Episode 380.
          Eddie tells Steven about Adrienne's sordid past. 
WA:       Steven Cord has been handled, maneuvered by his grandfather, 
          Martin Peyton.  Twisted and turned by his grandfather's 
          fiancée, Adrienne Van Leyden.  Tonight, Steven is 
          determined to find out whether or not his growing suspicion is 
          true.  That the principal manipulator has been his half brother 
          Rodney Harrington. 
Intro:    Late at night, Steven drives over to the Shoreline Garage. 
Scene 1:  Steven goes in the garage, turns on the light, and awakens 
          Rodney.  Steven dumps Rodney's bed.  He accuses Rodney of 
          knowing about the reason why Adrienne was brought to Peyton 
          Place.  They scuffle.  Rodney hits Steven. 
Scene 2:  On the square, steam is boiling out of the radiator of Eddie's 
          jalopy.  A kid asks Eddie how much he wants for this wreck.  
          Eddie Jacks goes up to Steven Cord's office.  He introduces 
          himself to Steven.  He has information about the background of 
          Adrienne Van Leyden.  Eddie says if Peyton marries, Norman and 
          Rodney will miss out on a fortune.  Eddie says, "Bye bye 
          money," and leaves. 

Scene 3:  Martin Peyton is coming down the main stairs in the mansion.  
          Lee Webber shows him the bottle of brandy Eddie Jacks sent 
          over.  He assists the old man walk down the stairs.  Martin 
          sits down to rest.  Elliot Carson rings the door chimes.  Mary 
          opens the door and shows Elliot in to see Peyton.  Elliot says 
          that weddings bore him.  Elliot wants more information about 
          the wedding for the Clarion.  Adrienne comes in and Elliot 
          introduces himself.  He gives her the third degree.  Peyton 
          asks Elliot to leave.  Adrienne puts Elliot on.  She tells 
          Elliot that she met Dr. Van Leyden while on a safari in Africa.  
          [They actually had met at a charity fund raiser.]  Peyton tells 
          Elliot to get out. 
Scene 4:  Betty picks a flower on the square and walks over toward the 
          Book Gallery.  She looks in the window.  Rodney calls to Betty 
          and tells her to get in the car.  They drive and Rodney tells 
          her about Steven coming to talk to him.  Steven is watching. 
          The light blue Plymouth convertible looks like the one that 
          later on forces Rodney and Norman off the road. 
Scene 5:  On the wharf, Eddie gets a cup of cider and almost leaves 
          without paying for it.  The proprietor reminds him.  He goes to 
          a phone booth and places a call to Leslie.  He tells the 
          secretary to tell him that Mr. Jacks is calling.  He tells 
          Leslie that the lawyer, Steven, didn't believe a word.  Leslie 
          thanks him. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi drives up and calls to Norman.  Norman and Rossi walk 
          over and get coffee at the catering truck.  Rossi says he is 
          satisfied with Rita's physical condition.  Norman explains how 
          his dislike for Eddie is causing a problem with Rita.  Norman 
          goes back to work. 

Scene 7:  Rodney and Betty are driving out in the country side.  They 
          park, get out, and walk over to a wooden fence.  Rodnny tells 
          Betty that she has been very quiet.  She tells a story about 
          her father.  Rodney suggests that Betty go to Boston and get an 
          apartment and not tell Steven where she is.  They sit on a 
          bench and continue to talk about their love-hate relationship.  
          She wants to get away from Rodney and Steven.  Rodney kisses 
          Betty.  They drive back to town. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Eddie Jacks talks with Martin Peyton.  
          SC:  Now, you know how important this hearing is to me.  To us. 
               You've agreed to work with me.  I need your help. 
          BA:  Do you, Steven?  Have you ever really needed anything from 
          EJ:  You've got it all.  There's only one thing that you 
               haven't got.  And that's somebody who cares about you. 
          MP:  You crawled back here because you smelled money.  My