Episode 396.
          Norman asks Leslie to bail out Eddie Jacks.
WA:       Today, on what was to have been Martin Peyton's wedding day, 
          young Norman Harrington has a desperate mission.  He is 
          determined to raise bail for Eddie Jacks, his wife's father who 
          is about to be formally charged with suspicion of murder in 
          connection with the death of Peyton's fiancée, Adrienne 
          Van Leyden. 

Intro:    Norman walks over to the Colonial Post Inn to talk with his 

Scene 1:  Norman goes to Leslie's room at the Colonial Post Inn.  Norman 
          is invited in and says he needs to asks a favor.  Norman says 
          he needs money.  Leslie says he is glad to help.  He pulls out 
          his billfold and says, "Say when."  Norman says that he may 
          need 10 or 20 thousand as ten percent down payment on bail for 
          Eddie Jacks.  The bail may be as high as 200 thousand dollars.  
          Norman says that he made a promise to Rita to get Eddie out of 
          jail.  Norman says that he wished he had never seen Eddie.  
          Leslie asks how Eddie is taking being in jail.  Leslie mentions 
          how his association with Jack Chandler had bothered Rodney and 
          Norman.  Leslie makes one condition for putting up bail for 
          Eddie.  Eddie must come directly to the mill when he gets out. 

Scene 2:  The arraignment for Eddie Jacks is held in Judge Chester's 
          chambers.  Steven Cord enters a plea of not guilty for 
          his client.  Assistant D.A. Jerry Carter has no objection to 
          Eddie Jacks being released on bail.  The preliminary hearing is 
          set for the 14th of the month at 9:00 a.m.  Steven tells Eddie 
          in no uncertain terms to be there on time.  Peyton offers to 
          put up the bail for Eddie right then.  Steven tells Peyton that 
          bail has already been guaranteed by Leslie Harrington.  Peyton 
          is somewhat surprised.  Elliot talks with Steven and expresses 
          concern that Steven allowed Eddie to talk with Peyton.  Peyton 
          talks with Eddie.  Peyton promises to give Eddie fifty thousand 
          dollars.  Eddie wants the money in his hand before he turns 
          over the note to Peyton.  Peyton tells Eddie not to play both 
          ends against the middle. 

Scene 3:  Under false pretenses, Leslie gets Mrs. Hewitt to admit him to 
          Eddie Jacks' room.  Actually Leslie is there to look for the 50 
          thousand dollar note.  Mrs. Hewitt tells him to leave the door 
          open and to close it when he leaves.  Much to Leslie's 
          displeasure, Eli Carson shows up, interrupting the search for 
          the note.  Leslie tells Eli that he put up bail for Eddie 
          Jacks.  Leslie says he was there to see Eddie.  Eli offers to 
          give any message to Eddie.  Leslie says it wasn't important.  
          They both leave.  

Scene 4:  Eddie, in a real nice looking clean suit, goes to visit Rita in 
          her room at Doctors Hospital.  Rita asks Eddie how he is.  He 
          tells Rita that Norman was real nice to him.  Eddie tells Rita 
          not to worry.  The whole thing was trumped up.  He asks Rita 
          why she ran out in the snow.  Eddie tells her that it was 5 
          degrees below zero.  Eddie tells her that he visited with 
          Peyton.  He told the old man that he should not cut Rita out of 
          his will.  Rita says that she couldn't believe that Eddie could 
          ever kill anybody.  Rita fusses at him for lying to her when he 
          told her he was sick.  Rita says that she doesn't know what to 
          believe.  Eddie tells her to try to understand.  He says that 
          everything will turn out fine.  Eddie kisses her, tells her 
          that he loves her, and leaves. 

Scene 5:  Peyton goes to the Inn to visit with Betty in her room.  Betty 
          tells him that she thought about taking a drive just to avoid 
          hearing a knock on the door.  Peyton tells her that he knows 
          that she was with Adrienne just before she died.  Peyton asks 
          her what happened.  Betty says that she had to know what had 
          gone on between Adrienne and Steven.  Betty tells about the 
          argument with Adrienne and how she fell.  Betty says that she 
          is going to the police.  Peyton tells her not to go to the 
          police.  Not to say anything.  She must not say anything.  
          Eddie will not go to trial and she won't either.  But she must 
          not give a statement.  He will protect her.  Peyton promises 
          that everything will be all right.  Peyton insists that 
          Adrienne's death was an accident.  

Scene 6:  In his office at the mill, Leslie is examining a bolt of cloth 
          as Eddie Jacks knocks.  Leslie tells him to come in.  Eddie is 
          there to fulfill the agreement that Norman made with Leslie.  
          Eddie mentions that he makes $128 per week.  Leslie throws the 
          bolt of cloth at him.  They argue.  Leslie says he wants the 
          note.  Leslie says that the note had better be on his desk ten 
          minutes after the bank opens on Monday morning.  Eddie promises 
          to be there.  He starts to leave and throws the bolt of cloth 
          back at Leslie.  Then he leaves. 

Preview:  Peyton talks to Steven.  Leslie talks to Eddie.  Rodney talks 
          with Betty. 

          MP:  You've doomed yourself to envy and hate, Steven.  Because 
               you are afraid your life would have no meaning without 

          LH:  My office, first thing this morning with that note, 
               remember?  That ice, you're skating on, it's beginning to 
               crack.  And you're going to go under if you don't give 
               that note. 

          RH:  Why you Betty?
          BA:  The fact that she took my husband away from me.  There is 
               a certain bond in that. 
          RH:  Betty.
          BA:  What do you want me to say?
          RH:  The truth.