Episode 386.
          Peyton stumbles down the stairs.
WA:       Eddie Jacks has found the means to an end.  The end of Martin 
          Peyton's life.  He has agreed with Leslie Harrington to try to 
          work through Peyton's chauffeur, Lee Webber.  Lee Webber, a man 
          very much in the middle of two opposing forces.  On the one 
          side, Eddie Jacks is turning the vise.  On the other, his 
          employer Martin Peyton who has no knowledge of the plot against 
          his life has ordered him to learn all he can about Eddie Jacks. 
Intro:    The wharf.  Eddie gets in his jalopy.  Lee is changing spark 
          plugs.  Eddie drives up to talk with Lee. 
Scene 1:  Lee and Eddie talk.  Eddie asks how much has he gotten the 
          limousine up to.  Lee says, "35."  Eddie says that the English 
          drive on the wrong side of the road.  Lee and Eddie go into 
          Webber's house.  Lee asks Eddie what he was in prison for.  How 
          come Peyton gave Lee a job?  Lee was accused of helping his 
          grand-daughter beat the high cost of living. 
Scene 2:  Eli is playing with Matthew as Rita comes over.  Rita says she 
          snuck in.  They talk about Eddie and Norman.  Constance comes 
          and picks up Matthew.  Constance says that Matthew is a year 
          old.  Eli and Constance talk about maternity clothes.  The 
          girls leave with Matthew. 
Scene 3:  In Steven's outer office, Adrienne has papers she wants to give 
          to Steven personally.  Miss (Ann) Nolan tells Adrienne that 
          Steven does not want to be disturbed.  Steven takes the papers 
          from her.  Steven comes out and invites Adrienne in.  Adrienne 
          tells Steven he should stop being a puritan and become an 
          adult.  He says he wishes it were 1690, so he could burn her 
          properly in the square.  Steven says that he loves Betty.  
          Adrienne moves within inches of his face.  Steven grabs 
          Adrienne's chin.  Adrienne says, "I love you."  Steven kisses 
          Adrienne.  She returns the gesture. 
Scene 4:  In the Shoreline Garage, Betty is typing [possibly on an 
          Underwood] as Rodney comes in carrying his skis and poles and 
          stows them in the corner.  He asks how she got in.  She said 
          she knew where the key was kept, over the door.  He says, "Take 
          off my boots, wench."  [This is no longer be considered 
          politically correct.]  Rodney says that man should not have 
          given women the vote.  He tells her to get his slippers.  She 
          gets them and throws them in his lap.  He tells her they go on 
          the feet.  She puts them on his feet.  Rodney and Betty cuddle 
          and kiss. 
Scene 5:  Lee is waiting to see Peyton.  Peyton has just written a check 
          for $450,000 with his right hand.  He shows it to Lee.  Lee 
          relates to Peyton what he has learned about Eddie Jacks.  Lee 
          reports that Eddie said he was in jail once. 
Scene 6:  Leslie's secretary, wearing a green dress, brings him some 
          papers.  She leaves.  Eddie comes in Leslie's office the back 
          way.  Eddie says that Lee has a weak spot.  He's afraid the old 
          pirate will sell him short. 
Scene 7:  In the mansion, Peyton is walking down stairs using both canes 
          as he stumbles.  He calls to Mary.  He calls to Mary again.  He 
          calls to Steven.  Neither answers.  Steven, however, is 
          watching from his bedroom. 
Preview:  Lee talks to Eddie.  Rossi talks to Peyton.  In bed, Steven 
          talks with Adrienne. 
          LW:  You keep off my turf because I've got a big investment in 
               Mr. Martin Peyton.  So you don't get any big ideas.  
               Right, Eddie? 
          MR:  You're being deliberately blind.  Knowing the 
               circumstances of his death how could you even consider 
               marrying his widow?
          SC:  I must leave this house.  Would you go away with me?
          AVL: I love you, Steven.

          Adrienne kisses Steven.
Chin grab.
Adrienne kisses Steven.