Episode 358.
          Norman begins working at the mill.
WA:       Today, Norman Harrington is a working man, full time.  A manual 
          laborer's job on the loading dock of the Peyton Mill.  Norman 
          got it by making a deal with his father.  A job in return for 
          Norman's silence about a strange event.  Norman saw his father 
          Leslie Harrington standing at the jail cell window of Jack 
          Chandler shortly before Chandler escaped.  This knowledge 
          resulted in a job.  A job Norman needs so desperately at this 
          time in his life. 
Intro:    The Peyton marina.  Norman Harrington is working on the wharf 
          at the Peyton Mill. 
Scene 1:  Norman comes into the Shoreline Garage to see Rodney.  Norman 
          tells Rodney that he has a job and that Rita is pregnant.  
          Rodney and Norman talk. 
Scene 2:  Lee Webber is sitting in Leslie's outer office as Leslie 
          arrives.  They go into Leslie's inner office.  Lee wants to 
          talk about Chandler.  Leslie tells Lee he has no further 
          interest in Chandler.  Leslie dismisses Lee.  Lee continues to 
          press Leslie. 
Scene 3:  Betty and Steven are breakfasting together at the Peyton house.  
          They talk about Adrienne and Peyton.  Steven tells Betty that 
          Dr. Van Leyden fell from a high rise apartment.  Steven kisses 
          Betty.  Steven finishes breakfast and leaves in his green 
Scene 4:  Constance has brought magazines to Rita.  They talk.  Rita 
          tells Constance that she and Norman are going to have their own 
          baby.  Constance offers Matthew's baby things to Rita. Rita 
          asks what Eli's middle name is.  When she learns that it 
          Luther, she says, "That's just as bad."  Constance leaves. 
Scene 5:  Constance talks with Rossi.  Her thanks her for keeping the 
          visit short.  Rossi tells Constance that it doesn't look good 
          for Rita.  Constance talks about Adrienne.  Rossi knew her 
          husband.  Rossi says that he was a research scientist.  
          Constance leaves and Rossi sits and ponders. 
Scene 6:  At the Peyton Mill loading dock, Norman is stacking boxes.  A 
          forklift driver is moving pallets of mill goods.  Leslie comes 
          over and talks with Norman.  Leslie asks how Rita is.  Norman 
          tells his father that Rita is seriously ill. 
Scene 7:  Rossi comes to the mansion to talk with Peyton.  Rossi wants to 
          talk about Adrienne.  Martin and Rossi argue.  Van Leyden saved 
          Peyton's life.  Rossi accuses Adrienne of killing her husband.  
          The coroner's report said that Van Leyden fell to his death 
          from a high rise apartment.  Rossi was on a research team 
          working for Van Leyden.  He said that Adrienne changed him and 
          caused his death.  Adrienne coming down the stairs hears some 
          of this.  Rossi asks why he brought her here.  Adrienne appears 
          and Martin glows.  Adrienne slaps Rossi.  Rossi just looks at 
Preview:  Steven talks with Adrienne in his office.  Elliot talks with 
          Lee about Chandler. 
          SC:  Did Dr. Rossi disapprove of your marriage with Dr. Van 
          AVL: You're asking some very personal questions, 
               considering, you haven't said yet whether you'll handle my 
          EC:  You visited Chandler in his cell. 
          LW:  Because his attorney asked me to. 
          EC:  But Why? 
          LW:  Let me tell you something, tough guy.  You're on my turf 
               now.  So ease off.