Episode 366.
          Adrienne goes horseback riding.                         [whw] 
WA:       Late yesterday, the house on the hill was the scene of a bitter 
          argument between Steven and Betty Cord.  This morning, the 
          sounds have died down.  The battleground is quiet.  Martin 
          Peyton feels that his plan to bring Adrienne Van Leyden here to 
          break up the Cord marriage will work if his grandson Steven can 
          spend enough time alone with Adrienne.  The chemistry of these 
          two personalities must explode. 
Intro:    Lee Webber drives the limousine up to the front of the mansion. 
Scene 1:  Peyton comes down the stairs carrying two canes in his right 
          hand and holding onto the bannister with his left.  He sits at 
          the dining table and has a talk with Mary.  She tells him that 
          Adrienne has already eaten and is going horseback riding.  
          Webber is waiting for her in the car to take her to the riding 
          stables.  She tells him also that Steven has already gone down 
          to the beach.  Betty has a headache. 
Scene 2:  In her bedroom, Adrienne is admiring her engagemnent ring as 
          Peyton knocks.  He comes in and tells Adrienne to take the 
          bridal path down by the sea.  Adrienne asks where Betty is.  
          Mary had told Peyton that Betty has a headache.  She tells 
          Peyton that Betty and Steven had a fight.  She asks what to do 
          when she finds Steven.  He says, "Who am I to advise an expert?  
          Good hunting." 
Scene 3:  Ada and Rita come out of the apartment and descend the stairs 
          by the Pharmacy.  They also are going to the beach.  Ada 
          notices it is rather cool and mentions getting a warmer sweater 
          for Rita, but she doesn't.  Rita gets in Ada's very nice car.  
          Ada walks around to the driver's seat and gets in.  There is a 
          good view of the bus terminal across the street from the 
          Pharmacy but now it looks like a movie theater.  It has a large 
          PEYTON sign on top.  This building is probably known as the 
          Peyton Theater.  The camera pans left and there is a good wide 
          angle view of the Bank Building, also known as the Chamber of 
          Commerce Building. 
Scene 4:  Eddie Jacks goes in to see Elliot at the Clarion.  Elliot is 
          typing away [like Clark Kent at the daily planet].  Eddie says 
          that Elliot looks down right distinguished like a Senator or at 
          least a congressman.  Elliot says he is surprised.  Elliot asks 
          Eddie why he came back at this time.  Elliot says he has been 
          asking about Eddie.  He starts talking about Jack Chandler or 
          Jack Forrest.  He mentions that Eddie was his friend.  Eddie 
          says he knew Chandler but he wouldn't call him a friend.  Eddie 
          says he is looking a job.  He wants to place an ad in 
          situations wanted column.  Eddie reads the want ads.  Much like 
          Lee did before he got the chauffeur job.  Elliot asks if Eddie 
          is going to stay.  Elliot asks what qualifications Eddie has 
          other than as bartender.  Eddie admits that he spent some time 
          in prison.  He talks about his prison psychiatrist. 
Scene 5:  Rossi is in his office looking at some x-rays.  Ada is there to 
          see Dr. Rossi.  She wants Rossi to tell Eddie to stay away from 
          Rita.  Rossi tells Ada that there is no legal way to keep Eddie 
          away from Rita.  Rossi says that Eddie can change.  Eddie has a 
          right to see his daughter.  Ada leaves. 
Scene 6:  As Ada leaves, she runs into Leslie Harrington in the hospital 
          corridor in front of the Information Desk.  He says he must 
          talk to her.  He says that Eddie dropped in on him.  He tells 
          Ada she must send him on his way.  Leslie asks Ada what Eddie 
          told her.  Leslie says they must smoke Eddie out.  Ada says she 
          despises Eddie.  Ada leaves. 
Scene 7:  Steven is on the beach watching the waves.  Adrienne is on the 
          beach riding a horse.  Rita is on the beach applying sun tan 
          lotion and picnicking.  Steven walks over to Adrienne who has 
          just dismounted.  She tells him that the beach reminds her of 
          Puerto Vallarta.  Adrienne tells him that she and Dr. Phillip 
          Van Leyden used to vacation there.  They argue.  However, the 
          chemical elements present cause their lips to touch.  She 
          remounts the horse and rides off past a "Peyton Landing" 
          sign.  Rita is watching them from a distance. 
Preview:  Lee talks with Martin.  Rita talks to her father for the first 
          time.  Steven talks with Adrienne. 
          LW:  I parked above the dunes and watched.
          MP:  Met, did you say?  Mrs. Van Leyden met a man?
          LW:  They were acting so familiar.
          MP:  What exactly did you see?
          RJ:  Where you when mom and I needed you?  We don't want you 
               any more.  I never had a father and I don't want one. 
          AVL: Be honest, Steven.
          SC:  All right, I have to see you.
Mary-Rose Hobart
Puerto Vallarta is mentioned.
Horseback ride.