Episode 377.
          Ada Jacks grows tired of Eddie Jacks.               [GMcr back] 
WA:       Last night, Elliot Carson witnessed a clandestine meeting 
          between Eddie Jacks and Leslie Harrington.  Elliot is 
          determined to find out what Jacks and Harrington have in 
          common, and whether that bond has anything to do with the late 
          Jack Chandler.  Intent on following this lead he's unaware that 
          others are equally involved in their own problems.  Steven 
          Cord, for one, is fighting to hold his marriage together. 

Intro:    Steven walking over to the Colonial Post Inn. 
Scene 1:  At the Inn, Steven asks the desk clerk to ring Betty's room.  
          He is told that Betty checked out of the hotel and may have 
          gone to the airport.  He says that Peyton's chauffeur called 
          for her. 
Scene 2:  Elliot returns to the Clarion to find Ada Jacks waiting for 
          him.  She asks what the bad news is.  She wants to know what 
          Eddie is up to.  Ada wants to get rid of Eddie.  Elliot tells 
          Ada that he thinks [correctly] that Leslie was the one who 
          smuggled the gun to Chandler.  He saw Eddie get in a car with 
          Leslie.  She leaves. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi drives up fast in his red convertible.  He gets out 
          and goes in the Book Gallery.  A blonde lady has just made a 
          purchase and Constance tells her she will put it on her bill.  
          Matthew is in the foreground in a playpen.  Rossi talks to 
          Constance.  Rossi is going to visit Rachel.  Constance says she 
          is going to visit Rachel if Elliot will let her.  
Scene 4:  Eddie stops his old crate and goes over with Rita to look at 
          the Peyton Limousine.  Eddie and Rita get in the limousine.  A 
          mill guard walks over.  Eddie tells him that he is the new 
          chauffeur.  The guard walks off.  Eddie and Rita talk.  Eddie 
          tells about stealing apples from Peyton's orchard.  Rita and 
          Eddie get out and go back to Eddie's crate.  They drive off. 

Scene 5:  Martin Peyton is standing in front of Betty's portrait as 
          Steven comes in.  Steven asks, "Gloating about your victory?"  
          Peyton asks Steven what he wants.  There is a chessboard in the 
          foreground.  Peyton tells Steven he was foolish.  Steven tells 
          off Martin Peyton.  Adrienne appears at the top of the stairs 
          and comes down to join in the argument.  Peyton tells Adrienne 
          to go to her room.  Steven tells them he knows why Adrienne 
          came to the Peyton house.  Steven says he is sick of Peyton's 
          manipulations.  Adrienne starts to go back upstairs.  Steven 
          says, "I am not giving up his wife or this house."  Adrienne 
          says that Steven probably can't do any better than 
Scene 6:  Ada is waiting in the apartment.  Rita comes in, licking an ice 
          cream cone.  [There is a Sandy's ice cream Parlor on the 
          wharf.]  Rita offers her mother a bite.  She tells Ada about 
          the ride with Eddie.  Ada tells Rita that it is not going to 
          work out with Ada and Eddie.  Ada says that Eddie is a phony.  
          Ada leaves. 

Preview:  Rossi talks with Eddie.  Norman talks to Rita.  Adrienne talks 
          to Steven. 
          MR:  Is it her future you're worried about?  If you were 
               concerned the only thing on your mind when you came 
               through the door is whether or not this was the right time 
               to come back into your daughter's life. 
          NH:  Look, I don't like your father but that doesn't have 
               anything to to with you.  He rubs me the wrong way.  Maybe 
               I'm jealous.  I don't know.  But I just don't want you 
               hanging around with him. 
          AVL: What happened between us would have happened regardless. 
               Anytime, anyplace. 

Ice cream cone.
Credit sale.
George Macready returns as Martin Peyton.