Episode 363.
          Eddie Jacks returns to Peyton Place.
WA:       Martin Peyton has been challenged.  A few hours ago, Steven 
          Cord's wife, Betty, accused Peyton of using Adrienne Van Leyden 
          as a means of breaking up her marriage.  And thus achieving the 
          provisions of his bizarre last will and testament.  Peyton 
          denied the accusation, but Betty was right.  And Peyton knew he 
          had to act without delay, now.  Peyton's countermove is to take 
          Adrienne Van Leyden on a mysterious trip out of town.  A trip 
          that momentarily blocks Steven Cord's efforts to subpoena the 
          old man's will as evidence of his mental incompetency. 

Intro:    The Peyton limousine drives up to the square and parks in front 
          of the Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co.  Lee Webber gets out 
          and goes in the building. 
Scene 1:  Miss Nolan buzzes Steven and Lee goes in his office.  Steven 
          hands Lee a folder containing legal papers from Peyton.  They 
          swap barbs.  Lee says that he is driving Peyton to Boston 
          today.  Lee leaves. Steven watches out the window as Lee gets 
          back into the limousine and drives off.  The reflection of the 
          camera and camera operator are seen in the reflection off the 
Scene 2:  Steven calls attorney William Kennerly, Sr. in Boston, dialing 
          ten digits.  Kennerly tells Steven that they miss him.  Steven 
          asks about the subpoena.  Kennerly tells Steven that since they 
          will be on opposite sides it would be best if they didn't talk.  
          Steven ends the call. 
Scene 3:  Rita calls on Rodney.  A small fan is oscillating and the water 
          cooler is almost empty.  Rita asks Rodney if he understands his 
          father.  Leslie wanted Rita to convince Norman to go back to 
          school.  Rodney asks Rita how she feels.  Rodney picks up a 
          Clarion with the headline: 
                      ESCAPE GUN TRACED TO PEYTON 

Scene 4:  Rodney walks over to the Peyton Mill loading dock.  He looks in 
          Norman's lunch sack.  Norman says there isn't an extra sandwich 
          in there.  Rodney asks Norman if he's seen today's newspaper.  
          He hasn't.  Rodney accuses Norman of getting the job through 
Scene 5:  In Boston, the limousine drives up and Lee helps Adrienne and 
          Martin out.  They go into the building and into the a 
          conference room.  The room has several bookcases filled with 
          law books.  Martin asks Adrienne how much she wants.  50,000  
          ... 100,000.  Adrienne tells Martin that he is cruel.  But, he 
          says that he is generous.  She wants the letter.  William 
          Kennerly, Sr. comes in and joins them.  Peyton introduces 
          Adrienne to Kennery.  He wants Kennerly to draw up a trust, 
          revocable during his life, and irrevokable after his death, 
          completely separate from his will.  He asks what property can 
          be assigned to Adrienne.  Kennerly suggests the Hartford 
          property.  It will provide about 30 to 50 thousand per year.  
          Kennerly says that they are both mad.  Mr. Grayson's partner, 
          Chambers, comes in from outside and hands Peyton a jewel box 
          which he opens.  Martin wants Adrienne to select an emerald 
Scene 6:  Eddie Jacks walks on the wharf.  He goes to the Tavern and 
          pounds on the door.  Ada comes in from the living area.  She is 
          greeted by her husband.  He had walked off 18 years ago going 
          out for a pack of cigarettes.  She is anything but delighted.  
          He leaves an apple with a bite taken out laying on a table. 
Preview:  Leslie talks with Rodney.  Betty talks to Steven. 
          LH:  I certainly have been fortunate.  I have two healthy, 
               intelligent sons.  One of whom tries to blackmail me, the 
               other who wants to turn me over to the police. 
          BA:  The moment she walked into this place you couldn't take 
               your eyes off of her.  And you still can't.  She's not 
               making a fool out of your grandfather, she's making a fool 
               out of you. 

Eddie Jacks-Dan Duryea
Mr. Chambers, jeweler
Attorney William Kennerly-Russell Thorson.