Episode 375.
          Betty leaves the Peyton mansion.                      [whw] 
WA:       Betty Anderson Cord is walking out on her marriage.  She is 
          leaving the house on the hill, the home she and her husband 
          Steven wanted so desperately.  Her flight is the strongest 
          indication thus far that the extra-ordinary personal 
          struggle taking place beneath this roof is being resolved 
          in favor of Martin Peyton. 

Intro:    Lee is making an adjustment under the hood as Betty comes 
          out of the mansion and gets in the back seat of the 
          limousine.  They drive off. 
Scene 1:  Back in the mansion, Martin is talking to Adrienne.  Steven 
          walks up.  Steven and Adrienne go in the livingroom without 
          Peyton.  He fusses at Adrienne.  He tells her she is going 
          to tell the truth. 
Scene 2:  Lee drives the limousine to the square and helps Betty out 
          and up the steps to the entrance of the Colonial Post Inn.  
          He opens the door and follows her in.  Betty is offered the 
          suite that she and Steven lived in.  She says that she 
          won't need that much room.  Leslie walks up and tries to 
          talk to Betty.  He asks where Steven is.  Betty is cool to 
          Leslie.  The clerk hands her the key for room 37.  Betty 
          goes to her room.  [Later she is in room 6.] 
Scene 3:  Leslie follows Lee outside and tries to talk to Lee.  Lee 
          suggests he ask Mr. Peyton.  Lee drives off. 
Scene 4:  Eddie plays the piano and sings, Galway Bay, in the Tavern.  
          Joe and another bar regular [Bill or Andy] chime in as 
             [  If you ever go across the sea to Ireland, 
                Then maybe at the closing of your day,  ] 
                You will sit and watch the moon rise over Cladagh  
                And see the sun go down on Galway Bay.  

                Just to hear again the ripple of the trout stream, 
                The women in the meadows making hay,  
                And to sit beside a turf fire in the cabin,  
                And watch the barefoot gossoons at their play.   
                For the breezes blowing o'er the sea from Ireland,  
                Are perfumed by the heather as they blow; 
                And the women in the uplands digging praties, 
         Ada says, "I'm building up my blood pressure."

             Speak a language that the strangers do not know.  
                For the strangers came and tried to teach us 
                   their way.  
                They scorned us just for being what we are,
                But they might as well go chasing after moonbeams,  
                Or light a penny candle from a star.  
                And if there's going to be a life hereafter,  
                And fate I am sure there's going to be,  
                I will ask my God to let me make my heaven, 
                In that dear land across the Irish Sea.   
             [  If you ever go across the sea to Ireland,  
                Then maybe at the closing of your day,  
                You will sit and watch the moon rise over Cladagh  
                And see the sun go down on Galway Bay.  ] 

          In the back room living area, Ada obviously is having 
          second thoughts, and third thoughts.  Rita comes in and 
          says that she would like a bowl of chowder.  Ada says she 
          prepares it only in the winter time.  Rita goes out into 
          the bar area and watches her father sitting at the piano 
          and singing.  When he finishes the song the assembled 
          assemblage applauds.  Eddie proudly introduces his lovely 
          daughter to the patrons.  Ada comes out to retrieve Rita.  
          She relents and allows Eddie to eat dinner with them. 
Scene 5:  In the nursery at the Carson house, Elliot and Eli are 
          tending baby Matthew.  Elliot picks him up to stop his 
          crying.  Eli takes Matthew and stops his crying by placing 
          his finger in Matthew's mouth.  Matthew is teething.  Eli 
          says that Matthew needs aspirin, but Elliot can't find any.  
          Constance comes in.  She says that Matthew needs aspirin. 

Scene 6:  Back in the Tavern living area, Rita and Eddie are eating.  
          Norman and Rodney knock on the door.  Ada opens the door 
          and says, "Welcome to Wharfside mission.  Free soup to 
          derelicts."  Rodney tells Eddie that he has found him a car.  
          They all go for a ride with teh exception of Rodney and 
          Ada.  Remarkably they all return unscathed.  The youngsters 
          leave.  Eddie and Elliot have a talk.  Eddie buys the car 
          from Rodney on credit.  Rodney and Eddie help Rita into the 
          rumble seat and they go for a drive.  They get back with 
          steam boiling out from the radiator and talk with Elliot.  
          Elliot says, "I think you've got quite an act going for 
          yourself right now."  Rodney helps Rita out of the car and 
          they go in the tavern.  Eddie and Elliot talk.  Eddie 
          mentions a man named Jack Chandler.  Elliot says, "What are 
          you really here for?"  Elliot tells Eddie he got him the 
          job at the tavern.  They say goodnight. 
Scene 7:  Betty is eating alone in her room 6 at the Inn as she hears 
          a light knock on the door.  It is Adrienne.  She asks if 
          she may come in.  Betty says, no.  Adrienne comes in 
          anyhow.  Betty says, "Get to the point."  Adrienne says 
          that nothing happened in Boston between Steven and herself.  
          Betty tells her to get out.  They talk at some length.  
          Adrienne leaves. 

          Steven walks up the stairs past room 5 and then pounds on 
          Betty's door.  She doesn't respond. 

Preview:  none. 

Chin grab.
Wharfside mission.

praties-potatoes.  [pronounced PRAY-TEEZ]
Gossoons-young boys.
The word gossoon comes from the french garçon meaning a waiter or 
young boy waiter.