Episode 376.

          Eddie meets with Leslie.                            [last whw] 
WA:       Martin Peyton's carefully laid plan to break up the marriage of 
          Steven and Betty Cord is on the verge of succeeding.  Betty has 
          moved out of the Peyton house after seeing her husband and 
          Adrienne Van Leyden leaving the Boston Peyton Mansion. 

Intro:    Outside of the Colonial Post Inn.  Steven knocking on door of 
          room 6 at the Colonial Post Inn. 
Scene 1:  Steven is trying to get Betty to open the door.  Steven tells 
          her that he loves her.  Steven gives up and goes down the 
          stairs and outside.  Outside he meets up with Rodney.  Steven 
          mentions that Sandy Webber left town some time ago.  Steven 
          tells Rodney that Betty has left him. 
Scene 2:  Eddie Jacks buys some flowers on the wharf.  He puts one in his 
          lapel.  Rita watches her father do the she loves me, she loves 
          me not thing.  Eddie gives one of the flowers to Rita.  Eddie 
          takes Rita aboard an excursion boat, topside.  Eddie talks 
          about his father.  And other things.  They agree to meet 
          tomorrow.  They leave.  Eddie goes to a phone booth by Joe's 
          boat repair, drops in a dime,  and calls Leslie Harrington.  
          Eddie wants to drop by his office.  Leslie says they can meet 
          at 8:30 near the loading docks. 
Scene 3:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Peyton comes in Betty's room and 
          talks with her.  Peyton talks about pride and loyalty.  Peyton 
          tells Betty that she is not the only injured party in this 
          affair.  Peyton suggests that Betty come home.  They talk.  
          Peyton suggests that Betty go to Boston and see Kennerly, the 
          attorney.  Peyton says, "I'll phone Kennerly and tell him to 
          see you.  Peyton leaves. [last whw]. 
Scene 4:  Eli is practicing his speech to young Mr. Tomlinson in front of 
          the mirror.  Norman knocks on the door of room 3 and is 
          admitted by Eli.  He says he can wait til Eli is alone.  Eli 
          says he is alone.  Norman says he heard voices.  Norman tells 
          Eli that Eddie Jacks has him all tied up.  Eli tells Norman not 
          to pretend to like Eddie.  He does not have a poker face.  Move 
          over for Rita's dad.  Don't put Rita in the hospital. 
Scene 5:  At the Inn, Rodney comes to see Betty in room 6.  She is eating 
          the first meal of the day.  Rodney mentions that Betty has a 
          habit of not eating when she is all shook up.  Rodney says he 
          is there to listen.  The phone rings.  Betty says she will be 
          right down.  She tells Rodney she is going to Boston to see a 
          lawyer.  Rodney carries Betty's suitcase as they leave. 

Scene 6:  At the Tavern, which faces south, Eddie has to take off for a 
          few minutes.  He promises Ada to make it up to her.  Just then 
          Elliot comes in and sits at a table with Eddie and joins him 
          for a moment.  Eddie gets a bottle.  He tells Ada that he is 
          paying for this.  Leslie mentions that the job of bartender 
          seems right for Eddie.  Eddie says that Parole officers don't 
          want parolees to work as bartenders.  Eddie leaves the Tavern.  
          Leslie follows him.  Eddie gets in the car with Leslie.  They 
          drive off.  Elliot is watching out the window. 
Preview:  Ada talks to Elliot.  Steven talks to Martin (GMcR who is 
          back).  Rita talks with Ada. 
          AJ:  I'm going to get him out of town.  And I don't care 
               how I do it. 
          EC:  Ada.  You're making a mistake.
          AJ:  You'll never convince me of that, Elliot.  You spent 
               too many good years of your life in jail because of 
          SC:  I don't intend to leave here.  I'm not giving up my 
               wife or this house. 
          RJ:  He's my father, no matter what anybody else thinks of 
               him.  All he wants is a small part of my life.  And I 
               want to give it to him. 

Excursion boat near the tavern.
Wilfred Hyde-White makes his last appeareance in scene 3.
George Macready returns as Martin Peyton.  [in the preview].