Episode 371.
          Norman Harrington meets Eddie Jacks.                    [whw] 
WA:       Eddie Jacks has been a loser for too long.  Today he is 
          determined to win.  Twice he's approached his daughter, Rita, 
          in an effort to re-enter her life and twice she's turned him 
          away.  Now Eddie knows he must gamble everything on a different 
          approach, or be shut out of Rita's life forever. 

Intro:    Eddie Jacks, walking on the wharf, over to the Peyton Mills 
          loading dock, where Norman is working. 
Scene 1:  Eddie introduces himself to Norman and offers his hand, and 
          tells Norman that he would like to talk.  Norman says that he 
          doesn't have anything to talk about.  Eddie admits he did a 
          rotten thing, walking out on his family 18 years ago.  Norman 
          asks Al to take over for him. 
Scene 2:  In the hospital corridor, Martin Peyton and a tall nurse, Miss 
          Henry, come around the corner.  He is using two canes.  He goes 
          into Rossi's office.  Dr. Rossi starts to introduce Dr. William 
          Riley to Peyton as Peyton interrupts calling him by name.  Dr. 
          Riley was a co-worker with Dr. Philip Van Leyden and was with 
          the doctor a few hours before Van Leyden died.  Peyton tells 
          them he plans to marry Adrienne.  Rossi said Philip did not 
          commit suicide.  As Peyton prepares to leave, a nurse brings 
          him his hat. 
Scene 3:  Rita asks Elliot Carson how it was to return to Peyton Place 
          after 18 years.  He says it is different with Rita and Eddie 
          Jacks.  She is not sure whether to let him become part of her 
          life.  Elliot asks Rita to give him a chance.  Rita is 
          weakening about letting Eddie into her life.  Elliot says that 
          he and Eddie are old jail birds.  Rita says that she is scared.  
          Elliot says, "Welcome to the club." 
Scene 4:  Peyton has just returned to his bedroom as Adrienne comes in 
          with a pair of drinks.  Adrienne says she is going to Boston, 
          tomorrow, to have her wedding dress fitted.  Martin says he saw 
          someone today that knows her.  Dr. William Riley.  She says she 
          doesn't know any Dr. Riley.  He agrees with Adrienne, that 
          Philip's death was not a suicide.  Peyton says he thinks he 
          will invite Dr. Riley to dinner so he and Adrienne can pursue 
          the matter further. 
Scene 5:  Norman is waiting by the window at the Cider Barrel for Rita to 
          come in.  They are plotting to do something.  Norman can't 
          understand why Leslie hired Jack Chandler.  They leave. 
Scene 6:  Betty is preparing the dinner table and talking to Peyton.  
          Peyton tells Betty that Adrienne is going to inspect the Boston 
          house since she and Peyton may live there after the wedding.  
          Steven will be in Boston and Betty thinks Peyton is telling her 
          about Adrienne to plant an idea in her head.  Peyton summons 
          Adrienne.  Betty leaves.  Peyton says that their fish is 
          hooked.  Adrienne leaves. 
Scene 7:  Eddie climbs the steps up to Norman and Rita's apartment and 
          knocks.  Rita opens the door and calls Norman over.  Eddie says 
          that he is leaving town and he wanted to drop off some things 
          for Rita.  She asks him in and opens the gift.  It contains a 
          savings bond.  She looks further.  There is a picture of Eddie 
          and Rita.  [In an earlier episode it was stated that Eddie left 
          town before Rita was born.]  She asks where he is going.  Rita 
          offers to try to find Eddie a job on the wharf.  Eddie says he 
          doesn't want to make any more trouble.  Norman shakes his hand. 
Scene 8:  Eddie skips down the stairs.  He knows he made progress with 
          Rita.  He walks across the square toward the courthouse. 

Preview:  Rita talks with Ada.  Martin admonishes Lee Webber.  Adrienne 
          talks with Steven. 
          RJ:  I don't know what went wrong with your marriage and I 
               don't want to know.  I don't care who was right or who was 
               wrong.  You're my mother and he's my father.  Can't we 
               just leave it at that? 
          LW:  You've got to believe me, I'm in.
          MP:  (Shouting) Don't talk to me about rights.  
          LW:  You're accusing me.
          MP:  I'm convicting you.

          AVL: You know you can't make love to me and walk away from it.  
               That's what scares you.  Tell me I'm wrong. 

Dr. Riley, co-worker with Dr. Phillip Van Leyden-only mentioned.
Miss Henry, nurse-uncredited.
Dr. William Riley-uncredited.
WBC: White Blood Cell count.

The Peyton Place Pharmacy faces North.
The Les Femmes botique faces North.
The Book Gallery faces North.
The Real Estate office faces North.
The Roode's Jewelry store faces North.
The Clarion newspaper office faces North.
The General Store faces North.
The private office of Dr. Michael Rossi faces North.
The door to the apartment of Norman and Rita faces East.
The Fire Station faces East.
The Doctors Hospital main entrance faces East.
The Doctors Hospital side door faces South.
The hospital emergency entrance faces North.
The Peyton Place Town Hall faces South.
The Jail faces South.
The Colonial Post Inn faces South.
The Bank Building faces West.
The law offices of Steven Cord face West.
The [George Anderson] insurance office faces West.
A prisoner locked in the Pillory would be facing East.