Episode 360.
          Adrienne visits Steven's office.
WA:       Martin Peyton has brought a young woman into his house, 
          Adrienne Van Leyden, the widow of his former doctor.  She is 
          here for a purpose, to entice Peyton's grandson, Steven Cord, 
          thereby breaking up Steven's marriage.  Thereby helping to 
          carry out the extra-ordinary conditions of his last will and 
          testament.  Tonight Peyton, the puppet-master, pulled the 
          strings, and Adrienne made her first move. 
Intro:    Adrienne walks through the gates of the mansion and up to the 
          front door.  She selects a flower and picks it from in front of 
          the house.  She rings the chimes and is let in by Betty.  
          Adrienne shows the flower to Betty.  She has evidently walked 
          from downtown. 
Scene 1:  Adrienne and Betty chat for a moment and Adrienne goes upstairs 
          to freshen up.  Betty tells her there is plenty of time.  
          Adrienne tells Betty that she visited Steven in his office to 
          get help on a legal problem. 

Scene 2:  Steven drives up to the mansion and comes inside.  Steven says, 
          "Anybody home?"  He sees Betty and says "Wow."  Steven and 
          Betty kiss.  Betty asks Steven if he had a good day.  Steven 
          says he went to court in the morning and got a postponement on 
          the Lowell merger and then he had dinner with Judge Otto 
          Clutcher.  The judge told him the same swell jokes he always 
          does.  Steven wants to eat out but Betty says that Peyton wants 
          them to eat with him and Adrienne. 
Scene 3:  Adrienne goes in and talks with Peyton.  She reports on seeing 
          Steven.  She says it went very well, indeed.  They talk about 
          her relationship with Steven.  The plot is going well.  He says 
          that Steven wants money, power, and position. 
Scene 4:  Ada comes to visit Rita in the hospital.  Ada complains to Rita 
          that she can't even bring food to her own daughter in the 
          hospital.  Ada brings a baby gift, a christening outfit.  baby 
          dress.  She wants to be a good grandmother.  Rita says that Dr. 
          Rossi told her to be careful.  Ada talks about Rita having 
          rheumatic fever as a child.  Ada tells Rita to take a nap and 
          she leaves. 
Scene 5:  At the Colonial Post Inn, live piano music.  Leslie has dined 
          with Norman.  Leslie wants reassurance from Norman that he 
          hasn't told anyone about Leslie giving Chandler the gun.  The 
          phone rings at the desk.  Robert, the desk clerk tells Leslie 
          he has a call from Martin Peyton.  Leslie says he'll take it in 
          his room. 
Scene 6:  Norman walks across the square and over toward his apartment 
          over the Pharmacy.  Rodney intercepts him and they talk.  
          Rodney asks Norman to have dinner with him.  Norman says he has 
          already eaten.  Norman is still in a foul mood.  Norman goes up 
          the steps to the apartment.  Rodney gets in his car and leaves.  
Scene 7:  Leslie drives over to the mansion gets out of the car and goes 
          to the door.  He is admitted by Mary and taken to Peyton.  
          Peyton asks Leslie about Chandler.  Leslie admits it was a 
          mistake to hire Chandler.  Leslie says that he hired Chandler 
          because it was a common laborer's job.  Most of the men who had 
          been laid off were skilled workers.  Leslie mentions how hard 
          he has worked to make the mill profitable.  Adrienne comes in, 
          apologizes for interrupting, and is introduced to Leslie.  They 
          talk briefly and Leslie leaves.  Martin tells Adrienne her 
          timing was perfect. 
Scene 8:  Elliot comes in the Tavern.  Ada asks him what he wants.  He 
          wants a beer and information about the gun and about  Chandler.  
          Ada sarcastically tells Elliot that Chandler gave her some food 
          and she slipped him a gun.  Elliot asks why she owes Chandler 
          something.  They argue.  Ada says he should ask Charlie.  [ 
          there are at least 5 charlie's in town.  We will assume she 
          meant Charlie Cider Barrel.]  Elliot mentions that Chandler was 
          the last person to see Allison.  Ada tells Elliot to get out. 
Scene 9:  Steven and Betty come into the foyer.  Betty asks Steven why he 
          hadn't told her that Adrienne came to his office to visit him.   
          They begin to argue.  She saved the argument because she didn't 
          want to spoil the lovely evening.  She asks if he is punishing 
          her for the Blaine report.  He says he detests women like 
          Adrienne.  Cold and spoiled. 
Preview:  Steven Cord talks with Dr. Rossi.  Martin Peyton talks to 
          Adrienne Van Leyden.  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker talks 
          on the phone to Leslie Harrington. 
          SC:  I want to know why my grandfather brought her here.  I  
               want to know why she came. 
          MR:  Any relationship I had with her or Dr. Van Leyden is going 
               to have to stay my business. 
          MP:  You played a role, you played all your life.  I want 
               Steven and Betty's marriage destroyed. 
          AVL: Even you can make one enemy too many.
          WW:  I don't want to go into it on the phone, Mr. Harrington.  
               We found a gun.  We think Chandler used it. 
Judge Otto Clutcher-mentioned.
Robert, the desk clerk at the Inn.