Episode 382.
          Betty and Rodney have a rendezvous.  Eddie cracks Norman's rib. 
WA:       Norman Harrington is fighting the most critical battle of his 
          young life.  A war for the affection of his wife, Rita.  Though 
          Rita has assured him again and again that her feelings for her 
          father, Eddie Jacks, are separate from her feelings for him, 
          Norman still demands 100 per cent of her love.  Now, Norman has 
          received as urgent message to meet Rita's father on the wharf.  
          A message he wants desperately to ignore. 

Intro:    Norman walking along the wharf to meet Eddie at the Cider Barrel. 
Scene 1:  Norman goes inside the Cider Barrel to talk with Eddie Jacks.  
          Eddie tells Norman that it would be a tragedy for Rita for 
          Father-in-law and son-in-law not to be able to relate.  Eddie 
          calls Norman Mr. Rebel, Mr. Holy Joe Hero.  Mr. Zero.  
          Eddie shoves Norman against a table, cracking a rib. 
Scene 2:  Steven asks the desk clerk for Mr. Sloan.  He is told that Mr. 
          Sloan is in the Dining Room.  Steven talks with Betty.  Betty 
          says that divorce will happen.  Steven says that he will fight 
          it.  The competency hearing will be tomorrow.  Steven tells her 
          that he has deposited money in the bank in her account so it 
          won't be necessary for her to take money from Peyton. 
Scene 3:  Adrienne comes to see Martin.  It seems to Adrienne that Martin 
          is avoiding her. 
Scene 4:  On the wharf, the limousine has stopped and Lee helps Peyton 
          out.  Peyton walks over to the loading dock.  He asks Norman 
          how he likes his father-in-law.  Peyton wants to know if Eddie
          has been bothering Norman.  Peyton tells Norman that he wants 
          Rita's medical bills sent to the mansion.  Norman says that he 
          is not for sale.  Martin tells Norman that he is refreshing. 
Scene 5:  Eddie knocks and comes in to find Rita crying.  Eddie gives her 
          his handkerchief.  He talks with his daughter.  Norman comes in 
          just as Eddie is leaving.  Rita tries to return the handkerchief.  
          Norman tells Rita that Peyton offered to pay all of her medical 
Scene 6:  Rodney and Betty come out of the Colonial Post Inn and go for a 
          ride in his convertible.  
Scene 7:  On the wharf, Rodney and Betty park.  Rodney offers Betty a 
          wrap.  They go in the Shoreline Garage.  Betty gets in a car 
          and pretends to drive.  She is going 188 kickometers.  Rodney 
          pretends to be co-pilot.  They talk at length, then kiss at length. 
Preview:  Rita talks to Dr. Rossi.  Peyton shouts at Steven in court. 
          RH:  Its just that sometimes I wonder if I'm ever really going 
               to have this baby.  And if I do, I ...  
          MR:  You'll what? 
          RH:  Even if the baby makes it, I wonder if I'm going to 
               be around.
          MP:  Look to yourself, Steven Cord.
          JJ:  Mr. Peyton.
          MP:  Those are the folly of your own life.  Then cast the 
               first stone.  Do you have an answer?  Or are you too 
               busy trying to get your hands on my money with this 

Rodney and Betty kiss.
Mr. Sloan-[Your reviewer was unable to determine who this Mr. Sloan was.  
   We suppose that it could be John Fowler's brother-in-law by marriage
   but there is no tie-in of any sort to substantiate this.]