Episode 398.
          Peyton tells Webber to kill Leslie.

WA:       If Leslie Harrington were able to act with force, he would make 
          Eddie Jacks' return the written proof that Harrington employed 
          Eddie to commit murder.  But despite his anxiety, he can't.  
          All he can do is leave a message that it is vitally important 
          that Eddie come to Harrington's office as soon as he finishes 
          his meeting with Dr. Rossi.  What Harrington does not know, is 
          that he's already been betrayed by Eddie.  Martin Peyton is now 
          in possession of the document that proves that Leslie 
          Harrington employed Eddie Jacks to murder Peyton. 
Intro:    Leslie leaves a note with Miss Choate to give to Eddie Jacks.  
          She spindles it.  Leslie picks up his hat and goes out to the 
          Peyton limousine. 
Scene 1:  In front of Doctors Hospital, Peyton tells Leslie to get in the 
          limousine.  Leslie asks, "Do you feel all right, Martin?"  
          Peyton says that attorney Kennerly is in town and that he is 
          closing the mansion and leaving tomorrow for Boston.  Peyton tells 
          Leslie that he wants him to take over.  Not just the mill, his 
          properties and lands.  Leslie asks, "You're a lawyer.  What is the 
          catch?"  Peyton says that he wants out.  Kennerly will meet him at 
          9:00 that evening at the mill.  They talk a while and Leslie gets 
          out.  Lee Webber gets in the limousine and asks, "Where to sir?  
          Mr. Peyton, are you all right?  Whats the matter, sir."  Peyton 
          says, "Take me home.  Stop staring at me.  Take me home." 
Scene 2:  Leslie goes back inside to the Information Desk and asks miss 
          Choate to return the note he had giver her for Eddie.  He gets 
          it and tears it up. 
Scene 3:  Eddie drives his jalopy in front of the bank and gets out.  
          Eddie is detained by Rodney.  Rodney asks what he is to tell 
          Rita when she asks.  Rodney asks for Eddie's version of what 
          happened the night that Adrienne was killed.  He says that it 
          is for Rita.  Eddie says, "I will tell you one thing.  I'm no 
          murderer."  He tells Rodney that a woman left the house after 
          Adrienne fell.  Eddie says he can prove it.  He says to wait 
          until the hearing.  He said it was a young girl with long dark 

Scene 4:  Steven is in his office listening to a tape recording of himself.  
          Eddie is announced by miss Nolan and goes in to talks with Steven.  
          Eddie tells Steven that he never had a lawyer like Steven.  
          Steven asks if Eddie wants another lawyer.  He is making him 
          nervous.  Eddie mentions the dark-haired girl that he saw 
          leaving the mansion.

Scene 5:  Martin Peyton is sitting on the side of his bed in his upstairs 
          bedroom of the mansion.  Dr. Rossi is there to examine Peyton.  
          Lee Webber is there putting a shine on a pair of Martin Peyton's 
          shoes and listening to the conversation.  Peyton says Rossi 
          wanted revenge for Dr. Phillip Van Leyden's suicide.  Peyton 
          tells Webber to open the box and hand the letter to Dr. 
          Rossi.  Peyton says that Rossi's instincts about Adrienne were 
          entirely accurate.  Peyton said that fate was kind.  Rossi says 
          that he thinks Peyton knows more about Adrienne Van Leyden's 
          death than he is telling. Dialog 
Scene 6:  Downstairs in the entry hall, Rossi and Steven talk.  Rossi 
          says that Steven's mother had the right idea in trying to burn 
          down the house and getting away.  Steven says, "You mean Mrs. 
Scene 7:  Steven comes to call on Rodney at the Shoreline Garage.  Steven 
          is worried about Betty.  Steven asked why Rodney was talking to 
          Eddie Jacks.  Eddie should be free in no time.  Rodney tells 
          Steven that they both know that the dark haired girl 
          will turn out to be Betty.  Rodney asks Steven what he will do 
          if it turns out to be Betty.  Rodney says, "To free your client 
          you'll have to send Betty to prison." 
Scene 8:  Lee Webber starts up the stairs when he hears a noise.  Lee 
          asks Peyton what happened.  Peyton tells him, "Pick up that 
          mess and get out."  Peyton tells Lee that Eddie sold him the 
          incriminating paper.  Lee reads the letter.  Peyton confides to 
          Lee that there is no Santa Claus.  Peyton tells Lee Webber to 
          kill Harrington.  Peyton says that Leslie is waiting right now 
          at the mill.  Waiting for Peyton to sign over everything to 
          him.  Peyton says, "You'll be saving my life.  I'll give you 
          what ever you want.  You know your way around the mill.  You 
          won't have a motive.  You won't use a gun."  Lee says, "I don't 
          want very much."  Lee agrees to do what Peyton asks.  Lee tells 
          Peyton goodnight and leaves. 
Preview:  Peyton talks to Leslie Harrington on the phone.  Ada talks to 
          Eddie.  Steven talks to Betty. 
          MP:  Put a gun in your hand, squeeze the trigger, and destroy 
               the murderer of my granddaughter.
          AJ:  I want to know what I'm going to tell your daughter when 
               she asks why you jumped bail.  Why you didn't stay around 
               and deny you had anything to do with that woman's death. 

          SC:  You still care about us.  Maybe out of all this.  Betty, 
               we'll get back together.

Evidently Peyton expected Leslie and Lee to kill each other.