Episode 367.
          Rita encounters with Eddie Jacks.                       [whw]
WA:       Adrienne Van Leyden has followed her orders.  Orders from 
          Martin Peyton.  Knowing that Steven Cord was alone on the 
          beach, she "accidentally" found him.  And Steven found her.  
          Now for the first time in his married life, he has experienced 
          deep feelings for someone else.   Feelings that he knows he 
          must control.  Steven's moment with Adrienne was observed by 
          young Rita Harrington who, because she is happily married to 
          Norman Harrington, is totally unable to comprehend what she has 
          just seen.  Deeply troubled, Rita leaves the beach early, to 
          get away from the tragedy of a marriage in jeopardy. 
Intro:    Steven hugging and kissing Adrienne on the beach.  Adrienne 
          rides off on her horse.  Rita is watching. 
Scene 1:  Rita walks over to the Shoreline Garage to look for Rodney.  He 
          is not there.  She goes over to the nearby excursion boat.  
          From the boat, Eddie speaks to Rita.  He asks her about the 
          "pleasure palace."  Rita says she is a conservative old lady.  
          He tells her he lived here a long time ago.  Rita says she is 
          satisfied to stay there in Peyton Place.  Eddie tells her his 
          wife doesn't like him.  He tells her his name is Eddie Jacks.  
          Rita starts to leave.  She asks what he wants.  She asks where 
          he was when they needed him, 18 years ago.  She says she 
          doesn't have a father and doesn't want one. 

          Rita runs off, crying.  She goes inside the Shoreline Garage. 
Scene 2:  Rodney takes Rita to her apartment and gets her a glass of 
          water.  He asks if she wants him to call Dr. Rossi or Norman.  
          She doesn't.  Rodney starts to call Dr. Rossi as Rita almost 
          collapses.  She tells Rodney that she saw Steven and a lady 
          kissing.  She said she was a blond.  Rodney says it had to be 
          Adrienne.  Rodney tells Rita to go in the other room and rest.  
          Rodney asks if that is what is bothering her.  She lies and 
          says yes. 
Scene 3:  Lee Webber knocks on Peyton's door and reports what he saw.  
          Lee had taken Adrienne to the riding stables.  He parked by the 
          dunes and watched Steven and Adrienne.  Lee said he was sorry 
          that he had to be the one to tell him.  Lee doesn't think they 
          saw him.  Lee hadn't seen Rita.  He was positive no one else 
          saw them.  Lee asks if Martin will need him this afternoon.  
          Martin doesn't think so. 

Scene 4:  Steven comes in his office and Betty goes over and hugs him.  
          Betty asks if he wouldn't do anything foolish.  Betty said she 
          was worried that he left this morning without saying anything.  
          Steven said he went out to the beach.  He didn't say anything 
          about Adrienne.  Betty says that she felt alone when she 
          couldn't find him.  She says she doesn't want to lose him.  
          They kiss.  Steven tells her he has decided to cut down on his 
          case load.  

Scene 5:  Rita knocks on Ada's door and is let in.  Rita tells Ada that 
          she met Eddie.  She asks Ada why she didn't warn her.  Rita 
          says that Eddie is a smooth talker.  Ada tells Rita that she 
          was going to make Eddie leave town.  Ada says she knows what 
          kind of guy Eddie is.  They argue.  Rita asks why Eddie came 
          back.  Rita runs off. 
Scene 6:  Steven comes in the mansion, fixes himself a drink and walks 
          over to the portrait of Betty.  Adrienne comes down the stairs.  
          She tells him drinking is a bad habit.  They talk.  He pours 
          Adrienne a drink.  Steven tells her he didn't know what he was 
          doing this morning. 

          Martin Peyton and Betty come down the stairs.  Peyton mentions 
          Judge Fischer, who is a bore.  Adrienne sends Steven for her 
          purse.  She leaves.  Steven looks at the portrait of Betty. 
Preview:  Lee talks with Betty,  Rodney talks with Leslie.  Steven talks 
          with Adrienne. 

          BA:  Let go of me.  
          LW:  Ah ha.  I saw them on the beach kissing.
          RH:  You sound like you have more than a passing acquaintance 
               with the guy.  Tell me something.  Eddie Jacks didn't 
               happen to know Jack Chandler, did he? 
          SC:  It really doesn't make any difference who you are married 
          AVL: What a vulgar thing to say.
          SC:  A vulgar thing to do, and only women who hate men can do it. 
Judge Fischer-mentioned by Martin Peyton.