Episode 391.

          Eddie tells Ada that he is sick.

WA:       Time is running out for Eddie Jacks.  Only a few minutes ago he 
          received a frantic phone call from Leslie Harrington.  The 
          message:  "End Martin Peyton's life tonight".  It must 
          be tonight.  Eddie's first step is to set up a time and place 
          alibi.  He must set it up with someone who would never try to 
          protect him or lie for him.  Ada Jacks, the wife Eddie deserted 
          many years ago. 

Intro:    The wharf.  Eddie comes out of the boarding house and walks 
          down the stairs and heads for Ada Jacks Tavern. 

Scene 1:  Eddie comes in the tavern and tells Ada that he doesn't feel 
          well.  He may have the flu.  Ada tells him to go home.  He says 
          he can't afford the night off.  That he'll work til his break 
          at 9:00.  She asks if he has a fever.  She says she doesn't 
          want him giving anything to her customers.  She says that she 
          got by for 18 years without him. 

Scene 2:  Peyton is in his upstairs sitting room as there is a knock on 
          the door.  Adrienne comes in.  Peyton tells her that he has 
          gotten several notes from people who will be unable to attend 
          the wedding.  Peyton tells her that he has decided that they 
          should leave Peyton Place. He says that she would probably like 
          an apartment facing the park.  He talked to his attorney and 
          found an apartment.  The one where she and Dr. Van Leyden 
          lived.  She is aghast.  Peyton says that he has already signed 
          the lease.  Peyton says that for him it is a tastefully 
          decorated apartment.  She asks permission to go to her room.  
          She is wearing her wedding gown.  Peyton tells her it is bad 
          luck for the groom to see the wedding dress.  She says that he 
          won't have bad luck. 

Scene 3:  Lee Webber comes in the front door carrying a large bouquet of 
          flowers.  Peyton tells Lee that he wants him to stay at the 
          mansion that night.  Peyton tells his that his duties will 
          change and expand.  Lee mentions the time when the motorcycle 
          almost ran over Peyton.  Peyton says he needs for Lee to go to 
          New York with him.  Peyton tells Lee that he has rented the old 
          Van Leyden apartment.  Peyton wants Lee to get familiar with 
          his medications.  Lee wants details but Peyton won't expand.  
          Lee leaves. 

Scene 4:  Norman is in the apartment wearing a ski mask.  He reads a list 
          of the things that they will be taking when they go camping.  
          Norman mentions that Rita is pregnant.  Norman asks who they 
          should take with them.  Norman suggests Eddie Jacks.  Rita asks 
          if he is serious.  Rita says that it would be very nice if they 
          invited him.  Norman says that they should tell Ada first.  
          Rita thanks Norman for thinking about Eddie.  

Scene 5:  Back at the mansion Adrienne is in the livingroom looking at 
          all the flowers.   She looks at the picture of Betty over the 
          mantle and has thoughts like Hannah did looking at the picture 
          of Catherine.  Adrienne tells Lee to take the portrait down.  
          Lee explains that he only takes orders from Peyton.  Lee 
          suggests that she ask Peyton.  She orders him out of the house.  
          She tries to slap him but he catches her arm.  Lee tells her 
          that he is going to keep an eye on the wedding gifts. 

Scene 6:  Meanwhile, back at the tavern, Eddie is coughing and putting on 
          a show.  He tells one of the lady customers to let Ada know 
          that he is leaving.  Rita comes in with Norman and intercepts 
          Eddie.  The lady tells Rita how Eddie has been coughing.  Rita 
          insists that Eddie comes home with them.  Eddie says that he 
          will be all right in the morning.  Eddie reluctantly goes with 
          Rita and Norman to their apartment. 

Scene 7:  At the Colonial Post Inn.  The desk clerk, Walter, calls to 
          Betty who is walking by and tells her she has a telephone call.  
          She goes over to a table and picks up the phone.  She tells 
          Rodney that she doesn't want to talk with him.  Leslie walks up 
          and speaks to Betty.  Betty doesn't want to talk with him 
          either.  Leslie tells Walter that he will be in the bar. 

Scene 8.  The phone rings in the mansion and Adrienne answers.  Betty 
          tells her she wants to talk with her that night.  Adrienne says 
          that "we  brides need our beauty sleep."  Rodney walks up and 
          tries to talk with Betty.  Betty tells him to let go of her.  
          Betty says, "You're not my big brother and you're not my 

Scene 9.  Back at the apartment, Eddie gets up and arranges the pillows 
          to make it look like someone is in the bed.  He slips out and 
          heads toward the mansion.   

Preview:  Steven talks to Ada.  Lee talks with Martin Peyton.  AVL talks 
          with Betty. 

          SC:  What is it Ada?  What's the secret.  There've got to be 
               two people in this town who are making it. 

          LW:  A rotten dame is a rotten dame and the ...
          MP:  All right, that's enough, Lee.
          LW:  You really play it close to the vest don't you?

          AVL: A man who's been turned down that many times.  Doesn't 
               exactly turn sour.  He's mine.  I know he's mine.  Get