Episode 385.
11-06-67  Pre-empted for THE LEOPARD movie
          Norman is treated for a cracked rib.
WA:       Tonight, Eddie Jacks has an assignment.  Find a way to end the 
          life of Martin Peyton.  Eddie has made a deal with Leslie 
          Harrington, in a last desperate effort to profit from Peyton's 
          will, before the old man marries, and gains the opportunity to 
          change his will.  Thus, there is homework to be done.  How does 
          Peyton live?  What are his hours?  What people are around him?  
          For though it is Harrington who is Peyton's old enemy, it is 
          Eddie who has been appointed executioner. 
Intro:    Eddie is skulking outside the mansion.  Steven drives 
          through the iron gates up to the mansion, takes off his tie, 
          and slowly walks up the steps to the door, puts the key in the 
          lock and starts inside. 
Scene 1:  Inside the mansion, Steven takes off his suit coat, throws it 
          and his tie on an chair, and fixes himself a drink.  Adrienne 
          comes up behind Steven and hugs him.  Steven says, "Love, your 
          magic spell is everywhere."   Adrienne tells Steven that she 
          loves him.  Steven mentions Mr. Foster and the legion of 
          others.  Steven says, "Save it for the pulps."  Steven kisses 
Scene 2:  In the Cider Barrel, Eddie Jacks goes into the back area.  
          Leslie comes in and joins him.  Eddie tells Leslie that he 
          looks worried.  Leslie tells Eddie that he is having second 
          thoughts.  Charlie walks over to get their order.  Eddie orders 
          a stack of hots and some bacon and a tall buttermilk.  Leslie 
          orders coffee.  They plot.  Eddie says that he staked out the 
Scene 3:  Martin Peyton is sitting on a concrete bench in the cemetary, 
          just outside the iron fence.  He is looking at a tall monument 
          to Samuel Peyton.  Lee tells Peyton that he has an appointment 
          with banker Tomlinson at 3:00.  Peyton says that Tomlinson can 
          wait.  Peyton wants Webber to get close to Eddie Jacks.  Eddie 
          suggests that he could sit around the bar and gripe about about 
          Peyton.  Peyton says that everyone has let him down.  Peyton's 
          family has been a total disappointment to him.  Peyton stands 
          up and goes back over to the limousine. 
Scene 4:  Norman goes to the hospital.  Dr. Rossi comes in and invites 
          Norman into his office.  Norman says that Dr. Matthews took 
          care of him.  They go Rossi's office and Norman is examined.  
          Norman tells Rossi that he has been injured on the job.  Norman 
          has cracked his rib.  [Actually Eddie had shoved Norman.  See 
          episode 383 10-30-67].  He said that actually the big-hearted 
          beach bum shoved him.  Norman leaves. 
Scene 5:  Rodney drives his white over blue convertible to the Colonial 
          Post Inn and invites Betty to go snow skiing.  Four inches of 
          powder and two feet of pack.  Betty has been crying.  She says 
          she can't go.  Betty talks about leaving Steven.  Betty says 
          that she loved Steven, she really loved him.  Betty decides to 
          go skiing with Rodney.  She says she has a cute ski outfit.  
          Rodney changes his mind.  He starts to leave.  Betty tells him 
          to kiss her goodnight.  He kisses her on the forehead. 
Scene 6:  At the Tavern the crowd has gathered.  Two men are playing 
          checkers.  The second goes by "pop."  Eddie is charming the 
          crowd.  Lee has come in just before closing time.  He asks if 
          he is under the line.  Eddie says sure.  The clock shows 1:50.  
          Closing time is 2:00.  Lee orders a beer then changes the order 
          to scotch, straight.  He drinks it.  Eddie offers him a double.  
          Eddie asks if someone prophesied the end of the world.  Lee 
          asks Eddie if he closes every night.  Eddie says he closes the 
          bar 7 nights a week.  Lee starts complaining about Peyton.  
          Eddie asks Lee if he has ever been to California.  Lee leaves 
          going outside. 
Preview:  Eli talks to Rita about Norman and Eddie.  Lee talks with 
          Eddie.  Adrienne tells Steven that she loves him.  He grabs her 
          chin and kisses her. 
          Eli: Your husband and your dad, they're waging a senseless sort 
               of tug-of-war.  You've got to choose between them.  You've 
               got to. 
          LW:  He owes it to me.  I deserve it.  Because I'm a lot better 
               than the rest of the bums that he has hanging around that 
          EJ:  And, what if he doesn't?
          LW:  Well, he won't live long enough to laugh about it.
          AVL: I love you, Steven.

          Steven kisses Adrienne.
Norman had been treated by Dr. Matthews for a cracked rib received in 
  episode 382. 
Chin grab.
Back area of Cider Barrel.
Eddie skulks.
Rodney kisses Betty.
Steven kisses Adrienne.