Episode 390.
          Betty and Steven sign a property settlement.
WA:       Today, at least two people fear the approaching marriage of 
          Adrienne Van Leyden and Martin Peyton.  Adrienne herself, knows 
          that Peyton holds her responsible for her late husband's death, 
          and plans a life of fear and uncertainty as her punishment.  
          Eddie Jacks tries to cover his feelings.  He must kill Martin 
          Peyton before the marriage takes place tomorrow.  To Adrienne 
          and Eddie the real world of Rita and Norman Harrington seems 
          far away indeed. 

Intro:    [Waltz music in background].  Adrienne is walking in the 
          square.  Eddie Jacks drives up in front of the courthouse and 
          stops.  He looks back at Adrienne.  She goes to a bench by the 
          Pillory and sits down. 
Scene 1:  Walking down the stairs from the apartment, Norman, carrying 
          garden tools, tells Rita that someone is sitting on a bench in 
          the area where they plan to plant the flowers.  Norman and Rita 
          haven't met Adrienne yet, but Rita explains to Adrienne that 
          they don't have their own front yard.  Rita goes on to tell 
          Adrienne that Norman's grandfather is getting married.  She 
          realizes who Norman is.  She asks Rita and Norman to come to 
          the wedding.  Norman says that the Duchess and Duke of 
          Flappenstein are dropping by.  Adrienne says she understands 
          and stands up.  Rita apologizes for Norman's rudeness.  Norman 
          says it is not personal, that he doesn't get along with his 
          grandfather.  Eddie walks up and tells Norman not to be rude.  
          He apologizes to Adrienne for Norman.  Adrienne leaves.  Rita 
          asks Eddie to help plant the bulbs.  He complies.  
Scene 2:  Adrienne is walking across the street and Webber drives up in 
          the limousine almost hitting her.  He orders her to get in.  He 
          mentions the beach.  He insists that Peyton wants her to come 
          over to try on the wedding gown.  He ushers her in the car and 
          they drive off. 
Scene 3:  Betty is trying on a coat and scarf as she hears a knock on the 
          door.  Betty is still in room 6.  Rodney comes to asks Betty to 
          go skiing.  Another knock on the door.  Roy Slater, the 
          postman, brings Betty a registered letter.  He asks her name 
          and she signs.  He says the fact he has known her since she was 
          two, doesn't mean one thing to the U.S. Mail.  Slater leaves.  
          The envelope is from William Kennerly in Boston.  The property 
          settlement.  It appears to have a regular stamp and a special 
          delivery stamp.  They start to leave.  Betty goes back in and 
          opens her mail.  Attorney William Kennerly wants Steven and 
          Betty to come to the Peyton mansion that night to sign the 
          property settlement.  Betty says the skiing is off but they can 
          go for a drive. 

Scene 4:  In the Clarion, Elliot is working as Steven comes in.  Elliot 
          gives Steven a sheet of paper.  ARMISTICE headline in 
          corner.  Steven says that he is planning on getting away for a 
          while.  Roy Slater, the postman, has brought him a registered 
          letter.  He asks his name and Steven signs.  Slater leaves.  
          The letter is from William Kennerly, Sr., in Boston.  The 
          property settlement.  They talk briefly.  Evidently Steven had 
          planned on going skiing but he doesn't want to bump into Betty 
          and Rodney on the mountain.  Elliot says that Peyton place is a 
          lot more crowded than a mountain. 
Scene 5:  In the Book Gallery, Constance is tending Matthew.  Adrienne 
          comes in followed by Webber.  Adrienne asks him why he is 
          there.  He goes back out to the car.  Constance puts Matthew 
          back in the play pen.  Adrienne asks why Constance is not 
          coming to the wedding.  Adrienne says she really would like for 
          Constance to be there.  Constance says that Sundays are 
          reserved for Matthew.  Adrienne asks for a favor.  Give up this 
          Sunday with Matthew.  Constance says she will try to get a baby 
          sitter.  Lee comes back in to remind Adrienne that Peyton is 
          waiting for her. 
Scene 6:  Betty goes to the mansion and rings the chimes.  Steven and 
          Kennerly are in the livingroom.  Steven goes to the front door 
          and admits her.  He tells her that old Mr. Kennerly is in the 
          living room.  Kennerly greets her as Mrs. Cord and asks 
          her to sign the settlement.  Betty signs.  Steven signs the 
          settlement.  Kennerly apologizes to Betty for asking her to 
          come to the mansion, that it must hold bitter memories for her.  
          She says that it means nothing to her.  Steven gets Kennerly's 
          coat and hat and gives them to Kennerly.  The attorney leaves.  
          Steven asks Betty to think very carefully about what she is 
          going to do.  Steven says that their marriage was only two 
          years ago.  He has no feelings for Adrienne.  He tells her that 
          she is the only person he'll ever love.  Kennerly mentions 
          young attorney Robertson.  Kennerly has arthritis. 
Scene 7:  William Kennerly, Sr. is checking in the Inn as Leslie comes up 
          and greets him.  Harrington asks Robert, the desk clerk, for 
          his mail.  Leslie tries to pump Kennerly about Peyton.  

          Leslie goes to a pay phone in the lobby of the Inn and calls 
          the rooming house.  Eddie comes out of his room and answers the 
          pay phone in the hall.  Leslie says that he just ran into old 
          Bill Kennerly.  Leslie pressures Eddie again.  He must act now, 
          tonight, or the deal is off.  Eddie says that he'll do it. 
Preview:  Norman talks to Rita.  Rodney talks to Betty.  Adrienne fusses 
          with Lee Webber. 
          NH:  Maybe you'd better tell your mom what we're doing, cause 
               she's going to find out anyway.
          RJ:  It would just make more trouble.
          NH:  If I'm going to build up my relationship with your father, 
               you're not going to get off free. 
          RH:  You're going to see Steven aren't you?
          BA:  This is none of your business.  
          RH:  Stop playing games with me.
          BA:  I'm not telling you any more, Rod.  You're not my big 
               brother and you're not my husband. 
          AVL: I'm not going to put up with this any longer.  I'll see to 
               it that you're fired. 
          LW:  Sure, baby.

William Robert Kennerly, Sr.-Russell Thorson.
Roy Slater, postman-not credited.
Robert, desk clerk at the Colonial Post Inn-uncredited.
Property settlement.