Episode 369.
          Dr. Fielding withdraws from care of Peyton.             [whw]
WA:       Adrienne Van Leyden was brought to Peyton Place by Martin 
          Peyton.  The reason, to break up Steven Cord's marriage to 
          Betty.  The plan is working.  But now Adrienne's own feelings 
          are beginning to get in the way of Peyton's desire to destroy 
          Steven.  Feelings that make her restless and resentful.  But 
          she has no choice but to do Martin Peyton's bidding. 

Intro:    Adrienne, wearing dark glasses, getting up from a bench in the 
          square and going over to the Colonial Post Inn.  One can see an 
          antique car behind the Colonial Post Inn sign. 

Scene 1:  Eddie is talking to the bartender at the Inn.  Adrienne comes 
          in and sits at a table.  She orders a Tom Collins.  Eddie goes 
          over to her table to annoy her.  They talk.  She leaves.  Eddie 
          pockets the tip. 
Scene 2:  Eddie wants to talk with Leslie.  They go to the bar to talk.  
          Eddie tells Leslie about his detective work in New York. 
Scene 3:  In the apartment Norman and Rita talk.  They talk about 
          Matthew.  They talk about Eddie.  
Scene 4:  Martin Peyton talks with Dr. Rossi.  Dr. Fielding has withdrawn 
          from Peyton's case and Rossi informs him thet he has 
          temporarily taken over, until Peyton can find another doctor.  
          Dr. Rossi tells Peyton there is no doubt in his mind that 
          Adrienne had a part in Dr. Van Leyden's death.  Rossi says that 
          Peyton is a good judge of character. 
Scene 5:  In the Book Gallery, Elliot is playing with Matthew.  Constance 
          is tending to Frances, a credit customer.  She signs and leaves 
          with her purchase.  [In the early episodes, Constance did not 
          require customers to sign charge tickets.  This was just a few 
          short years before Master Charge, Visa, and Amex.] 

Scene 6:  Leslie is waiting in the livingroom as Peyton is let in the 
          house by Mary.  Leslie stands up and goes over to talk with 
          Peyton.  Leslie asks Peyton about his beneficiary.  They talk 
          at length.  Peyton says that Norman and Rodney are not being 
          disinherited.  Leslie says that he wants proof.  Leslie says 
          that Adrienne is much too good for Peyton. 
Scene 7:  Rodney comes back to the Shoreline Garage, goes into the work 
          area and finds Betty Anderson in the back seat of a client's 
          car.  Rodney gets in the back seat with her.  Betty says that 
          she is losing Steven to another woman.  She tells Rodney that 
          Adrienne was seen by Lee Webber, on the beach the previous day, 
          kissing Steven.  Steven was kissing back. 

Preview:  Steven shouts at Rodney.  Leslie talks with Eddie.  Adrienne 
          talks with Steven. 

          SC:  Don't come around here acting self-righteous.  In fact 
               don't come around here, period.  Now get out.  Stay away 
               from my wife. 

          LH:  Chandler told you that.
          EJ:  The game is over Harrington.  I'm not asking anymore, I'm 
               telling you, we're partners. 

          AVL: Don't fight it, Steven.  I'll be in Boston, tomorrow. 

Dr. Fielding-()