Episode 370.

          Betty and Rodney have an accidental meeting at the bank.  [whw]
WA:       Betty Anderson Cord once again has involved Rodney Harrington 
          in her marital problems.  Out of a desperate need to tell 
          someone, she confided to him her fear that she's losing her 
          husband, Steven, to Adrienne Van Leyden.  This time, however, 
          Rodney refuses to grant her aid and comfort.  But his rejection 
          was more a defense than an attack. 

Intro:    Rodney drives his convertible around the corner by the General 
          Store and up to the Peyton Place Banking & Trust building.  He 
          parks and goes in the building. 
Scene 1:  Finding no secretary in Steven's outer office, Rodney knocks on 
          Steven's inner office door and then goes in.  He asks Steven 
          what he wants.  Peyton's money, his fiancée, or both.  
          Steven invites Rodney to leave.  Steven says, "Stay away from 
          my wife."  Rodney leaves. 
Scene 2:  Model ship in Peyton's sitting room.  Peyton is wearing a red 
          robe and horn-rimmed glasses.  The telephone rings and Peyton 
          gets up to answer it.  It is banker Charlie Tomlinson.  He 
          tells Tomlinson to have Rodney wait in his office at 3:00.  The 
          voice of banker Tomlinson is heard on the phone.  The scene 
          changes to the bank and Tomlinson is seen talking on a green 
          phone.  Tomlinson says that Rodney wants to borrow some money 
          for the garage.   Peyton calls Lee Webber in.  He tells Lee to 
          ask Mrs. [Betty] Cord to take him to the bank at 3:00. 
Scene 3:  Betty drives Martin Peyton to the bank in her rag-top 
          convertible and helps him out.  Peyton says, "I think I can 
          manage by myself."  They go in the bank together.  She goes in 
          Tomlinson's office to find Rodney working at Tomlinson's desk.  
          Rodney tells her that he is more than a friend. 
Scene 4:  On the wharf, Ada Jacks is carrying a sack of groceries.  She 
          pauses a moment when she sees her daughter, Rita.  Rita says 
          that she is going to see her father.  Ada tells Rita that she 
          wishes she wouldn't see Eddie.  Rita says that Eddie is her 
          only father.  

          She goes up the stairs to the boarding house and knocks on her 
          father's door.  She goes in, and they talk for a short while.  
          She wants to leave, but Eddie blocks the door.  They argue a 
          bit.  Rita leaves and finds Ada still standing at the foot of 
          the steps. 
Scene 5:  In Leslie Harrington's outer office, Eddie comes in and is 
          familiar with Leslie's secretary, miss Harris.  He gives puts a 
          flower in the vase on her desk.  Without announcement or 
          permission, he goes on into Leslie's inner office.  Leslie is 
          finishing a conversation with a customer.  Eddie talks with 
          Leslie.  Leslie says that he is not impressed by what Eddie has 
          told him.  Leslie threatens to have security throw him out of 
          his office.  Eddie talks about Jack Forrest.  Eddie says that 
          someone slipped Forrest a gun while he was in jail.  Eddie 
          tells Leslie that they are partners.  Eddie leaves. 

Scene 6:  In his office, Steven is pacing.  A photograph of Betty is 
          displayed prominently on his desk.  

          The buzzer alerts Steven and he admits Adrienne Van Leyden.  He 
          soon tells her to get out.  She kisses him.  Steven says that 
          he wishes he had never met her.  Adrienne tells Steven that he 
          is a very common, common man.  Steven says that he is happily 
          married.  She tells Steven that she will be in Boston tomorrow.  
Preview:  Betty talks to Martin Peyton.  Norman talks with Eddie Jacks.  
          Peyton talks to Dr. Rossi. 
          BA:  You're not telling me Adrienne's going to Boston.  You're 
               telling me my husband is.  And you want me to run off and 
               ...  Well, I'm not going.  I trust Steven.

          NH:  I don't want to take a chance.  
          EJ:  She's going to be all right, isn't she?  Is there any way 
               I can help. 
          NH:  You can.  By just leaving her alone.

          MP:  Unconditionally, I never have been, I am not now, and never 
               intend to be anyone's victim.

Charlie Tomlinson, banker-uncredited