Episode 395.

          Eddie Jacks is arraigned.
WA:       Last night, just a few hours before she was to become Mrs. 
          Martin Peyton, Adrienne Van Leyden was found dead in the Peyton 
          house.  Eddie Jacks was discovered bending over Adrienne's 
          body, was arrested, and charged with suspicion of murder.  It 
          is the conclusion that Eddie Jacks had no reason to kill 
          Adrienne, that has brought Martin Peyton to Eddie's cell. 

Intro:    The limousine drives up in front of the courthouse.  Lee Webber 
          helps Martin Peyton out and up the steps. 
Scene 1:  Peyton is led to the door of Eddie's cell by the jailer.  
          [Interesting camera shot through a jail door keyhole.] Peyton 
          tells the jailer that he won't be long.  Eddie greets Peyton.  
          Peyton asks Eddie why he asked him to come to his cell.  Eddie 
          tells Peyton that Adrienne was dead when he first saw her.  He 
          says that they don't have a case against him.  Eddie tells 
          Peyton that he wants to make a deal.  He says to Peyton, "A 
          promissory note.  Harrington promises to pay me $50,000 and its 
          got his big fat signature on it, too." Eddie says that he never 
          intended to harm Peyton.  The jailer returns and lets Peyton 
Scene 2:  There is a knock on the door of Betty Anderson's room at the 
          Colonial Post Inn.  Clarion Headline:  "PEYTON'S FIANCÉE DIES."  
          Elliot has come to visit with Betty.  Betty tells Elliot that 
          she is worried about Rita Harrington.  Elliot tells Betty that 
          there will be a hearing.  Betty asks about bail.  Elliot says 
          that bail will probably be a problem.  Betty says that they 
          can't put an innocent man in jail.  Elliot reminds her that 
          they put him in jail for 18 years.  Elliot says that there 
          isn't anything he can do to get Eddie out of jail.  Betty 
          allows that Elliot should be sympathetic to a man in a situation 
          like he was.   

Scene 3:  Leslie comes to the mansion to convey his sympathies to Martin 
          Peyton over the death of his fiancée, Adrienne.  He offers 
          to take care of the arrangements for Adrienne's funeral.  Peyton 
          thanks him but says that the funeral is his responsibility.  
          Peyton asks Leslie if he knows Eddie Jacks.  Leslie denies 
          knowing him well.  He does say that they are related through 
          Rita.  Peyton says that he doesn't understand why Steven would 
          take Eddie's case.  Peyton says he is tired and excuses Leslie.  
          Peyton starts up the stairs.  

scene 4:  Ada and Norman go to the hospital to visit with Rita.  Dr. Rossi 
          comes out of Rita's room and speaks briefly with Ada and Norman.  
          Rossi tells them not ot stay long with Rita and to be cheerful 
          while they are there.  Ada and Norman go in to visit Rita.  Ada 
          and Norman try to make Rita think Eddie was arrested on gambling 
          charges.  Rita says, "What's going on.  Why are you lying to me?  
          I hate that.  You promised me that all the lying was over."  
          Norman tells Rita that she should not get upset.  Ada finally 
          admits, "Your father killed someone.  Rita is naturally upset 
          at this news.  

Scene 5:  Steven goes to the mansion to talk with Peyton.  He goes in the 
          front door and up the stairs.  He knocks on Peyton's bedroom 
          door.  Peyton tells him to come in.  Steven talks with Peyton 
          about representing Eddie Jacks.  Steven asks Peyton what Eddie 
          told him while Peyton visited him in jail.  Steven tells Peyton 
          that Adrienne would not have gone through with the marriage if 
          it had not been for a threat of something that Peyton held over 
          her.  Steven insists that he wants to know what Eddie told 
          Peyton.  Peyton says it is strange that Steven's client doesn't 
          trust him.  Steven leaves. 

Scene 6:  Norman goes to the courthouse to visit Eddie in his cell.  
          Norman tells Eddie that Rita heard him sneak out.  And that 
          Rita saw him when he was being taken into the jail.  Norman 
          tells Eddie that Rita is in the hospital.  That Rita ran out of 
          the house when she saw him being taken into the courthouse.  
          Norman asks Eddie what he was doing at the Peyton house with a 
          wrench in his hand.  Norman says that he promised Rita that he 
          would help get Eddie out of jail.  Norman says that he will 
          never believe anything that Eddie says.  He tells Eddie that he 
          is responsible for Rita being in the hospital.  Norman says, 
          "Let me tell you something.  If anything happens to Rita or the 
          baby, somebody else is going to get hurt."  Steven shows up and 
          tells them that the arraignment is in five minutes.  Norman and 
          Steven leave.  

Preview:  Betty talks with Peyton.  Norman talks  Eddie talks to Peyton. 

          BA:  I have to go to the police.
          MP:  You can't Betty.
          BA:  I can't help myself.
          NH:  Well, I'm supposed to have a lifetime association with my 
               wife.  And I don't want anything to happen to her. 
          LH:  She's in good hands, Norman.
          NH:  She's in my hands, and I made a promise to her.

          EJ:  You're not the supreme court, Mr. Peyton.  So lay off the 
               judgment.  I've already named my price for that note.  
               Just put it on the line.