Episode 365.
          Police kill Jack Chandler.                              [whw].
WA:       Yesterday, Jack Forrest, who called himself Jack Chandler, was 
          shot to death by police, while trying to escape from a 
          roominghouse, hundreds of miles from Peyton Place.  Very few 
          people, who had come into contact with Chandler, felt regret at 
          the news.  And one man, Leslie Harrington, felt greatly 
          relieved.  For Chandler had a longstanding hold over him.  And 
          with Chandler dead, he belives himself released from that hold 
          for ever. 
Intro:    At the Peyton Mills, Clarion newspaper headline: 
                      POLICE BULLET KILLS CHANDLER 
Scene 1:  Eddie is waiting in Leslie's inner office as Leslie arrives.  
          Leslie greets him with, "What do you want?"  Leslie pretends 
          not to remember Eddie.  Eddie rambles on and on.  Leslie asks 
          why he is back in town.  Eddie says he is tired of moving 
          around.  Eddie tells Leslie they are in-laws.  Eddie talks 
          about Jack Forrest. 
Scene 2:  Adrienne is dusting as Betty knocks and is invited into 
          Adrienne's bedroom to chat.  Betty says they want Adrienne to 
          be comfortable there.  Adrienne compliments Betty on 
          redecorating the house.  Adrienne talks about the furniture.  
          She asks Betty if she has done much travelling.  Adrienne 
          suggests that Betty and Steven take a vacation.  The 
          conversation turns a little bit nasty.  [Another of the many 
          pleasant conversations that turn sour.] 
Scene 3:  Rodney drops in on Elliot at the Clarion.  Rodney asks Elliot 
          if he is going to print an article, a story on Peyton's 
          engagement.  Elliot reads the letter from Peyton to Rodney: 
               Dear Mr. Carson:  Please inform your readers 
               that I have become engaged to Mrs. Adrienne Van 
               Leyden of Boston and New York.  Mrs. Van Leyden is 
               the widow of the internationally reknown 
               scientist, Dr. Philip Van Leyden. I shall expect 
               to see the announcement of my engagement in 
               tomorrow's paper.  If I am satisfied with the tone 
               and the quality of the announcement and with the 
               prominence given to it, I shall entertain the idea 
               of retaining you to print the wedding invitations.  
               Sincerely, Martin Peyton. 
          Elliot asks if Adrienne is a contemporary of Peyton.  Rodney 
          says no one is a contemporary of his grandfather.  Elliot says 
          that he will have to give Peyton a front page headline.  He 
          also says Chandler's death closes the last opportunity he has 
          to find out about Allison.  Rodney leaves and heads toward the 
          house on the hill. 
Scene 4:  Rodney drops in at the Peyton house to see Steven.  Mary lets 
          him in.  Peyton calls to Rodney and they talk.  Peyton 
          introduces his grandson to Adrienne Van Leyden.  Rodney 
          congratulates his grandfather and Mrs. Van Leyden.  Adrienne 
          mentions that Rodney's mother was Catherine and that he was 
          married to Betty.  Peyton tells Mary to give Rodney a glass of 
Scene 5:  In their bedroom, Steven and Betty talk.  Betty suggests they 
          go to Canada for a week.  Betty wants to get away.  Steven says 
          he is busy.  She then suggests a three-day weekend in Maine.  
          She says she wants to get away.  

          Rodney drops in on Betty and Steven.  Rodney tells Steven that 
          the game is over and everybody's gone home.  

          Rodney leaves and Betty and Steven kiss. 

Preview:  Martin talks to Adrienne.  Ada talks to Leslie. 
          MP:  Along the bluff just over the beach.  You'll have 
               no difficulty finding him.
          AVL: And after I find him?
          MP:  Who am I to advise an expert?

          LH:  The things he told you, the things he tells me.  We've got 
               to smoke him out.  Find out what he's up to. 
          AJ:  Eddie's on one side of me, you on the other. 
          LH:  I'm being squeezed and I don't like it one bit.
Canada and Maine are mentioned by Betty.
First mention of Jack Forrest, by Eddie Jacks.