Episode 381.
          Eddie goes to visit Peyton.                             [GMcr]. 
WA:       Rodney Harrington and Betty Anderson Cord have spent a long 
          afternoon together.  An afternoon that exploded in an embrace 
          and ended in bitterness.  Betty, at this moment in her life, 
          shortly after Martin Peyton's attorneys filed a divorce action 
          in her behalf, has no intention of involving herself with 
          Rodney once again. And Rodney must decide whether his interest 
          in Betty is intensely personal or a means of hurting Betty's 
          husband, Steven. 

Intro:    Driving fast, Rodney takes Betty back to the Colonial Post Inn. 
Scene 1:  At the Inn, Betty runs back to her room and finds Steven 
          waiting for her.  She asks how he got in.  Steven tells Betty 
          that he has filed incompetency charges against Peyton.  He 
          tells her how important this is to him, and to Betty.  Steven 
          tells her that he wants her at the hearing.  He tells Betty he 
          has never lied to her.  He tells her how much it meant to him 
          for her to accept him as her husband.  Betty tells him that she 
          saw him and Adrienne leave the Boston townhouse.  She talks 
          about the Blaine report. 
Scene 2:  Rodney gets out of his car and walks up the stairs to Norman 
          and Rita's apartment.  Rita invites him in.  He asks her to go 
          for a ride.  Rita is crying.  She tells Rodney that she has had 
          a fight with Norman.  They argued over Eddie.  Rita wants 
          Norman to have the best opportunities for the future. 
Scene 3:  Eddie drives up to the mansion in his old boiling over car and 
          parks directly nose-to-nose with the Peyton limousine. 
Scene 4:  Mary is serving Peyton breakfast as the chimes ring.  She 
          ushers Eddie in.  Eddie asks her if she is the old duffer's 
          sweetheart.  Eddie introduces himself to Peyton as Rita's 
          father.  Eddie says it is a pleasure to meet Peyton.  Peyton 
          sharply asks why Eddie came back to Peyton Place.  Peyton tells 
          Eddie that he is a bum, a drifter, a boot-licking parasite.  
          Peyton tells Eddie to take his brandy back.  Peyton says Eddie 
          crawled back because he smelled Peyton's money.  Peyton tells 
          Eddie to get out.  Adrienne comes down and speaks to Eddie.  
          Eddie congratulates her.  Eddie tells Adrienne he runs the 
          Tavern, he used to own it.  Eddie leaves and Peyton slams the 
          door.   He asks Adrienne what that was all about.  He thinks 
          Eddie was putting her on.  She says that Eddie was only trying 
          to annoy him. 
Scene 5:  At the police station, Steven asks Elliot to see the interview.  
          Steven wants to know what Peyton said about the wedding.  He 
          wants to see it today.  Elliot mentions the hearing.  Elliot 
          offers to type up a good clean copy of the notes as long as 
          Steven assures him it has nothing to do with the hearing.  
          Steven walks off. 
Scene 6:  Lee Webber drives up in the limousine and helps Betty out.  She 
          knocks on the door and goes inside the mansion.  Peyton asks 
          Betty how she feels about the way the divorce is being handled.  
          He asks her to sit and talk.  Peyton talks about Betty's 
          qualities.  She wants the property agreement.  He wants her to 
          change the grounds for the divorce to mental cruelty, not 
          adultery.  He says adultery is in poor taste.  Peyton says it 
          could take a year if Steven fights it.  She agrees and leaves. 
Preview:  Adrienne talks with Peyton.  Betty talks with Steven.  Eddie 
          talks with Norman. 
          AVL: I may not have played fair with Philip.  But I wouldn't 
               have known how.  You and I, Martin, we won't have any 
               problem.  We are two of a kind.

          BA:  What about the fact that you wanted her, pursued her Is 
               the judge going to hand down a decision about that, too? 

          EJ:  I've had you up to here with you Mr. Rebel, Mr. Holy Joe 
          NH:  Shut up.

          Eddie cracks one of Norman's ribs. 
Bum, drifter, boot-licking parasite.
Bird figurine.
Blaine Report.