Episode 368.
          Accidental meeting plus two.                             [whw].
WA:       Betty Cord has coaxed her husband, Steven, into a night out in 
          an effort to regain the closeness they had shared before the 
          arrival, in the Peyton house, of Adrienne Van Leyden.  For 
          Betty the evening has been a success.  Steven has been 
          attentive.  And it calmed her fear that he's becoming involved 
          with Adrienne.  But for Steven, the evening has been a charade. 
Intro:    Steven and Betty drive up in the Dodge convertible. 
Scene 1:  They go in the mansion and hug.  Betty says, "Oh, Steven, I had 
          the most wonderful evening and the day was delicious."  Betty 
          asks Steven to fix them a nightcap.  They kiss.  Steven says 
          that he is going to quit taking her to movies.  She is too 
          impressionable.  He fixes her a nightcap. 
Scene 2:  In the living room, Steven talks to Adrienne.  She asks if he 
          had a good time that evening with Betty.  Steven says his 
          relationship with her has gotten out of hand.  Steven asks 
          again why she is marrying Martin Peyton.  Adrienne says there 
          is no reason to answer the question.  Steven says he 
          understands everything perfectly. 
Scene 3:  Ada climbs the steps to Norman and Rita's apartment.  Norman 
          lets her in.  Ada has brought a sack of buns for Rita.  Rita 
          walks over and grabs the sack.  This is not one of Rita's 
          better days.  Rita is rude to Ada.  Ada says it is because Eddie 
          is back.  Rita thinks Ada is there to be sure Eddie hasn't 
          dropped by.  Dr. Rossi drops in and Norman explains that they 
          are having a family discussion.  Rita is even rude to Dr. 
          Rossi.  She goes in the bed room and closes the door.  Rossi 
          says that her father has nothing to do with the condition she 
          is in.  Rita comes back out and says that after everything is 
          said, Eddie is her father. 
Scene 4:  At the boarding house, Eddie is ironing as Elliot knocks on the 
          door.  Elliot is wearing fishing hat.  He tells Eddie that he 
          and his father are going fishing.  Eddie says that with a steam 
          press in prison he could turn out 20 or 30 shirts in an hour.  
          [This reminds your reviewer of Chris Stevens in Northern 
          Exposure, reminiscing about the prison food and holidays].  In 
          the hallway, Elliot calls for Eli in room 3, and the Carsons 
          depart to go fishing.  Elliot tells Eli that Eddie is back here 
          to stay. 
Scene 5:  Adrienne is having breakfast at the Cider Barrel.  The 
          Limousine pulls up and Lee walks around and helps Peyton get 
          out.  Peyton sees Adrienne through the Cider Barrel window.  
          Peyton tells Lee to wait.  He goes over to talk with Adrienne. 
          Adrienne is cool toward Peyton this morning.  Peyton gives the 
          manager a large bill to close.  They talk.  Peyton says, "There 
          are few less reliable sources of information than a woman in 
          love."  Peyton leaves. 
Scene 6:  Constance is moving boxes down the stairs.  Elliot comes back 
          from the fishing trip soon.  She says that she was working up 
          an appetite for all those fish he was going to catch.  Elliot 
          says that she needs a helper.  Elliot thinks of Eddie Jacks.  
          She says she has a cleaning service do the windows and the 
          floors.  She can open the cardboard boxes herself.  He asks 
          Constance to make a job for Eddie.  He say, "Eddie Jacks needs 
          a job, Now." 
Scene 7:  At the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is working on a car as Leslie 
          comes in.  Leslie tells Rodney that Rita really needs his help.  
          Leslie says that Eddie Jacks is back in town, and that Eddie is 
          a "user."  [Back then a "user" was a person who took advantage 
          of the good nature of other people.] 
Scene 8:  Betty comes out of the mansion and Lee says he wants to talk to 
          her.  Betty wants to see the gardeners before they leave.  Lee 
          informs Betty that he saw Adrienne and Steven together on the 
          beach kissing.  Betty says he is lying.  Betty goes back in the 
          house.  She calls Rodney at the garage.  She gets no answer. 

Preview:  Peyton talks to Dr. Rossi.  Eddie talks with Leslie.  Rodney 
          and Betty talk in a car. 
          MP:  The only challenge you have against Adrienne is that her 
          MR:  There are limits even to your protection.
          MP:  We'll see about that.
          EJ:  You haven't stayed around this town because you love it or 
               it loves you. 
          LH:  My life is here.  My sons are here.
          EJ:  The money is here.
          RH:  I could cheer if you came over here to tell me that it was 
               over between you and Steven.  But it isn't. 
          BA:  But you care.
          RH:  I care.