Episode 388.
          Eddie Jacks steals a Crescent® wrench.
WA:       Today, Steven Cord runs into the irony of life in a small town.  
          Here in the town square, crossed and re-crossed again by 
          everyone, Steven sees his wife, Betty.  The Cords are now 
          separated, facing a divorce.  The reason, Steven's involvement 
          with Adrienne Van Leyden, Martin Peyton's fiancée.  Once 
          Steven and Betty had planned a brilliant future together.  Now 
          that is all gone and Steven knows that he, and he alone is 
          responsible.  The flaw that Martin Peyton saw and exploited was 
          Steven himself. 

Intro:    Steven comes out of the courthouse.  Two boys are playing catch 
          and Steven retrieves and returns a ball.  He and walks across 
          the square toward the Peyton Professional Building.  He walks 
          past Betty and Matthew.  Adrienne Van Leyden is pulling the 
          venetian blinds apart and watching.  Adrienne sits at his desk 
          which has a large photograph of Betty displayed. 
Scene 1:  Steven comes into his office and finds Adrienne sitting in his 
          chair.  He says that he could tell by looking at his secretary 
          there was trouble in his office.  She asks him to take her to 
          lunch.  Steven tells her that it won't work.  Adrienne tells 
          Steven that his relationship with Betty won't work.  She says 
          that after she marries Martin Peyton, she won't be available 
          for aid and comfort.  She asks him to save her from a loveless 
          marriage to Peyton.  Steven says, "You made your prison.  Live 
          in it."  Adrienne turns Betty's photograph face down.  She leaves.  
          Steven goes over to his desk and uprights the photograph of Betty 
          and touches the image of her hair. 
Scene 2:  Lee Webber waits by the limousine in front of the Peyton Place 
          Bank Building entrance.  Adrienne gets in the limousine and 
          talks with Peyton.  He says she can't have her cake and eat it 
          too.  He threatens to call off the wedding two days before the 
          ceremony.  He says that he still has Phillip's letter.  She is 
          not to speak to Steven, again.  Peyton says, "Drive us home, 
          Webber."  Lee says, "Yes sir." 
Scene 3:  Rodney is shining his shoes in the garage as Dr. Rossi comes 
          in.  Rossi says that Rita is in the most critical phase of her 
          pregnancy.  Rossi asks Rodney to act as a buffer between Norman 
          and Eddie.  Rodney wants Rossi to talk with Eddie.  As Rossi is 
          preparing to leave, Eddie comes in and announces that he has 
          finally gotten around to opening a checking account.  He makes 
          a second payment for his jalopy.  Eddie offers to buy Rodney a 
          drink, then he said both.  Rossi declines and suggests Rodney.  
          Rodney declines also.  Rossi leaves.  Eddie says he got off on 
          the wrong foot with Rossi. 
Scene 4:  Rita is using a sewing machine as Norman comes in the 
          apartment.  She is making a cover for the bassinet.  Norman 
          asks how much the bassinet set them back.  She says that it was 
          given them by Constance.  It had belonged to Matthew.  Norman 
          tells her about the string and ring test to determine if a baby 
          will be a boy or a girl.  It is a circle.  Norman can't 
          remember which it means.  He puts the ring back on her finger.  
          Norman feels up Rita.  From the landing at the top of the 
          stairs, Eddie calls, "Anybody home?  Angel?"  They don't answer 
          and Eddie goes back down the stairs.  Rita and Norman kiss and 
          give each other a guilty look. 
Scene 5:  At the Colonial Post Inn, the unidentified bartender, [possibly 
          Fred], serves Leslie a drink as Eddie walks up and orders a 
          brew.  Leslie suggests they go over to a table and talk.  
          Leslie asks why Eddie hasn't kept in touch.  Eddie talks about 
          the ride he and Lee took.  Eddie thinks that Lee would do the 
          evil deed for them.  Leslie reminds Eddie that there are only 
          48 hours before the wedding.  Leslie says, "Act now, alone."  
          Eddie gets up and leaves. 
          Steven walks up and orders a martini.  Leslie complains to 
          Steven about the impending marriage.  Leslie tells the 
          bartender to put Steven's drink on his tab.  Steven doesn't 
          want to talk about it.  Steven goes back to his table.  The 
          bartender asks Leslie if he wants his drink freshened.  Leslie 
          says, "Not yet." 
Scene 6:  A shadowy figure, Eddie, wearing gloves and holding a 
          flashlight, opens the trunk of the limousine, and removes a 
          Crescent ® wrench.  He closes the tool box and the trunk 
          lid, and goes around to the hood. 
Scene 7:  Adrienne walks up the stairs and into the bedroom of Martin 
          Peyton.  He stirs.  She takes the keys from his side table and 
          leaves.  She goes to open his desk and removes a "Personal" 
          divided folder and drops it on the floor.  As she stoops to 
          pick it up she is caught by Peyton.  She was looking for "the 
          letter."  Peyton says that what she did was foolish and that 
          she has forced his hand.  He will have to hurt her. 
Preview:  Steven grabs her chin and talks to Adrienne.  A speeding 
          motorcycle almost hits Martin Peyton.  Lee yells at him. 
          SC:  All I've ever seen is one act after another.  I don't know 
               what you're after this time.  One moment of honesty from 
               you could have changed a lot of things.  (Chin grab). 
          LW:  Mr. Peyton, look out.  (Eddie is watching).  Sir.  Sir, 
               you all right?  Mr. Peyton.  Mr. Peyton, are you all right 

Shoe last. 
Rossi visited the garage in scene 3 of this episode. 
Ten-inch Crescent® wrench.
Chin grab.  
Norman kisses Rita.