Episode 357.
          Chandler escapes from jail.
WA:       Norman Harrington, unable to sleep on a hot and troubled night, 
          has wandered out into the Peyton Place square.  Trying to find 
          a way to feel a little less guilty about his young wife's 
          pregnancy.  A pregnancy that seriously complicates her heart 
          condition.  Suddenly, the accident of time and place, of people 
          living in a small town, brings Norman to the Peyton county 
          courthouse, to the jail.  There is no doubt that the man 
          approaches the barred window of one of the cells.  There is a 
          terrible familiarity about the man.  There is no doubt in 
          Norman's mind that this incident, in the darkness, will 
          dominate his life for months to come. 
Intro:    It is 3:00 a.m.  Norman Harrington walks across the square and 
          up into the bandstand.  Leslie Harrington drives his car to the 
          courthouse and puts a gun through the bars of Chandler's cell. 
Scene 1:  Inside the cell, Chandler calls the jailer.  He says he has 
          fever and a sharp pain in his side.  The jailer says he'll be 
          all right tomorrow.  Chandler asks for water.  When the pitcher 
          of water is delivered, Chandler pulls the gun and overpowers 
          the guard.  He hits the jailer on the head with the gun and 
Scene 2:  Elliot runs over from the Peyton County Town Hall to the 
          Clarion.  Inside the Clarion, Elliot begins typing frantically 
          preparing the story.  Eli has followed him in and answers the 
          ringing phone.  Elliot tells Eli to tell the caller to call the 
          UPI.  Eli says it is the UPI.  Elliot asks Eli to tell them 
          he'll call them back in fifteen minutes.  Elliot continues to 
          type frantically.  Charlie Hagen of the White River Herald 
          calls and talks. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi is attending Rita in her hospital room.  She asks for 
          Norman and is told that he is outside.  Rossi tells Rita that 
          she is pregnant.  Rita says that it's wonderful.  Rossi says 
          that it may not be so wonderful.  Rossi allows Norman to see 
          Rita.  Rossi leaves.  Norman comes in the room and tells Rita 
          that he doesn't want anything to happen to her. 
Scene 4:  Adrienne leaves her flower filled bedroom and goes down stairs.  
          She is looking at Betty's portrait as Martin Peyton comes in.  
          She compliments Peyton on his gardener.  Martin asks what she 
          thinks about Steven.  She says that she finds Steven to be 
          rude, ill-mannered, and hostile.  He is cold self-centered and 
          calculculating, extremely hostile.  Adrienne tells Peyton that 
          his plan won't work. 
Scene 5:  Lee Webber is adjusting his chauffeur's uniform and gets his 
          cap out of the entry closet.  The full length mirror on the 
          closet hangs loosely.  Steven asks Lee how Chandler got the 
          gun.  Lee says he doesn't know.  Adrienne and Martin appear.  
          Martin tells Webber to bring the car around.  Adrienne goes up 
          the stairs for a moment.  
Scene 6:  The ten-line speakerphone buzzes in Leslie's inner office and 
          Leslie picks up the phone.  Miss Nolan's voice is heard 
          announcing Norman.  Norman comes in and demands a job.  Leslie 
          is blackmailed over the gun Leslie gave to Chandler.  Leslie 
          asks if sales would interest him.  Norman says no.  He wants 
          Chandler's old job with overtime.  Norman says he'll start 
          tomorrow.  He leaves.  Leslie calls personnel. 
Scene 7:  Steven is in the livingroom looking at his reflection in a 
          fancy round mirror.  Adrienne comes in and they talk.  He asks 
          her why she is in Peyton Place.  Adrienne opens the door and 
          Peyton appears.  He asks Steven to join them.  Steven says 
          there is nothing for her in Peyton Place unless she enjoys the 
          American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps.  Adrienne agrees that 
          Peyton Place is culturally challenged. 
Preview:  Steven talks with Betty about Dr. Philip Van Leyden.  Rossi 
          talks to Martin about his house guest.  Leslie argues with Lee. 
          SC:  The reason for his death might be just a little bit more 
               complex than it seems on the surface.  I'm a lawyer.  I 
               like facts.  
          BA:  You're not accusing Adrienne? 
          MR:  Its about your house guest.  
          MP:  Yes, well what about her? 
          MR:  She's poison.  
          MP:  What kind of diagnosis is that?  
          MR:  Accurate.  Deadly accurate.

          LH:  The old man must be losing his touch sending a heavy 
               handed oaf like you to try to get information out of me.  
               You don't even like him. 
          LW:  No, let me . . .
          LH:  Out.

Larry Gardner-public defender.
Charlie Hagen, White River Herald.
UPI-United Press International.