Episode 394.

          Eddie Jacks is arrested.
WA:       Tonight, a tragedy in the Peyton house, and across town a 
          shockwave of reaction.  Rita Harrington is being taken to 
          Doctors Hospital in the care of Dr. Michael Rossi after she 
          collapsed in the square and fell into the arms of her husband, 
          Norman.  Rita saw her father, Eddie Jacks, get out of a police 
          car across the way at the courthouse.  Eddie was handcuffed to 
          a policeman.  Rita instinctively rushed outside, ran across the 
          snow covered square, trying to intercept her father, trying to 
          understand what had happened.  Then she collapsed. 
Intro:    Ambulance on the square.  Norman, Rita, and Rossi walking down 
          the stairs from the apartment.  Rita is put in the ambulance 
          which is by the stairs.  It backs around the corner then turns 
          left in front of the bank building.  The hospital emergency 
          entrance must be on the opposite side from the secondary people 
          entrance on Glover street.  The stairs are only a half block 
          from the hospital. 
Scene 1:  In the mansion, Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker telephones 
          Elliot Carson with the news about Adrienne Van Leyden, and that 
          Eddie Jacks has been arrested.  Elliot is talking on the white 
          phone in the bedroom.  Constance hears part of the conversation 
          and is visibly upset.  She asks a plethora of questions.  
          Constance says that Adrienne is much too young to die.  Elliot 
          gets dressed to go to the police station.  He kisses Constance 
          and leaves. 
Scene 2:  Rossi is examining Rita in her hospital room.  He is using one 
          of those stethescopes that doctors put against their foreheads 
          and against the mother's stomach.  He is listening to the 
          baby's heartbeat.  Rossi orders Rita to bed. 
Scene 3:  In the hall, Rossi instructs Norman and Rodney not to tell Rita 
          about Eddie or Adrienne.  Eddie will be arraigned in the 
          morning. [Dr. Fielding is paged to emergency]. 
Scene 4:  Norman goes in to see Rita.  He tells her that Rossi said the 
          baby will be fine if she gets a lot of rest.  Rita asks about 
          Eddie.  Norman says that there was a mis-understanding with the 
          White River vice squad picked him up for shooting craps.  
          Norman uses the expression, "Baby needs a new pair of shoes."  
          Norman tells Rossi that his story seemed to satisfy Rita.  
          Norman goes back out in the corridor and talks with Rossi and 
          Rodney again. 
Scene 5:  Rita sits up and starts to make a phone call.  Rossi comes in 
          before she completes the call.  Rossi says that she must get 
          complete rest including no phone calls and no sitting up.  He 
          gives her a pill to take and tells her to drink all the water. 
Scene 6:  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker and a detective are in the 
          mansion conducting a preliminary investigation.  Lee fusses at 
          them for not having completed their work yet.  

          Lee goes upstairs and knocks on Peyton's bedroom door.  Peyton 
          tells Lee to come in his room and asks for a brown pill.  Lee 
          tells him he is supposed to take them after breakfast.  Peyton 
          wants it now.  Lee complains to Peyton about the noisy police.  
          Peyton says he is glad that Eddie is in jail.  Peyton asks why 
          Adrienne is dead.  Peyton says that Eddie came to the house to 
          kill him, and that Lee would have been charged with the murder.  
          Lee offers to do anything that Peyton wants done.  Peyton says, 
          "Thank you, Lee." 
Scene 7:  Leslie comes down from his room in the Inn.  The bartender, 
          Fred, not wearing the green jacket, speaks to Leslie and offers 
          him a cup of coffee since it is after legal drinking hours. 
          [2:00 a.m.]   

          Steven comes in and informs Leslie of the death of Adrienne Van 
          Leyden.  Steven asks Leslie why he didn't ask how it happened.  
          Steven asks what brought on the insomnia.  Steven says that he 
          is on the way upstairs, to tell his wife, Betty.  Steven starts 
Scene 8:  Wearing a white nightie, Betty is trying to sleep as Steven 
          pounds on the door.  She lets him in and he informs her about 
          Adrienne's death.  Steven asks her if she went out that 
          evening.  She says for a while.  She is evasive. 
Preview:  Eddie talks to Peyton.  Rita talks with Ada about Eddie.  
          Norman talks to Eddie in his jail cell. 
          EJ:  A promissory note.  Harrington promises to pay me 50,000 
               and its got his big fat signature on it, too. 
          RJ:  Why are you lying to me?  I hate that.  You promised me 
               that all the lying was over. 
          AJ:  Your father killed someone.  [not true].
          NH:  Let me tell you something.  If anything happens to Rita or 
               the baby, somebody else is going to get hurt. 
Fred Draper, bartender at the Inn-Fred Draper.
White River vice squad.