Episode 373.
          Ada reluctantly hires Eddie to work as bartender.        [whw]
WA:       Betty Anderson Cord waits outside the Peyton Townhouse in 
          Boston, maneuvered into a humiliating vigil because she 
          suspects her husband has followed Adrienne Van Leyden, here. 
          But now, she is painfully aware that what she hoped was a 
          jealous fantasy, is indeed a reality.  Her husband, Steven, has 
          come here secretly, to meet his grandfather's fianceé. 
Intro:    Adrienne and Steven leaving the Boston Peyton townhouse. 
Scene 1:  In the back seat of a taxi, at the corner of Beacon St. and 
          Revere Ave., Betty tells the bearded driver to "drive around 
Scene 2:  Lee enters the mansion and Peyton calls to him.  He tells Lee 
          that "Hats are not worn in the house."  Peyton knocks Lee's hat 
          off with his cane.  Peyton asks where Adrienne is.  He sends 
          Lee back to the airport to wait for her.  As Lee is about to 
          leave, Rossi knocks on the door and is admitted by Lee. 

          Rossi comes in to examine Peyton.  Rossi asks Peyton to take 
          off his coat.  He wants to check his WBC.  His White Blood Cell 
          count is high.  His blood pressure is high.  Peyton refers to 
          H.V. Kaltenborn, but can't call him by name.  And his nerves 
          are on edge.  Peyton mentions Dr. Riley in San Francisco.  
          Rossi leaves. 
Scene 3:  Eddie comes in the tavern to talk with Ada.  She offers him the 
          6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. closing shift as bartender.  He asks why 
          she changed her mind.  He questions her choice of Holter 
          for glasses.  Eddie lifts the carton of glasses up on the bar.  
          The name HOLTER is clearly seen.  She tells him to forget 
          the management functions.  Eddie compliments Ada on how well 
          she raised Rita.  Eddie sits at the piano.  Ada says no 
          courtesy drinks.  No schills.  Ada tells Eddie not to go in the 
          living quarters.  She tells him to get out.  Eddie leaves. 
Scene 4:  Adrienne comes in the front door of the Peyton mansion.  Martin 
          was waiting for her.  He asks her to tell him about her trip to 
          Boston.  Adrienne says things went very smoothly.  Lee has come 
          in and is walking up the stairs.  She says the servants have 
          not kept the house up.  Adrienne relates to Peyton that Steven 
          came in the back door and went out the front.  Adrienne says 
          that she saw Betty in the back seat of a taxi.  Adrienne says 
          that she is tired and wishes to go to bed.  
Scene 5:  Lee brings a small package into Adrienne's room.  Adrienne comes 
          into the room.  He warns her that she shouldn't get Martin angry 
          or tense.  Adrienne asks him what is on his tiny mind.  Adrienne 
          tries on a hat.  Lee says he would make a better grandson than 
          any he has now.  She says, "I'll have you fired so fast you 
          won't be able to get back to that wharf, quickly enough.  Out 
Scene 6:  Eddie is sitting at Elliot's desk in the Clarion as Elliot 
          returns.  He tells Elliot to pull his ad, because he has a 
          night job at the Tavern.  Elliot says he sure hopes it works 
          out.  They shake hands.  Eddie thanks Elliot for the moral 
          support.  Elliot asks Eddie about Jack Chandler.  Elliot asks 
          if Chandler and Leslie were friends.  Eddie remembers that they 
          played poker together.  Eddie invites Elliot to come over to 
          the Tavern sometime for a drink.  Eddie leaves the Clarion. 

Scene 7:  From the mansion, Peyton phones the Harrington apartment.  
          Norman answers and Martin asks to speak with Rodney.  He asks 
          Rodney if he has seen Betty, that it is not like her to 
          disappear.  Martin says he is worried about Betty.  He asks 
          Rodney to call him the moment he sees Betty.  Elliot is there 
          telling a story to Rita, Norman, and Rodney as they look at a 
          star chart. 
Scene 8:  Peyton is standing at the dining table as Steven comes in.  
          Peyton fusses because Steven is late.  He also fusses because 
          Betty has not returned.  Peyton tells Steven when Betty left.  
          Steven runs up the stairs and comes face-to-face with Adrienne. 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Betty.  Adrienne talks to Peyton.  Steven talks 
          to Betty. 
          RH:  You just want to find out if you have got somebody to run 
               to in case Steven leaves you. 
          AVL: I've performed, I've finished, I've earned my money.
          MP:  Not yet.  When their marriage is finished, you'll be 
          BA:  Does it matter if I believe for you or not?  You went 
               there anyway.  
          SC:  And I came back.  Because I wanted to. 
          BA:  You came back to what?
          SC:  To us.  To you and me.  What we have is not lost. 

WBC-White Blood Count.
Dr. William Riley-uncredited.