Episode 392.
          Adrienne plummets down the stairs. 

WA:       Tonight, Eddie Jacks is a cornered man.  Cornered by the 
          kindness of his daughter Rita, who has insisted on taking care 
          of him while he suffers from a heavy cold.  A cold, Eddie faked 
          in order to leave his job [bartender] early and carry out an 
          extraordinary mission.  
          Rita has been truly concerned about Eddie, and her efforts to 
          take care of him represent her first chance to show him that 
          she accepts him completely as her father.  She has fought hard 
          to build an atmosphere like this.  A place where Eddie could 
          Now finding him gone, Rita can only assume that Eddie has 
          walked out on her.  She has no way of knowing that Eddie left 
          the apartment, to enter the home of Martin Peyton. 
Intro:    The square, Eddie slipping out of the apartment. 
Scene 1:  Steven Cord is drowning his sorrows at Ada Jacks' Tavern as the 
          telephone rings.  Ada answers the phone and talks with Leslie 
          Harrington.  Ada asks what she can do for him.  Leslie asks if 
          Norman and Rita are there.  He is told that Rita and Norman 
          took Eddie home with them because he was sick.  He thanks her 
          and hangs up.  

          Ada goes over and tells Steven that this is his last drink and 
          that he should either go home or to the Inn.  She asks how his 
          marriage is.  He asks her to sit down and entertain him.  
          Steven says, "Somewhere there've got to be a couple who are 
          making it."  Ada asks Steven how his marriage is.  She admits 
          that technically, she is still married.  She worked for Eddie 
          when he owned the joint. 

Scene 2:  Lee Webber comes in Peyton's bedroom and brings him a roast 
          beef sandwich, a glass of milk, salt and pepper on a tray.  
          Peyton calls it a bachelor supper.  Peyton tells Lee about his 
          first wedding eve party.  Lee says, "A rotten dame is a rotten 
          Peyton says he was kidnapped by Fred Townsend and friends and 
          taken to a cave outside Boston.  It had been decorated like a 
          wake, with black wreaths and black candles.  Afterwards they 
          ate a whole roast pig.  It was quite a celebration.  Peyton 
          says that he bearly got to church the next morning.  Webber 
          tells Peyton that the night before he married Sandy, he went 
          out and got stoned.  

          Peyton tells Lee to open his desk and take out the case.  
          Peyton gives him a pocket watch that he had intended to give to 
          Rodney.  [Sandy returned the watch to Steven at the Peyton 
          mansion in episode 405 after Lee's death].  Lee says, "You 
          won't regret it."  Lee mentions his room over the garage. 
Scene 3:  Eddie goes in his room to get the Crescent® wrench, 
          avoiding getting his prints on it.  There is a knock on the 
          door and Eli comes in to chat.  He starts talking about how 
          cold it is.  Eddie fakes a cold and cough.  Eli mentions a rug 
          machine that might keep Eddie awake.  Eddie says it would take 
          more than that to keep him awake after working in the tavern.  
          Eddie leaves. 

Scene 4:  Betty enters the darkened Peyton mansion and is summoned by 
          Adrienne from the living room.  Adrienne is drinking in the 
          dark.  Betty suggests turning on the light, but Adrienne wants 
          it left off.  Betty asks Adrienne if she is getting married in 
          white.  She tells Adrienne that Peyton allowed her to wear 
          white when she married Steven.  The ladies swap barbs.  Betty 
          says that Steven has called her a professional 
Scene 5:  Adrienne gets up from her chair in the livingroom and starts up 
          the stairs.  Betty says that Steven called her a professional 
          liar.  Betty follows her up the stairs.  Adrienne turns around 
          and hits Betty, losing losing her balance.  Adrienne plummets 
          down the stairs, and begins to assume room temperature. 

          Betty checks to see if Adrienne is still alive and hurries out 
          the front door.  Eddie sees her leave, notices her black hair, 
          but does not recognize her. 
Preview:  Inside the front door of the mansion, Lee confronts Eddie.  
          Steven talk on the phone to Martin Peyton.  Norman talks to Dr. 
          LW:  This is from the car.  My tool box.  How did you get it?  
               What are you doing with my wrench?

          SC:  You know it might not be a wise idea to let anyone to 
               think you weren't concerned.  Concerned enough to explore 
               every possible avenue to discover actually what happened. 

          NH:  If we lose the baby, it'll wreck Rita's life.  I want 
               this baby.  Me.  I want it.
Fred Townsend, boyhood friend of Peyton.
Ten-inch Crescent® wrench.
Room over the garage.