Episode 393.
          Rita collapses at seeing her father being taken to the police 
WA:       To Eddie, the flight of Steven Cord's wife, Betty, from the 
          Peyton house is a matter of relatively minor importance.  
          Perhaps there has been some kind of crisis among the women, in 
          anticipation of the wedding of Martin Peyton to Adrienne Van 
          Leyden.  Or some sort of emotional confrontation between Betty, 
          who lived in this house until recently, and Peyton himself.  
          Eddie has agreed with Leslie Harrington that the most effective 
          way to prevent the wedding from taking place and therefore end 
          any possibility that the old man will make a significant change 
          in his last will and testament is to cut short the old man's 
          life.  At this moment, Eddie is on the outside looking in.  He 
          has spent most of his life like this.  But now he must force 
          his way in.  For Eddie Jacks, the chips are down.  His bold 
          intrusion into the mansion is the closest yet that anyone has 
          come to hitting back.  To punishing the man who sat in this 
          livingroom and twisted and turned the lives of those who 
          concerned him.  Suddenly a question forms in Eddie's mind, "Can 
          anyone truly hit back at Martin Peyton?" 
Intro:    Eddie Jacks is skulking outside the mansion and sees Betty 
          Anderson Cord run out the front door but he doesn't recognize 
          her.  He does notice her black hair, however.  He goes around 
          and slips in the back door. 

Scene 1:  Peyton hears a noise and calls, "Who is it?  Who's there?"  He 
          then calls to Webber.  Webber comes in and grabs Eddie Jacks in 
          the entry hall.  Peyton comes down the stairs and catches sight 
          of Adrienne at the foot of the stairs.  Peyton says, "She's dead."  
          Lee demands of Eddie, "This is from the car.  My toolbox.  
          How did you get it?  What are you doing with my wrench?"  
          Peyton tells Lee to call the police.  Lee calls the police 
          station and talks with police Sgt. William Wilson Walker.  
          Walker asks what the problem is.  Lee says there is no problem, 
          just murder.  Lee orders Eddie to remove his right glove and 
          hands the Crescent® wrench to him to get his finger prints 
          on it.  Peyton looks on in astonishment. 

Scene 2:  An ambulance and two police cars are in front of the mansion.  
          Steven drives up and goes in the house.  The ambulance driver 
          and helper cover Adrienne as Steven comes in.  Steven pulls 
          back the sheet to reveal Adrienne Van Leyden's face.  Steven 
          asks what happened.  Peyton said that he heard her fall and he 
          looked over to see Eddie Jacks holding a Crescent® wrench.  
          Peyton says, "My fiancée is dead.  There was a noise.  A 
          sound that must have been poor Adrienne's body falling."  Eddie 
          claims that he came there to warn Martin Peyton.  Sgt. William 
          Wilson, Sgt. Edward Goddard, and another policeman take Eddie 
          into custody.  Goddard says that they have to take him in.  He 
          will be arraigned in the morning.  Eddie asks Steven to 
          represent him.  Steven won't commit himself yet, but he will 
          accompany him to the police station.  Peyton says, "I would 
          think twice about representing an ex-convict."  The police load 
          Eddie into the back seat of a police car and Steven gets in the 
          front.  The police leave with siren blaring, even though it is 
          no longer an emergency. 

Scene 3:  In the apartment, Rita and Norman are discussing Eddie.  Rita 
          says that Eddie is not coming back.  Norman wants Rita to get 
          some sleep.  She says she called the Tavern, the boarding 
          house, and the Bar at the Inn.  Rita says that she has a funny 
          feeling that something is wrong.  Norman tells her to lie down.  
          Rita calls to Norman and tells him that it is snowing.  Norman 
          says, "Maybe Eddie Jacks is Jack Frost."  They hear the police 
          siren which is still blaring.  She sees looks out the apartment 
          window and sees her father being taken into the police station.  
          She is in her housecoat, not dressed warm enough to go outside, 
          but runs to the door, down the stairs, and collapses.  Norman 
          picks her up and lugs her back up to the apartment.  Norman 
          places a phone call to Dr. Rossi, head of the hospital.  He 
          dials only 6 digits. 
Scene 4:  Steven Cord is admitted to Eddie's cell.  Eddie places an order 
          with the jailer for two cups of coffee.  [Eddie has apparently 
          mistaken the Peyton County jail for MacDonalds®.]  Steven 
          says that this isn't a social call.  He tells Eddie that 
          Adrienne is dead and that he has been charged with her murder.  
          Steven says that they don't hang murderers in this state.  They 
          electrocute them.  Eddie said he was hiding in the bushes.  [By 
          the unbiased account of others, he was skulking].  Eddie said 
          that he saw the mansion door open and a dark-haired dame come 
          running out.  He suddenly realizes it could be Betty.  Eddie 
          offers to shake Steven's hand.  Steven ignores the gesture. 
Scene 5:  Steven leaves and goes to a white pay phone in a booth in the 
          police station booking room.  He sits down, closes the door, 
          and calls Martin Peyton.  Steven tells the old man that Eddie 
          wants Peyton to come to the police station.  Peyton tells 
          Steven that he doesn't care to see Eddie.  Steven says, "It 
          might not be a wise Idea to let anyone to think you aren't 
Scene 6:  In the apartment, Norman is watching as Dr. Rossi places the 
          stethescope above Rita's right boobie and listens to her 
          heartbeat.  Rita rambles on while Rossi tries to examine her.  
          Rossi tells Rita that Eddie has a hot temper.  Rossi says that 
          he would like to admit Rita to the hospital.  He tells her to 
          put on something warm.  Rossi talks privately with Norman about 
          Rita's condition.  Norman says, "I want this baby.  Me.  I want 
Preview:  Betty talks with Steven.  Rodney talks with Norman.  Steven 
          talks to Leslie Harrington. 
          BA:  A marriage doesn't end that easily.  You can't help 
               looking back.  You look back and you wonder.
          RH:  You want to finish Rita?  You want to punish her for 
               caring about her own father? 
          NH:  I'd get him.  Somehow I'd make him pay for what he'd done 
               to her. 
          SC:  I said that Adrienne was dead.  You don't seem too 
               shocked.  They have arrested Eddie Jacks on suspicion of 
Eddie skulks.  
Entry hall, foyer.
Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker-Morris Buchanan.
Police Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.
Another policeman.