Episode 400.
          Lee Webber is shot at the mill and later dies at the mansion. 

WA:       Tonight, Lee Webber takes his last few steps on a collision 
          course with the man Martin Peyton has fought for so many years, 
          Leslie Harrington.  A few minutes ago, Peyton phoned Harrington, 
          here at the mill office and told him that a disturbed and 
          uncontrollable Lee Webber was on his way determined to kill him.  
          Now Peyton sits in his "house on the hill," awaiting word that 
          will tell him that an enemy is dead, Lee Webber.  For it is Lee 
          Webber whom Peyton has set up.  A final punishment for the death 
          of Peyton's granddaughter, Ann Howard. 

Intro:    Lee is skulking in the darkness outside the Peyton mill.  Lee 
          comes into Leslie's office.  Leslie and Lee begin to chat. 
Scene 1:  Leslie asks Lee why he is not in uniform.  Harrington turns his 
          back, pulls a gun, turns back and fires at Lee.  Leslie picks 
          up the phone and tells the mill telephone operator to get him 
          the police.  He tells them a man broke into his office and he 
          shot him.  He tells them he believes Lee is dead.  Lee gets up, 
          picks up the gun, and points it at Leslie.  Leslie is terrified.  
          Lee gets up, opens the office door, goes out, closes the door and 
Scene 2:  Eddie goes to see Ada in her living quarters behind the Tavern.  
          He closes the curtains over the door to the living quarters.  
          Eddie gives her the bank deposit receipt.  He says, "Call it a 
          ticket to win."  Ada asks Eddie why Peyton gave him $50,000.  
          Eddie is evasive.  Ada says the reason Eddie gave her the 
          receipt is so he will be "clean."  Steven knocks on the back 
          door and Ada lets him in.  Steven announces to Eddie, "You're 
          clean."  He has found the dark-haired girl.  Eddie explains to 
          Ada about the dark haired girl.  Steven says, "My wife."  Eddie 
          says, "I'm free."  Eddie says they should go tell Rita. 
Scene 3:  In her hospital room, Rita is reading as Rossi comes in to visit.  
          He is wearing his suit, not his scrubs.  Rita asks him not to 
          talk about her father.  Then she asks about Rossi's father.  
          Rossi talks about his childhood memories of his father.  His 
          father wanted him to be an artist.  One day, Rossi brought home 
          drawings from the other kids.  His father then decided that 
          Michael should become a lawyer.  Rossi told him he wanted to be 
          a doctor.  He has a scholarship.  His father listened, turned, 
          went out of the room, and never spoke to him again.  His father's 
          brother had died of a burst appendix.  His father decided the 
          entire medical world was responsible for the death of his brother.  
          Rossi was 17 when he moved out.  

          There is a knock on the door and Eddie and Ada come in to visit.  
          Rita asks who is minding the store.  Ada tells her that "Jim" 
          is minding the Tavern.  [This is the only mention of "Jim."] 
Scene 4:  In the mansion, the phone rings.  Peyton picks up the phone.  
          Leslie tells him there has been an accident at the mill.  Police 
          Sergeant William Wilson Walker and officer Harry are waiting 
          in Leslie's office as he talks.  Leslie talks to Peyton on the 
          phone.  They have a very strange conversation.  They don't seem 
          to be on the same page. 
Scene 5:  Charlie is wiping a table as Elliot and Constance come into the 
          Cider Barrel cafe.  Elliot asks for two ciders.  Charlie asks, 
          "with or without?"  Elliot responds, "with."  He talks about 
          swashbuckling.  Constance says, "Let's go home, Elliot."  
          Elliot wants to know why she is so upset over the death of 
          Adrienne, someone she hardly knew. 
Scene 6:  In the livingroom of the Peyton house, a badly wounded Lee comes 
          in and asks, "Why?"  Martin says, "You need a doctor."  Peyton 
          says that he will call Dr. Rossi.  Lee strikes Peyton with his 
          own cane.  Peyton and Lee have a long conversation.  Lee points 
          the gun at Peyton.  Peyton says, "If my time has come, I'm ready." 

          Steven eases in and jumps Lee.  The gun discharges.  Lee falls to 
          the floor.  [This is the second time that Steven saved Martin 
          Peyton's life.]  Peyton pronounces Lee dead by saying, "He's dead.  
          You killed him, Steven.  You killed him." 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Leslie.  Steven talks to Peyton.  Leslie talks to 
          RH:  What were you doing in Ada Jacks' tonight?
          LH:  Have you been following me?
          RH:  Tell me, will you for once.  Just tell me.
          SC:  I didn't pull the trigger.
          MP:  Are you sure?
          SC:  The gun went off somehow.  It was an accident.
          MP:  Was it?
          LH:  The deal's off and I want that promissory note.  Up until a 
               few hours ago, I wouldn't have thought I could even handle 
               a gun.  Funny, the things you find out about yourself. 
MEL:      Eddie gives the bank receipt for $50,000 to Ada.  Leslie wants 
          the return of the promissory note for $50,000, but Eddie sold 
          it to Peyton for its face value of $50,000. 

Officer Harry, is seen in this episode and the previous one.
Jim, Ada's temporary bartender, mentioned only this one time.