Episode 384.
          Constance and Elliot return from visiting Rachel.

WA:       The Peyton Place courthouse.  Today, it has been the arena of a 
          savage legal battle between Steven Cord and Martin Peyton.  
          Steven has done his skilled best to demolish Adrienne Van 
          Leyden's reputation.  He has exposed his grandfather's 
          fiancée as a former party girl.  But for once, Steven's 
          ruthless tactics have failed.  Peyton's will stands unshaken.  
          And so does Betty Cord's belief that her husband and Adrienne 
          were lovers.  Now, if Steven hopes to save his marriage, he 
          must make another desperate effort to convince Betty that 
          Adrienne lied. 

Intro:    Lee Webber leaning against the limousine in front of the Peyton 
          County Courthouse.  The NO PARKING sign that was there in the 
          Marian and John Fowler scene is no longer there. [Episode 134]. 
Scene 1:  Steven calls to Betty as she is leaving the courtroom.  Betty 
          tells Steven that she believes Adrienne.  That Seven had an 
          affair with Adrienne.  Steven insists that Adrienne lied. 
Scene 2:  Martin Peyton and Adrienne Van Leyden leave the courthouse.  
          Peyton asks Lee Webber if he has seen Mrs. Cord.  He and 
          Adrienne get in the limousine and Lee Webber drives them away.  
          [A very brief view of the north side of the bank building.] 
Scene 3:  Leslie goes to the boarding house, climbs the steps, and knocks 
          on the door of room 5.  Eddie comes to the door and lets Leslie 
          in.  Leslie does not want to be cheated.  Leslie offers to pay 
          Eddie to solve the problem.  He offers two thousand dollars.  
          Leslie is running out of patience.  Eddie prepares an agreement 
          for $50,000.  
Scene 4:  In the mansion Adrienne runs to Martin's door and knocks.  He 
          does not tell her to enter.  She comes in anyway.  Adrienne 
          warns Peyton that she is not leaving until she gets an answer.  
          [Eddie had worked for a detective agency on divorce cases.] 
Scene 5:  At the Cider Barrel, Eddie comes in and talks with Charlie.  
          Charlie tells Eddie that Rita is in the back room with Norman.  
          Rita says that she wants a boy.  Norman comes out and asks 
          Eddie joins them.  Eddie excuses himself to make a phone call.  
          He dials seven digits.  He tells Leslie that they have to talk 

Scene 6:  In the car, Constance tells Elliot that she will never leave 
          him again.  Elliot tells her a story about the desk clerk.  He 
          was running a book store.  Constance was exquisite. 

Scene 7:  At the Carson house, Rossi is tending the fire in the 
          fireplace.  He hears a car drive up.  Constance and Elliot come 
          in and talk about Rachel and Dr. Bartlett.  Rachel is doing 
          fine.  Rachel had sent the puppy to Dr. Rossi. 
Scene 8:  Eddie is walking on the wharf.  He goes over to Peyton 
          Warehouse No. 2 door and down a flight of stairs.  He is 
          meeting Leslie Harrington.  Leslie says they must get finished 
          and leave before the night watchman comes back.  Leslie hands 
          Eddie a pouch containing $4000 in small bills.  He promises 
          $4000 later.  Eddie writes an agreement for $50,000.  It is to 
          take care of the kids.  Leslie says that he wants Peyton dead. 
          LH:  I want Peyton dead.  I want him dead. 

Preview:  Adrienne talks to Martin.  Leslie talks to Eddie.  Rodney talks 
          to Betty. 
          AVL: She went back to Rodney because that's where the 
               money will be.  What's the difference in what 
               she's doing and what I used to do?
          LH:  There is nothing Martin Peyton ever does that Lee Webber 
               consider himself a model.  Get to Webber, Eddie.  I don't 
               mean trust him.  I mean use him.

          RH:  If you two had been making it all the way, your marriage 
               could survive a hundred Adriennes.  You better make a 
               decision, Betty.  You better let one of us off the hook. 

Dr. Bartlett in Boston.