Episode 387.
11-16-67  Pre-empted for CAROL CHANNING special.
          Constance gives Rita a bassinet. 

WA:       Tonight, Martin Peyton is preoccupied with his manipulations of 
          his grandson, Steven Cord.  A slight mis-step and the old man 
          balances precariously on one of the risers of the main 
          staircase.  Suddenly this simple event takes on extra-ordinary 
          meaning.  If Steven could seize this moment, but the moment is 

Intro:    Outside the Peyton mansion.  Martin walking down the main staircase 
          in the Peyton Mansion.  He stumbles on the riser just below the 
          landing, drops his canes, and grabs the banister to avert a fall.  
          ["banister" is also correctly spelled "bannister."] 
Scene 1:  Martin calls to Mary.  He calls to Mary again.  Martin calls to 
          Steven.  He works his way down the staircase using the 
          banister.  Steven doesn't respond. 
Scene 2:  Steven goes into Adrienne's bedroom.  She asks Steven what 
          happened.  He says he saw Peyton, and he had the desire to push 
          the old man down the stairs.  He lies down on her bed.  She 
          asks him to save her from a loveless marriage.  Adrienne says, 
          "I must leave this house.  I love you."  Adrienne kisses 
Scene 3:  A man is stacking lobster crates in front of the Tavern, as the 
          Peyton limousine drives up and parks in front of the cigar 
          store.  Lee gets out and walks up the boardinghouse stairs past 
          room 7 to the room 5 of Eddie Jacks.  Lee pounds on the door 
          and announces himself as the police.  Eddie looks a mess.  He 
          starts combing his hair.  Eddie says that he is preparing to 
          take his morning constitutional.  Lee and Eddie walk down the 
          steps from the boarding house. 
Scene 4:  In the apartment, Eddie hears a knock on the door and Eli and 
          Constance arrive with a bassinet for the baby.  Eli is carrying 
          a bassinet and Constance is carrying Matthew.  Rita says that 
          the bassinet is really beautiful.  Constance says that Matthew 
          has outgrown it.  Rita had bought some material to decorate a 
          junker bassinet and she doesn't want to offend constance by 
          decorating the new bassinet.  Constance says Rita can do 
          anything she wants with it.  Eli suggests wiring it and making 
          a lamp. 
Scene 5:  Rossi comes to the mansion and is admitted by Mary.  He asks 
          how her bursitis it.  On the stairs, he greets Adrienne and has 
          a brief conversation.  Adrienne asks Rossi why he is Peyton's 
          doctor.  That is would be much simpler if a different doctor. 
          They discuss Philip Van Leyden's death.  Adrienne says that 
          Peyton despises him for even hinting that she had anything to 
          do with Dr. Phillip's death.  She says that Rossi is unethical. 

Scene 6:  Lee Webber is driving the limousine at a high rate of speed 
          toward the cemetary.  He is having some kind of contest with 
          Eddie Jace.   In the previous episode, they had bet $10 who 
          could take the curves the fastest.  His passenger is Eddie. Lee 
          says, "I scared you didn't I, Eddie."  They stop at the 
          cemetary and talk.  Lee tells Eddie to keep off his turf.  
          Eddie tells Lee to get in back and he will drive.  Lee gets in 
          back and Eddie drives.  [Reviewer's opinion: We think anyone 
          who risks harm to a Rolls Royce, or other classic car, in this 
          manner is a crude, despicable, and irresponsible degenerate.  
          There was no follow-up on the race, but it is reasonable to 
          assume that the limousine was not wounded.] 
Scene 7:  Upstairs, in the mansion, Rossi is tending Peyton, taking a 
          blood sample.  His white blood cell count [WBC] was up last 
          week.  He says that he will call before noon tomorrow.  Peyton 
          absent mindedly says, "Thank you, Philip."  He corrects himself 
          by saying, "That was a stupid mistake."  They talk about 
          doctors William Riley and Philip Van Leyden.  Dr. Van Leyden 
          had told him that Peyton's body was preparing itself for death.  
          Dr. Van Leyden put him on a very intrusive regimen.  Peyton is 
          still alive.  Rossi asks Peyton how he can consider marrying 
          Adrienne.  Peyton says that he was the last person Dr. Van 
          Leyden communicated with, before his untimely death.  Dr. Rossi 
          says, "You're being deliberately blind."  
Scene 8:  In Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house, Leslie is waiting in Eddie's 
          room.  Room 5.  Eddie asks Leslie if he had a key made.  [In 
          the previous episode, Betty used a hidden key to get in the 
          Shoreline Garage.  In Peyton Place, many residents don't even 
          bother to lock their doors.]  Leslie says that Eddie has become 
          sentimental.  Eddie tells Leslie to get out.  Leslie Harrington 
          puts pressure on Eddie Jacks to kill Martin Peyton.  Leslie 

Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Rodney.  Leslie talks with Eddie Jacks.  
          Adrienne talks to Steven Cord. 
          MR:  Talk to him.  Keep him away from Eddie.  Do something.
          RH:  I get the feeling there's more here, and you're just not 
          LH:  Martin Peyton is getting married in 48 hours.
          EJ:  48 hours is a long time.  It only takes a minute to die.
          LH:  I want you to act now, alone.
          AVL: Steven, don't force me to beg you.  You know what I was 
               before I met you.  Don't force me to go back to that. 

Dr. William Riley.
Dr. Phillip Van Leyden.
Boarding house is spelled correctly as either one word or two.
Bursitis, Mary's affliction.