Episode 389.
11-27-67  Pre-empted for CAN YOU HEAR ME special.
          Peyton is almost hit by a motorcycle.
WA:       Adrienne Van Leyden has known for months that Martin Peyton has 
          has a letter from her late husband.  An incriminating letter.  
          A letter in which it states, according to Peyton, that Adrienne 
          was responsible for Dr. Van Leyden's death.  Tonight, she 
          determined to put an end to Martin Peyton's tyranny, his 
          incredible hold over her. 
Intro:    Adrienne opens Martin Peyton's desk.  She removes a folder 
          labeled "Personal."  She accidentally drops it on the floor 
          and Peyton places the tip of his cane on it. 
Scene 1:  Martin scolds Adrienne.  She says she has a right to see the 
          letter.  She says she has done his dirty work for him. 
Scene 2:  Rita is standing on the square as Eddie drives up in his old 
          jalopy, stopping in front of the Pillory.  He is in a hurry.  
          Rita warns he could get a ticket for going over 10 mph.  Rita 
          says she has digitalis.  She asks if he would like a pill.  It 
          will make him sleepy.  Eddie says he knew that she was home 
          when he came by last night and she didn't answer the door.  
          They chat for a while.  He drives off with the Crescent® 
          wrench in the back seat. 
Scene 3:  Rodney comes in the Cider Barrel to talk to Norman.  Rodney 
          said he thought Norman was brown-bagging it.  Norman said Rita 
          didn't have time to fix him a sandwich.  Rodney comes on 
          strong.  Like "Charlie's chili."  Norman tells about putting 
          his hand on Rita's stomach.  He could feel the baby.  He says 
          Rossi is worried about Rita.  They talk about Eddie cracking 
          Norman's rib.  Rodney offers to loan Norman his car so Norman 
          and Rita can take a trip. 
Scene 4:  Eddie drives out in the country.  He puts on his gloves and 
          takes the Crescent wrench out of the back seat.  He walks 
          across a field near the cemetary and skulks.  

Scene 5:  Lee drives the limousine up and parks.  Peyton gets out and 
          Webber asks if he would like for him to go with him.  Peyton 
          says that would spoil the view.  Peyton is almost hit by a 
          speeding motorcycle and falls down near a cross.  Webber helps 
          Martin up and over to a bench.  Lee offers to get Peyton a 
          drink of water.  Peyton talks about how his family all wish him 
          dead.  Peyton mentions what has happened in the few months that 
          Webber has been his chauffeur.  

          Peyton tells Webber that he and Mrs. Van Leyden will no longer 
          need Lee's services after the wedding.  Peyton says that if 
          Adrienne says that Lee must go, then Lee must go.  Peyton says 
          that Adrienne is a very clever woman.  Lee says that he can 
          handle Adrienne.  Peyton says that he will try to convince 
          Adrienne that Lee is indespensible.  Peyton asks for Lee's 
          total loyalty. 

Scene 6:  In the Peyton mansion, Adrienne runs to the door and admits 
          Steven.  She hugs him.  She had called for him saying it was 
          urgent.  She says she needs for him to hold her for a moment.  
          He says the moment if over.  They talk at great length.  She 
          talks about Dr. Van Leyden.  She says that she gave Dr. Van 
          Leyden everything he needed.  She cries.  Steven holds her 
          close.  Adrienne asks Steven not to leave.  He tells her not to 
          be afraid of Martin Peyton.  He says she will get respectability
          and revenue, all in one package.  Adrienne talks about looking 
          for "The Letter," and how Peyton caught her looking for it.  
          Steven grabs Adrienne's chin.  He tells her not to be disappointed 
          if he doesn't get her a wedding present.  He says that he 
          doesn't know what to get for someone who wants everything. 
Preview:  Adrienne talks to Constance.  Steven talks to Betty.  Leslie 
          talks to Eddie on the phone. 
          AVL: Why aren't you coming to the wedding?  You and your 
               husband were both invited, but you only accepted for your 
          SC:  I love you Betty.  You are the only person I'll ever love.  
               Our marriage is the only thing that has any meaning for 
          LH:  Everything we've worked for is on the line.  You know what 
               that means?  You don't have any more time.  You've got to 
               act now.  Tonight. 
Charlie-Frank London.
Back room of the Cider Barrel.
Motorcycle rider, never identified.
Ten-inch Crescent®.