Episode 362.
          Lee lugs a trunk up to Adrienne's room.
WA:       Steven Cord cannot shake his guilt.  The guilt he feels because 
          of his attraction to Adrienne Van Leyden, Martin Peyton's house 
          guest.  The subject of his feelings for Adrienne has already 
          caused a rift between Betty and Steven.  A rift that could 
          threaten their marriage. 

intro:    Steven comes in the mansion and begins drinking. 
Scene 1:  Steven asks Betty if she is tired.  He continues to drink and 
          turns on the grammaphone.  He plays a Latin number.  They 
          wrestle around.  Adrienne is watching.  Betty gets annoyed. 

Scene 2:  A delivery truck pulls up to the mansion.  In his undershirt, 
          Lee Webber signs for a trunk for Adrienne.  Lee totes it up the 
          stairs to Adrienne's bedroom.  He asks where she wants it.  She 
          says put it down anywhere.  He tries to strike up a 
          conversation.  He asks what is in the trunk.  Lee tells 
          Adrienne he has been divorced.  He says Peyton wants him to do 
          anything he can to help Adrienne.  As he is leaving, Steven 
          admonishes him for not being properly dressed. 
Scene 3:  Ada walks down the steps from the apartment.  Leslie drives up 
          and congratulates her.  Leslie activates the buzzer and is let 
          in by Rita.  They talk.  The alarm clock rings and Rita says it 
          is time to take her pill.  Leslie wants Rita to convince Norman 
          to start back to school.  Leslie tells Rita that Norman was 
          fortunate to marry her. 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi is working as there is a knock on his office door.  
          Adrienne has come to try to make up with him.  Rossi says he is 
          surprised that she chose Steven for her libel action.  She says 
          there will be no legal action.  Rossi says he is disappointed 
          that she won't have to answer for her actions.  Adrienne says 
          she is not a rich young widow.  Rossi responds that the world 
          lost a genius in Dr. Van Leyden.  Adrienne says she lost a 
          husband.  He asks her to excuse him for he has a busy day 
Scene 5:  Using a Polaroid® camera Eli photographs Matthew and Constance.  
          Elliot storms in.  Eli says that Elliot just ruined a 
          prize-winning picture.  Eli says, "Just one more, Connie."  
          Elliot mentions the new apples.  Elliot takes a bite out of an 
          apple.  They talk about Chandler and that all the police they 
          have now were too young when Eddie Jacks left town.  Elliot 
          asks Eli what Eddie Jacks was like.  Eli says there were rumors 
          of shady dealings going on in the back room.  Elliot and Eli 
          talk about Eddie Jacks.  Elliot asks Eli if he knows why Eddie 
          left town.  Eddie Jacks returns in the next episode. 
Scene 6:  Peyton tells Lee to put the car away.  Betty asks Peyton why 
          Adrienne is there.  Peyton says she is an old friend.  Betty 
          says, "Mr. Peyton, You are not going to break up my marriage."  
Preview:  Norman talks to Rodney.  From Boston, Attorney William Kennerly 
          talks with Steven.  Martin asks Adrienne her price. 
          NH:  What are you trying to do?  Put dad in jail and me on 
               welfare?  For what?  Just to prove that you're the only 
               good guy in town? 
          WK:  If we are going to be on opposite sides of the courtroom, 
               in this matter, I doubt if it's wise for you to be 
               calling me like this. 
          MP:  How much do you want?  50,000?  After all, in your distant 
               and colorful past, you always knew the financial pedigrees 
               of your gentlemen callers. 

Polaroid® camera.  
Eddie Jacks was first mentioned in episode 222.