Episode 364.
          Martin Peyton gets engaged.  Wilfred Hyde White substitutes for 
          George Macready. 
WA:       Tonight, a man named Eddie Jacks walks through the town, 
          getting the feel of it, looking it over.  Eddie lived here 
          once.  Worked here and conned his way through life, here.  He 
          had a wife, Ada, who worked in the tavern with him.  He had a 
          daughter, Rita.  He had debts, and something to hide.  And one 
          day he left.  Now, Eddie Jacks is back in Peyton Place.  He 
          wants most people to forget his past.  He wants to take 
          advantage of those few who will remember, who must remember. 

Intro:    Eddie Jacks walks on the wharf, past the stairs to Mrs. Hewitt's 
          boarding house.  When he gets to the Tavern, he pounds on the 
          door loudly. 
Scene 1:  Ada says, "Who is it?"  Eddie opens the tavern door.  Ada comes 
          in from the apartment area.  There are three glass panels in 
          the door to the apartment area.  Eddie announces, "It's me, 
          Ada.  I got that pack of cigarettes.  Don't you remember, Ada.  
          I walked right through that door telling you I was going to get 
          a pack of cigaretts.  So it took me 18 or 19 years.  I wouldn't 
          have made such a racket, but I thought you must have changed 
          the locks by now."  Ada says, "I hope you get what you 
          deserve."  He starts to go in the living area and she tells him 
          he is off limits.  He asks about Rita.  Ada says she got 
          married and moved away.  He knows that Rita married one of the 
          Harrington boys.  She tells him that Rita had rheumatic fever.  
          She says it took ten years to pay off all the debts.  Eddie 
          says, "Baby, I'm back."  He tells Ada about spending five years 
          in prison.  He got off for good behavior.  He says that she 
          never filed for divorce.  He says, "Welcome me back to the 
Scene 2:  In the mansion living room, Rossi is waiting with Steven and 
          Rita for the arrival of Peyton and Adrienne.  Rossi says it has 
          been over an hour.  Steven says that he has subpoenaed Peyton's 
          will.  As Rossi is approaching the door to leave, they finally 
          Peyton (whw) greets everyone warmly.  Adrienne mentions that 
          the traffic was heavy.  She excuses herself and goes upstairs 
          to freshen up. 
          Peyton says that Adrienne wants to set up a foundation in honor 
          of her husband.  Peyton says that he intends to underwrite the 
          project and offers Dr. Rossi the position of running the 
          foundation.  He would be able to do important research as he 
          did for Dr. Van Leyden.  Rossi doesn't agree yet.  They discuss 
          the project. 

Scene 3:  They go in the livingroom and Peyton announces that Mrs. Van 
          Leyden has graciously agreed to become his wife.  Rossi 
          congratulates him.  Betty hopes they will be happy.  Steven 
          asks if he should call Mrs. Van Leyden "grandmother."  Peyton 
          and Adrienne go upstairs.  Betty glares at Steven.  Betty and 
          Steven talk privately.  Betty says, "How could you?"  Steven 
          gets up.  Betty tells Steven, "You can't go in there."  Steven 
          says, "I wouldn't miss it for anything." 

Scene 4:  In the dining room, Steven and Betty talk.  Mary comes in the 
          room with some food.  Steven asks if that can wait.  Betty asks 
          Steven why this means so much to him. 

Scene 5:  Constance is in Rachel's [Allison's] room as Elliot comes up 
          the stairs and joins her.  Constance is standing on a four-foot 
          step ladder putting up drapes.  She says that she has to 
          redecorate the room by the end of the month.  It will be made 
          into a guest room.  Constance says that she can't be concerned 
          about a man like Chandler.  Elliot kisses Constance. 

Scene 6:  Steven and Betty are eating in the restaurant at the Colonial 
          Post Inn as Eddie Jacks comes in.  Eddie talks to the bartender 
          for a moment.  He asks about Harrington.  Norman asks the 
          bartender to tell Leslie Harrington that he wants to see him 
          right now.  Eddie stops Norman and speaks to him about 
          Harrington.  Norman asks Eddie if he is looking for a job at 
          the mill.  Norman says that he is the kiss of death.  Leslie 
          leaves the restaurant without speaking to Eddie or Norman. 

Scene 7:  Leslie goes outside, across the square, and up the stairs to 
          the Harrington brothers' apartment.  He goes in.  Norman and 
          Rodney are there.  Leslie asks Norman what he wants.  Norman 
          says that it is Jack Chandler.  Rodney says that Leslie was 
          seen outside outside Chandler's cell window.  Rodney asks 
          Leslie why he gave Chandler the gun.  Leslie tells Norman to 
          tell him exactly what he saw.  Norman relates the incident.  
          Leslie berates Norman.  Leslie mentions blackmail again.  
          Rodney tells Leslie that he has a choice.  Leslie says he has 
          two intelligent sons.  Rodney leaves.  Leslie leaves. 

Scene 8:  Outside, Rodney walks across the square.  Leslie follows him.  
          Rodney continues on and meets up with Elliot.  Elliot tells 
          Rodney that he has heard that the police killed Chandler.  
          Elliot says that whoever gave him that gun can rest easy 
          tonight.  Leslie says that it is over now.  Rodney tells Leslie 
          that he hopes his luck holds out.  Norman and Rodney head back 
          to the apartment. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Eddie comes up the stairs and talks 
          with Leslie.  Betty talks with Adrienne. 

          SC:  We moved into this house for a reason.  Well stay here, 
               Betty.  We'll stay here and we'll fight for what's ours.

          EJ:  A man wants to get to know his only child.
          LH:  Come on Eddie, level with me.  Why did you come back here 
               now, at this particular time?

          BA:  Does it do something for your ego to believe you're the 
               heroine in Steven's fantasy? 
          AVL: Does it do something for your ego to ignore the fact that 
               it's true?