Episode 359.
          Adrienne slaps Dr. Rossi.

WA:       Adrienne Van Leyden knows where she's going.  She came to the 
          house of Martin Peyton to do his bidding.  To break up the 
          marriage of his grandson, Steven Cord.  But someone stands in 
          the way.  A man who knows something about her past.  A man who 
          has never met her, yet despises her, Dr. Michael Rossi. 
Intro:    Front porch at the mansion.  Adrienne peeking out and coming 
          down the stairs.  
Scene 1:  Adrienne slaps Rossi.  Martin talks about why Adrienne slapped 
          Rossi.  Martin asks Rossi if he would like to repeat the 
          accusation.  Rossi has never insulted Dr. Van Leyden, dead or 
          alive.  After an exchange of barbs, Rossi leaves and Adrienne 
          goes upstairs. 
Scene 2:  Betty is arranging some flowers in Rita's hospital room.  
          Rodney comes in holding a list of baby names and their 
          meanings.  Betty tries to excuse herself, but Rodney encourages 
          her to stay.  Rodney has circled some names he especially 
          likes.  Dexter, Phoebe, and Audrey.  Rodney tells Rita that the 
          breakup with Betty was his fault because he caused the 
          accident.  If that hadn't happened he and Betty would be a 
          happily married couple. 
Scene 3:  Elliot argues with Lee, after forcing his way into his house.  
          Lee picks up a crow bar to threaten Elliot.  Lee lays the 
          crowbar down.  Elliot picks up the crowbar.  Lee says that he 
          has the best job in his life.  Elliot throws the crowbar at 
          Lee.  Elliot says, "I'll be back." 
Scene 4:  Adrienne goes to visit Steven Cord in his law office.  She 
          tells Steven she wants to sue Rossi for slander.  He tells her 
          that slander is difficult to prove.  They talk.  They shake 
          hands and she leaves. 
Scene 5:  Martin is doing sit-ups to exercise his legs.  Lee tells Peyton 
          that that Peyton will probably outlive them all.  Peyton says 
          that he intends to.  Lee talks about Chandler. 
Scene 6:  Adrienne comes in the front door of the mansion and Betty 
          greets her.  Adrienne tells Betty that she had seen Steven in 
          his law office. 

Preview:  Betty talks with Steven.  Leslie talks to Peyton about 
          Chandler's escape.  Elliot asks Ada about the gun and she tells 
          him to get out. 
          BA:  I think I deserve a better answer than that.  
          SC:  Testing me?  
          BA:  Testing you.  You're attracted to her aren't you? 
          LH:  I don't have to stand here and take any more of this.  Are 
               you implying that I had something to do with his escape? 
          MP:  Did you?
          EC:  I want to know more about that gun.
          AJ:  Get out of here, Elliot.  You make me sick.  Get out.