Episode 399.
          Eddie is kicked out of his rooming house and moves into Rita's room. 

WA:       Tonight, Lee Webber seized the opportunity to prove to Martin Peyton 
          that his loyalty is absolute.  Lee came upon a seemingly harassed, 
          cornered Peyton, forced the old man to confess a fear of Leslie 
          Harrington, and then demanded the chance to destroy that fear.  What 
          Lee failed to observe in Peyton's weakness was the fact that the 
          old man was manipulating him, carefully exploiting Lee's desperate 
          need to prove himself. 

Intro:    Lee Webber skulking around the mill in the dark.  Steven drives up 
          in his car and goes in the mill as a worker leaves.  Lee looks up 
          at Leslie's office window. 
Scene 1:  Steven goes to see Leslie in his office in the mill.  Leslie says 
          he is busy.  Leslie offers Steven a drink.  Steven asks why Leslie 
          put up bail for Eddie.  Leslie says that if Eddie were left in jail 
          it could affect Rita.  He tells Leslie that Eddie may jump bail.  
          Leslie says, "Why should you say that, you're his lawyer."  Leslie 
          tells Steven that Peyton and Kennerly are coming over that night to 
          the mill.  Steven says that he isn't leaving yet.  Steven asks what 
          the meeting is about.  Steven assumes that the meeting is about Eddie. 
Scene 2:  At the rooming house, Eddie is packing as Eli knocks.  Eli has come 
          in to annoy Eddie.  Eli says he wants to tell Eddie somethiing.  Eli 
          says it is a shame that he is being asked to move out.  Eli mentions 
          Hilda Kramer who lives downstairs.  Eddie plays with the dice.  
          Eddie puts on his hat and overcoat, tosses the pouch of dice on the 
          bed, picks up his suitcase, and goes out the door, saying, "Take Care."  
          Eli goes over and takes the pouch of dice off the bed. 
Scene 3:  In the Carson house, Elliot looks at his wrist watch as Constance 
          finally comes home.  She had said she would be gone for a half hour.  
          Constance explains that she had wandered around the square and then 
          decided to see a movie.  Then she went to the cemetary.  Steven was 
          there.  She talked to Steven about Adrienne. 
Scene 4:  Eddie Jacks goes to the Tavern.  Ada sees Eddie through the window 
          in the back room.  She goes out into the bar to talk with him.  He 
          is carrying a suitcase.  She asks where he will be living tomorrow.  
          Ada asks what she is supposed to tell Rita when he jumps bail.  He 
          says he is not running away.  He has been ousted from the rooming 
          house.  She says he can stay in Rita's room temporarily.  Eddie 
          takes off his overcoat, opens the bedroom door, and tosses it on the 

          He goes out in the Tavern, puts on his bartender's apron, and walks 
          behind the bar.  Elliot comes in the Tavern and comments that Eddie 
          is no killer.  He is a con man, a hustler.  Elliot says when he 
          moved into the rooming house when he got out of prison he got the 
          bum's rush in two days.  As Elliot is leaving he tosses Eddie the 
          pouch of dice.  Eddie tells Elliot to tell Eli, thanks. 

Scene 5:  Lee is skulking outside the mill as a man comes out of the mill, 
          gets in a car, and drives off.  

Scene 6:  In the mill office, Leslie receives a phone call from Martin Peyton.  
          Peyton says that he wants to warn Leslie about Lee.  He says that 
          Lee may be on his way to the mill.  Martin tells Leslie about the 
          piece of paper with Eddie Jacks' name on it.  Martin says that he 
          is prepared to give Leslie everything he wants.  Peyton says that 
          he wants Leslie to destroy the murderer of his grand-daughter.  Peyton 
          threatens to go to the police with the note.  Leslie says, "Go ahead." 
Scene 7:  Steven is watching a film of Eddie's interview with the police.  Eddie 
          is giving his statement about the dark-haired girl.  Betty enters the
          room.  Her reflection is seen on the film viewer.  Betty confesses to 
          Steven, her part in the death of Adrienne.  Steven said that he knew.  
          Betty says that she is sorry that she lied to him.  Betty gives the 
          details of her encounter with Adrienne Van Leyden.  Steven suggests 
          that she should have told him before.  Steven suggests that he and 
          Betty could get back together.  Betty asks when she should be at the 
          courthouse.  Steven tells her to be at the courthouse at 9:00 o'clock 
          the next morning. 
Scene 8:  Leslie sees Lee Webber's shadow in his office door window.  Lee comes 
          in and speaks to Leslie.  Lee tells Leslie that Peyton wants him to 
          drive Leslie over to the Inn.  Leslie asks why Lee is not in uniform.  
          He says he is going off duty.  Leslie turns his back and pulls out 
          his gun as Lee picks up a heavy sports trophy from Leslie's desk to 
          hit him.  Before Lee can hit him, Leslie spins around and shoots.  
          Lee falls to the floor.  [Lee does not expire at this time, as is 
          confirmed in the next episode.] 
Preview:  Rita talks to Rossi and Ada.  Constance talks to Elliot.  Eddie talks 
          with Ada. 
          RJ:  Oh, no,  I knew there was something wrong.
          MR:  Rita.
          RJ:  Oh, no.
          CM:  I can't turn my emotions on and off like a light switch, Elliot. 
          EC:  Face them.
          CM:  I'm trying.
          EC:  Are you?
          AJ:  $50,000?
          EJ:  Yeah.  Call it a two dollar ticket to win.
          AJ:  From Mr. Peyton.
          EJ:  You see.  You were all wrong about me all along.

Hilda Kramer, downstairs roomer, only mentioned.
Lee skulks at the mill.