Episode 374.
          Betty goes to see Rodney.                              [whw]

WA:       Today, a strange silence hovers over the world of Martin 
          Peyton.  A silence about to be broken by Betty Anderson Cord 
          who has returned to Peyton Place after a visit to Boston.  
          Betty saw her husband, Steven, and Adrienne Van Leyden, Martin 
          Peyton's fiancée, leave Peyton's Boston house together.  
          All Betty's doubts about her husband were confirmed.  Now Betty 
          must talk to someone, the only person she can turn to, Rodney 

Intro:    Two fishermen walking on the wharf.  Betty walking on the wharf 
          on her way to see Rodney.  She goes to the Shoreline Garage and 
Scene 1:  Rodney's blender is running as Betty goes in the Shoreline 
          Garage.  He offers her a seat.  He offers her a drink.  She 
          mentions the detective that Leslie had follow her in New York 
          City.  Betty tells Rodney that she followed Steven to Boston 
          the day before.  She observed Adrienne and Steven coming out of 
          Peyton's Boston townhouse. 
Scene 2:  Peyton phones the apartment.  Norman answers the phone and 
          hands it to Rodney.  Peyton says that he is concerned about 
          Betty.  Peyton is relieved to know that Betty is back.  The 
          fact that Rodney is frugal is underscored by the fact that 
          Rodney's office phone is black.  Back in those days, colored 
          phones cost extra.  Peyton hangs up.  
Scene 3:  Eddie Jacks comes in the Shoreline Garage.  He introduces 
          himself to Rodney.  He tells Rodney that he wants to buy a car.  
          Rodney suggests a used car lot.  Rodney tells Eddie to help 
          himself to a cup of coffee.  Eddie tells Rodney to contact him 
          at the Tavern when he finds him a car.  Eddie departs.  Rodney 
          asks Eddie why he really came over. 
Scene 4:  On the wharf, the Peyton limousine drives up to the diner.  Lee 
          helps Peyton out of the car and the old man is directed Judge 
          Fischer's aide to wait in the diner.  Eddie comes over and 
          tells Lee that the car is handsome.  Lee is curt to Eddie. 
Scene 5:  Inside the Cider Barrel, Peyton and Adrienne have breakfast.  
          He tells her that when Betty and Steven's marriage is finished, 
          Adrienne's assignment is finished.  Judge Fischer is to take 
          them out on his boat.  The manager tells Peyton that the boat 
          is ready.  Peyton says, "Lovely day for a cruise."  He and 
          Adrienne leave.  They are to be gone two and a quarter hours. 
Scene 6:  Eddie Jacks comes in the Tavern and places his hat on the 
          nickelodeon.  He looks around and goes behind the bar.  He 
          presses a key on the cash register.  Rita comes in from the 
          living quarters and greets her father rather tepidly.  They 
          talk.  Eddie thanks Rita for helping him get the night 
          bartender job from Ada.  Rita says she didn't know Eddie had a 
          job.  Rita asks him go continue with his story.  Eddie tells 
          Rita to sit on the far stool.  He slides a mug down the bar to 
          Rita.  She is impressed.  Ada comes out and tells Rita to get 
          off that stool.  She spoils the party.  However, Rita kisses 
          her mother because she is glad Ada allowed her to have a 
          father.  She lays down the law to Eddie.  Eddie says it is good 
          to be back. 

Scene 7:  Steven gets up from the couch as Betty comes in.  He assures 
          her that nothing happened in Boston.  She slaps him.  They 
          talk.  Steven says that nothing happened between him and 
          Adrienne.  He says he was faithful to her.  Steven kisses 
          Betty.  He asks for reconcillation. 
Preview:  In the crowded Tavern.  Eddie plays the piano and sings.  Rita 
          comes in the back door to the living quarters and talks to Ada.  
          Steven talks with Adrienne. 
          EJ:  If you ever go across the sea to Ireland. 
          RJ:  What's going on.
          AJ:  I'm building up my blood pressure.
          RJ:  Is that ... ?
          AJ:  Who else?

          AVL: You dug your hole Steven, you climb out of it.  
          SC:  Now you're going to tell her.  I will not hurt Betty 
Judge Fischer, pleasure boat owner.
Judge Fischer's aide.
Steven kisses Betty.