Episode 378.
          Adrienne and Steven almost kiss.

WA:       Today, Steven Cord keeps a lonely vigil.  His wife, Betty, who 
          left him, has checked out of her suite at the local Inn.  
          Steven knows that Martin Peyton's chauffeur drove Betty to the 
          airport.  All the information he needs to conclude that Peyton 
          sent Betty to a Boston law firm.  Subject divorce. 
Intro:    A limousine rounds the corner of the square and stops in front 
          of the Colonial Post Inn.  Steven Cord is looking out his 
          window of his office.  [View of north side of bank and 
          hospital.  The BUS STOP sign is now in front of the Inn.] 
Scene 1:  Steven runs over to the limousine as Betty gets out.  Steven 
          asks Betty why she didn't tell him she was going to Boston to 
          see attorney see Kennerly.  Steven wants Betty to take a ride 
          with him.  Steven tells Betty, he loves her.  He has never 
          loved anybody but her.  Betty says he is lying.  Betty goes in 
          the Inn. 
Scene 2:  Outside the Peyton mansion gate, Rita is watching the gardeners 
          at work maintaining the grounds.  Peyton walks up and asks her 
          if she believes in ghosts.  He asks how long she had been 
          there.  He offers a snack and for them to go inside.  Rita 
          tells Peyton that her father is back.  She asks Peyton if he 
          has ever met her father.  Peyton says that he has never had the 
          pleasure.  He has been all over.  She tells him about the other 
          day when she and her father sat in his limousine.  They walk 
          toward the house.  Rita changes her mind and leaves.  Peyton 
          goes to the door of the mansion and asks Webber what Eddie 
          Jacks is.  He remembers what he was. 
Scene 3:  Eddie drives his old car to the hospital parking lot.  He walks 
          across the street and goes inside Doctors Hospital.  He knocks 
          on Rossi's door.  Rossi invites him in.  Rossi talks to Eddie 
          about his daughter.  Her condition is serious but not critical.  
          It is under control.  They talk a while.  Rossi asks Eddie if 
          he will be staying in town.  Eddie thanks the doctor and 
          leaves.  She is taking digitalis.  Eddie starts to leave.  
          She has mitral stenosis.  Rossi goes on and on.  The 
          operation is called a closed mitral valve alotomy.  Eddie 
          asks Dr. Rossi to talk English.  Rossi becomes irritable.  Eddie 
Scene 4:  Norman drives up in his red sports car and gets out.  He comes 
          up to the apartment and takes off his coat.  Rita and Norman 
          press the lips.  He is tired.  Norman talks about his boss, Mr. 
          Miller.  She tells him about her chat with Martin Peyton.  
          Eddie knocks and comes in bringing Rita a large bouquet of 
Scene 5:  At the Peyton house, Peyton is talking with Adrienne.  They are 
          discussing Peyton's medication.  Adrienne asks if Betty filed 
          for divorce.  Adrienne says that it makes her uncomfortable 
          seeing him satisfied.  
Scene 6:  Adrienne goes to her room and finds Steven waiting for her.  
          They argue about Betty.  They talk at length.  They come within 
          a half inch of pressing the lips.  Adrienne tells Steven he can 
          do much better than Betty.  Adrienne asks Steven to wait 
          until Peyton dies.  Adrienne says, "I told her we were lovers." 
Preview:  Leslie talks to Eddie.  Martin talks to Adrienne.  Ada talks to 

          LH:  All you have to do is make sure that Steven Cord gets that 
               information [About Adrienne].  He'll do the rest.  Then 
               all we have to do is pick up the pieces.
          MP:  Surely you haven't doubted my intentions.  You can set the 
               date.  We'll be married anytime you say. 

          AJ:  You listen to me.  I've said it before, and I'll say it 
               again.  I'm not God's gift to motherhood.  But I'm not 
               about to listen to you tell me what I should have done. 
Mr. Miller, Norman's supervisor.