rita says she wants to call 
          Norman.  Rossi picks up the phone and asks the operator to send 
          a nurse to Emergency room 112.  Rita says she is having trouble 
          getting her breath.  There is a knock at the door and nurse 
          Hayes comes in.  Rossi tells the nurse to put Rita in room 107.  
          Rita asks Eli to can call Norman.  Rossi says that he will do 
          it.  Rossi picks up the phone and asks the operator to page 
          Norman Harrington at the Peyton College.  And if she can't 
          reach him then try to get Rodney Harrington at the Shoreline 
          Garage.  He tells her to keep trying, not to give up. 
Scene 6:  In Steven Cord's office, Lee Webber tells Steven that Chandler 
          is very anxious for Steven to come see him.  Steven retorts 
          that he is not interested.  Steven says he wonders what Peyton 
          would think about Lee running errands for Chandler while he's 
          supposed to be on the job.  Lee replies that he is taking 
          Adrienne on a shopping trip and he has the time to spare to 
          carry messages from Jack Chandler to Steven.  Lee says that 
          Adrienne Van Leyden is a real looker. 
Scene 7:  In the hospital, Rossi fusses at Norman.  He tells Norman that 
          Rita is pregnant.  Her heart is too weak to have a baby at this 
          time.  Possibly later.  Norman says that he wants to see his 
Scene 8:  Late at night.  Clock Striking.  Norman walks down the stairs 
          from the apartment and over to the square.  He is very much at 
          loose ends.  He climbs the steps to the bandstand.  Norman 
          observes his father, Leslie Harrington, drive up in front of 
          the courthouse.  He is shocked to see his father pass a gun 
          through the bars of Chandler's cell. 
Preview:  Norman blackmails Leslie.  Steven talks to Adrienne.  Chandler 
          holds a gun on the jail guard and hits him, knocking him out. 

          LH:  Are you trying to blackmail me? 
          NH:  Would you like for me to tell the police?
          LH:  Of course not.

          SC:  Why did you come to Peyton Place, to this house?
          AVL: Are you serious?
          SC:  Deadly serious.
          AVL: I have a feeling you're anxious to answer that question 

          JC:  You try to be a hero.  You're a family man.  You don't 
               want to be a hero.

Nurse Hayes-uncredited.
Dr. Rossi assigned Rita to room 107.