Episode 383.

          Martin Peyton's Competency Hearing.

WA:       Steven Cord faces a long and restless night.  So does Adrienne 
          Van Leyden.  For Adrienne, the fact that Steven is alone in his 
          office and perhaps vulnerable, is an opportunity.  For Steven 
          his isolation is torture.  A few hours earlier he saw his wife, 
          Betty, leave the nearby Inn with Rodney Harrington.  They 
          looked disturbingly like two people on a date. 

Intro:    Steven looks out his office window. 

Scene 1:  Adrienne goes to see Steven Cord in his office.  She goes in 
          and turns off the light.  Steven records a memo for the night 
          watchman to keep undesirables out.  Adrienne does her 
          Marlene Dietrich imitation.  Adrienne eventually leaves. 

Scene 2:  In the corridor in Doctors Hospital, Rita is looking through 
          the window at the babies.  Dr. Rossi walks up to talk with her.  
          Rita isn't sure whether she wants a boy or a girl.  [This is 
          inconsistent with the statement she made in episode 191, "I 
          hate girls."  Episode 191.] 
Scene 3:  At the Colonial Post Inn, room service has brought a tray to 
          Betty, but Steven intercepts the tray.  Steven tells Betty that 
          he wants her to go to the hearing.  Betty had not planned to 
          attend.  She goes in the other room to dress. 
Scene 4:  In the courthouse, Peyton talks with his elderly attorney, 
          William Kennerly.  Kennerly assures him that his memory is good 
          and he won't have a problem.  Peyton tells him in strict 
          confidence that he will never marry Adrienne. 

Scene 5:  In the courtroom or Judge Irwin A. Chester, a Mrs. Charles 
          Foster is being sworn in.  Steven Cord asks her if she is 
          married.  She says she is divorced.  After 17 years she decided 
          to get a divorce.  She hired Adrienne Van Leyden to compromise 
          her husband.  She found Adrienne through a detective agency.  
          Only then, Adrienne's name was Holland. 

Scene 6:  Adrienne is sworn in.  Steven asks her why she happens to be in 
          Peyton Place.  She testifies about the $1000 bracelet.  Steven 
          asks if Adrienne was hired to break up Steven's marriage.  
          Martin Peyton interrupts.  The judge admonishes Peyton.  After 
          a little more testimony, Judge Irwin A. Chester dismisses the 
          competency case. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  In the police station, Eddie talks 
          with Leslie.  Martin talks to Adrienne. 
          SC:  How much proof do you need?  I'll find you a dozen 
          BA:  If you find me ten dozen and I won't change my mind, 
          SC:  You have got to believe me.
          EJ:  Who do you think I am?  Some cheap bum like Jack Chandler. 
          LH:  You know your way around, Eddie.  You could do it and 
               never be suspected. 

          MP:  All you have to do is marry me and outlive me.  Then 
               you'll be a young widow for the second time.  This time a 
               rich one. 
Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.
Mrs. Charles Foster-Tracey Roberts.
Adrienne Holland Van Leyden-Gena Rowlands.
Richie Tager operator of escort service.
Marlene Dietrich.