Episode 379.

          Adrienne almost leaves.
WA:       18 years ago, Eddie Jacks went out for a pack of cigarettes.  
          He came back last month.  He came back determined to enter the 
          life of his daughter, Rita.  Unfortunately for Eddie, the wife 
          he left so many years ago, Ada Jacks, stands between him and 
          his daughter.   And Ada is now filled with doubt about Eddie.  
          Convinced that he returned to Peyton Place for a much harder 
          and tougher reason than to become a father to a girl who has 
          thus far lived her life without one. 
Intro:    Eddie Jacks walks along the wharf.  He goes into Ada Jacks' 
Scene 1:  Ada fusses at Eddie for being gone on break too long.  She 
          tells Eddie to stay behind the bar.  He wants to talk her.  
          Eddie wants to know if Rita was hanging around with trash.  
          They argue about Rita's upbringing. 
Scene 2:  Eddie is drying glasses at the Tavern, Lee comes in and sits at 
          the bar.  Lee asks, "Can I get a beer?"  Lee asks the bartender 
          if he is Eddie Jacks.  Eddie calls Lee, "Webber."  Ada comes in 
          and tells Lee to get out of the Tavern.  Eddie gives Lee a 
          bottle of good brandy to take to Peyton.  [Peyton later had Lee 
          return it.]  Ada asks Eddie what he thinks he's doing.  Eddie 
          takes a large bill out of the till and places it in Ada's hand 
          saying, "Keep the change."  
Scene 3:  Eli is playing gin rummy with Elliot in the boarding house.  
          Elliot is impatient.  Eli is taking he own good time.  Eli asks 
          how long Constance will be away.  She has gone to see Rachel at 
          the sanitarium.  Eli drops a card and they argue.  Eli says, 
          "Gin."  Eli invites Elliot back tomorrow night.  Elliot says 
          goodnight and leaves.  
Scene 4:  Eddie Jacks comes out of his room at the boarding house and 
          bumps into Elliot.  Eddie offers Elliot a drink.  They go 
          outside.  As Elliot is leaving, Eddie goes out on the landing.  
          He stands there for a while then goes down the stairs. 
Scene 5:  Eddie is looking for Leslie.  He goes in a warehouse and 
          strikes a match.  The lights come on and Leslie appears.  They 
          argue.  Leslie doesn't want Peyton to marry Adrienne.  Leslie 
          wants Eddie to get the word to Peyton about Adrienne's sordid 
          past.  Leslie wants Eddie to give the information to Steven 
          Cord, who can then give it to Peyton.  
Scene 6:  Peyton talks with Adrienne in the foyer of the Peyton mansion.  
          She has her suitcases packed and is saying goodbye.  She begins 
          to phone for a taxi.  She dials zero.  Martin puts his finger 
          on the telephone cradle button.  They talk.  Peyton proposes 
          marriage and the return of the incriminating letter to disuade 
          Adrienne from leaving.  She takes her suitcases back upstairs.  
          They are packed with telephone directories and magazines, not 
          clothes.  Adrienne smiles a wicked smile.  She has tricked the 
          old puppet master. 
Preview:  Betty talks to Steven.  Elliot talks with Adrienne.  Steven 
          goes in the garage, dumps his bed and fights with Rodney. 
          BH:  I want to get away from Steven.  I want to get away from 
          RH:  And, I want to get close to you.
          EC:  How did you meet Dr. Van Leyden?  
          MP:  Carson, this is my house.  Get out.
          SC:  You knew all along Adrienne was going to foul up Betty and 
               me.  You got to know. 
          RH:  Will you cut it out?  
          SC:  Now, You knew all along.  Admit it. 
          RH:  I knew nothing.  
          SC:  You are lying.