Episode 397.
12-25-67  Christmas.
          Adrienne is buried.

WA:       Adrienne Van Leyden has found her final resting place.  And now 
          it is left to the living to face the harsh reality of her 
          death.  Only one person knows the exact circumstances 
          surrounding that death, knows that Eddie Jacks has been wrongly 
          charged with Adrienne's murder.  Betty Cord.  What she does 
          with that knowledge will not only determine the course of her 
          life, but of all those close to her. 
Intro.    The cemetary.  Friends and acquaintances of Adrienne are 
          gathered around the grave.  Betty, Constance, Elliot, Steven, 
          Dr. Rossi, Peyton, Webber, and a minister.  Rodney drives up 
          and joins the mourners, standing beside Betty. 

Scene 1:  The minister is speaking at graveside. 

          Betty collapses into Rodney's arms.  He takes her to his car.  
          He asks her if she wants Dr. Rossi.  Rodney asks Betty if she 
          was at the Peyton house that night.  She denies it. 
Scene 2:  Mary opens the front door of the mansion and Peyton comes in 
          followed by Lee Webber.  William Kennerly, Sr. is waiting in 
          the living room.  Peyton calls him "Bill."  He tells Peyton 
          that he has deposited $50,000 in a bank in Boston in Norman and 
          Rita's name.  He gives Martin the receipt.  Eddie Jacks rings 
          the chimes and is admitted by Mary.  Lee Webber starts to shove 
          him out, but Peyton says to let him come in.  Kennerly and 
          Webber leave so that Peyton and Eddie can talk.  Eddie gives 
          Peyton the agreement between Leslie and himself.  $50,000 for 
          services to be rendered.  After a brief conversation, Eddie 
Scene 3:  Betty goes into the reception area of Doctors Hospital.  Miss 
          Choate is paged to pick up on line 4.  Betty asks Dr. Rossi if 
          Rita can have visitors.  She is intercepted by Rossi who tells 
          her to be up-beat when talking with Rita.  Dr. Rossi is paged 
          to pick up on line 3.  

          Betty goes in Rita's room and asks her how she feels.  Rita 
          tells Betty that they are spoiling her rotten.  Rita says she 
          wants a radio, but that Rossi won't let her have one.  Rita 
          says she doesn't want to get Betty in trouble.  Rita complains 
          that no one will tell her what is happening.  Rita is concerned 
          about her father.  Rita says, "He's not a killer, Betty.  He's 
          a con man."  Rita upsets Betty and she leaves hurridly.  Dr. 
          Fielding is paged. 
Scene 4:  In the Peyton living room, the portrait of Betty is hanging 
          above the fireplace.  Steven lets himself in the front door.  
          Steven goes over and sits on the stairs.  He calls to Mary.  He 
          tells her to get rid of the flowers.  She says she will.  
          Peyton comes in using two canes and Steven asks him if he is 
          all right.  Peyton says has some dirt on his shoe that he can't 
          get off.  He sits in the livingroom.  They talk a good while.  
          Steven asks if it was worth it?  Would Peyton have brought 
          Adrienne in this house?  Steven asks, "Was there any joy in his 
          victory over Adrienne?"  Steven pours a drink for himself and 

Scene 5:  Eddie comes in to see Rita.  He teaches her about the game of 
          Craps.  He explains the game. 

          Leslie comes in to see Rita.  Leslie asks how she is feeling.  
          Rita thanks Leslie for putting up bail for Eddie.  Eddie and 
          Leslie go out in the corridor.  Rossi walks up and speaks 
          briefly with Leslie and Eddie.  Rossi says there is no change 
          in Rita.  Miss Choate is paged to pick up on line 2. 
Scene 6:  Eddie and Rossi go in his office.  Leslie leaves a note with 
          miss Choate.  She spindles it.  Leslie leaves. 
Preview:  In the limousine, Martin talks with Leslie.  Steven talks with 
          Eddie.  Martin tells Lee to kill Leslie Harrington. 
          MP:  Leslie, I'm asking you to take over.  
          LH:  Look at me.  You're a lawyer.  What's the catch?
          SC:  Now just let me know if you want to switch lawyers.  I'll 
               be happy to oblige.  Get out of my office and don't try to 
               tell me how to handle my case. 
          MP:  I want you to make sure that he will leave me alone 
               forever.  Kill him. 

Minister at burial of Adrienne Van Leyden-uncredited.  
William "Bill" Kennerly, Sr.-Russell Thorson.