Episode 361.
          The escape gun arrives at the Clarion in the mail.
WA:       It has been three days since Jack Chandler escaped from the 
          Peyton County jail, with the aid of a gun smuggled to him by an 
          unidentified benefactor.  During these days, Elliot Carson, the 
          man most responsible for putting Chandler behind bars, has 
          spent a great deal of his time trying to find benefactor was.  
          But without success.  This morning he will receive a clue.  A 
          clue from an entirely unexpected source. 
Intro:    Elliot drives up and parks in front of the Clarion. 
Scene 1:  Postman Roy Slater brings Elliot a package.  Elliot takes the 
          package inside the Clarion.  He opens the package and finds a 
          gun.  He takes it directly to Sgt. Walker across the square.  
          Walker asks if he touched it.  he hadn't.  Police technician 
          Charlie comes in and takes the gun to the police lab. 
Scene 2:  In his convertible, Rodney drives Norman and Rita drive to the 
          Pharmacy and they all go upstairs to the apartment.  Norman 
          doesn't want Rita to celebrate her homecoming by doing 
          housework.  Norman kisses Rita on the nose.  She goes in the 
          bedroom.  Norman and Rodney have a serious talk about Rita.  
Scene 3:  Leslie comes into his mill office and asks if he has gotten any 
          phone calls.  The secretary says that only one from the police 
          station.  Sgt. William Wilson Walker has called.  He asks her 
          to get Walker on the phone.  Using a pencil, she dials Walker 
          and connects him with Leslie.  The Sergeant wants Leslie to 
          come over this morning.  The police have found a gun.  They 
          agree to meet at 3:00 in the afternoon.  Leslie asks if they 
          have found Chandler.  Walker says not yet.  Elliot was in the 
          police station talking to Sgt. Walker.  He confirms Walker will 
          meet with Leslie.  Walker tells Elliot that the police will 
          handle it.  Elliot leaves. 
Scene 5:  Leslie tells the secretary to call the security office and to 
          get Stan Howard up here right away. 
Scene 6:  Steven is dictating again.  He requests one original and no 
          carbons.  About Peyton.  He had asked Rossi to come over.  He 
          is interrupted by a knock on the door.  Dr. Rossi comes into 
          Steven's office.  Rossi says that he doesn't want to get 
          involved.  Steven asks who Adrienne Van Leyden is.  Rossi 
          claims he doesn't know.  As Rossi is leaving Adrienne comes in 
          to see Steven.  She says that she is disappointed he won't take 
          her case.  He asks why she came to Peyton Place.  She leaves. 

Scene 7:  Adrienne comes into the mansion and goes in to see Peyton.  He 
          greets her warmly.  She says she wants out of the deal.  He 
          asks what happened at Steven's office.  She tells Peyton that 
          Steven turned her down flat.  Peyton tells her that she has 
          many enemies.  She tells Peyton that he is "Satanic."  He says 
          that she drove him to his death.  He wants Steven and Betty's 
          marriage destroyed. 
Scene 8:  Sgt. William Wilson Walker and another taller officer talk with 
          Leslie Harrington.  He says that Stan Howard will talk to them 
          at the security gate.  

          As the officers leave, Elliot comes into the office and asks to 
          talk with him.  Leslie says the shack at the security gate was 
          broken into and a gun stolen.  Leslie suggests that one of 
          Chandler's cronies may have stolen the gun. 
Preview:  Leslie talks with Rita.  Martin talks with Betty.  Adrienne 
          talks with Dr. Rossi. 
          LH:  You can talk to him, influence him.
          RH:  If living like that depends on Norm working at the mill 
               for the rest of his life, that will have to be his 
          MP:  He will only make a fool of himself if this comes up in 
          BA:  You are not going to break up my marriage.
          AVL: You heard me out.  What I said meant nothing to you did 
          MR:  If you'll excuse me, I have a very busy day.