Episode 372.
          Betty spies on Steven and Adrienne.                      [whw]
WA:       This is Martin Peyton's Boston residence.  Here, Steven Cord 
          spent most of his childhood.  Here, he learned to hate.  And 
          here, he has returned to enter, now, as he did then by the back 
          door, reserved for deliverymen and servants, and the children 
          of servants. 
          But today, the circumstances are very different.  For Steven 
          has come here on the challenge of his grandfather's 
          fiancée, Adrienne Van Leyden.  There are two important 
          facts, however, known to Adrienne but not to Steven.  That the 
          rendezvous was the brainchild of Martin Peyton.   That the old 
          man by playing skillfully on the jealousy of Steven's wife, 
          Betty has virtually insured her following them to Boston. 

Intro:    Boston Harbor, Downtown Boston, Service entrance.  Peyton 
          townhouse in Boston. 
Scene 1:  Steven enters the Peyton townhouse through the service 
          entrance.  In the darkened house, Steven looks for Adrienne. 
          She is wearing Steven's grandmother's wedding dress.  Adrienne 
          says she wishes she could wear it when she marries Peyton.  
          Adrienne strums the harp briefly. 
Scene 2:  Peyton limousine driving on the wharf.  It stops near the 
          garage.  Webber helps Peyton out.  Peyton says, "Wait here." 
Scene 3:  Inside the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is stacking cans.  Peyton 
          comes in and asks Rodney how Betty acted as her first marriage 
          was breaking up.  
Scene 4:  Rita walking down the wharf as a car honks.  Peyton greets Rita 
          and offers her a ride.  She is coming down to see her mother 
          which is only a few steps away.  Peyton mentions the decay of 
          the buildings on the wharf.  She says its even worse inside.  
          She invites him to see it.  Peyton allows as how he might some 
          other time.  Eddie Jacks is watching his daughter. 
Scene 5:  Rita comes in the Tavern.  Ada says she is fixing turnips and 
          cabbage.  Mother and daughter fuss.  Rita asks to be excluded 
          from her parents' feud. 

Scene 6:  Lee comes into the room where Martin is standing.  Lee asks why 
          Peyton is mad at him.  Peyton is rough on Lee.  Peyton warns 
          Lee not to try to outwit him.  Lee offers to do anything for 
Scene 7:  Ada drives up in her silver Cadillac.  She drops Rita off at 
          the apartment.  Ada goes in the Clarion to say hello, and is 
          offered nourishment by Constance Carson.  Ada says she's not 
          really hungry.  She mentions that she saw the ad that Elliot 
          ran for Eddie.  Constance says that something will turn up.  
          Elliot says that he thinks everybody deserves a chance.  Ada 
          says that Elliot and Eddie aren't brothers.  Ada would like for 
          Elliot to help run Eddie out of town.  Elliot suggests that Ada 
          to offer Eddie a job.  Ada says no.  Then she says, maybe 
          she'll think about it. 
Scene 8:  Meanwhile, back at the Boston mansion, Adrienne is still 
          flirting with Steven.  Adrienne says that Steven still hates 
          Martin and still wants Adrienne. 
Scene 9:  Outside the townhouse, Betty is in the back of a cab watching, 
          spying at the corner of Beacon and Revere.  She tells the 
          bearded cabbie to "drive around anywhere." 

Preview:  Rodney talks with Norman.  Adrienne admonishes Lee.  Ada lays 
          down the rules to Eddie. 
          RH:  What do I have to do to prove to you that I'm not involved 
               with Steven's wife?  
          NH:  You can prove it by just not getting any more phone calls.  
               You're asking about Steven's wife. 
          AVL: I'll have you fired so fast you won't be able to get back 
               to that wharf, quickly enough.  Out, Chauffeur.
          AJ:  Speaking of lines, don't cross that one.  That's where I 
               live.  That's where you don't go.