Episode 401.
          Leslie wants the promissory note back.

WA:       For the second time in a matter of days, the police have been 
          summoned to the Peyton house to investigate a death.  Lee 
          Webber died violently a victim of his own loyalty to Martin 
          Peyton, and of the old man's cold blooded betrayal of that 
          loyalty.  Both Peyton and Steven have already made statements 
          to the police.  Their stories agree.  The shooting took place 
          accidentally, in protection of the old man's life. 
Intro:    Two police cars in front of the Peyton mansion. 
Scene 1:  The crime scene detail, police Sergeant Edward Goddard, officer 
          Harry, and the police photographer gather evidence and take 
          pictures in the livingroom.  Peyton says the shooting should be 
          a routine matter.  Peyton says, "My granddaughter has been 
          revenged by her twin brother." 
Scene 2:  Steven picks up the black king and examines it.  Leslie is 
          admitted by Mary.  He asks Steven what happened.  Steven talks 
          sarcastically with Leslie.  Steven says that Leslie lied.  
          Leslie asks what Webber had said before he died.  What his last 
          words were.  Steven yells at Leslie to get out.  Leslie leaves.  
          Steven angrily throws the black king in the fireplace. 
          [A real chess player would never do such a thing.]
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi is examining Peyton in his bed in the mansion.  Rossi 
          says he won't know if Peyton's medicine has lost its effectiveness 
          until he gets the results of the test.  Rossi muses to the old man 
          how close Peyton and Lee were.  Rossi says that he will run the 
          tests himself, tonight.  Peyton will know the results in the 
          morning.  Peyton says, "This is a house of death." 
          [See note at bottom this page.] 
Scene 4:  Norman goes to visit Elliot at the Clarion.  Elliot is typing as 
          Norman walks in.  Elliot says he is writing the story on the 
          accidental shooting of Lee Webber.  Norman says try telling that 
          to Lee Webber.  Norman says that Lee had gotten a job and was 
          trying to straighten himself out.  Norman said he thought that 
          Elliot was against capital punishment.  Rehabilitation not 
          reparation.  Elliot says that he meant it. 
Scene 5:  At the Tavern, there is a loud knock on the door.  Leslie is 
          admitted by Eddie.  Leslie wants the promissory note back.  
          Eddie says he will give the note back to Leslie.  Leslie says, 
          "Where is it?"  Leslie says that Eddie failed and that he wants 
          the promissory note back.  Eddie is evasive.  Leslie says, "You 
          don't have it, do you?"  Leslie tells Eddie that Lee Webber is 
          dead.  Eddie says, "How?"  Eddie almost admits that Peyton has 
          the note. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi is examining a sample of Martin Peyton's blood using 
          a microscope as Elliot Carson comes in.  He is running the 
          tests to determine the WBC, White Blood Count.  Elliot tells 
          Rossi that he can not understand why Constance is so upset at 
          the death of Adrienne, a total stranger.  Rossi says they had 
          one thing in common, loneliness.  Rossi talks about the last 
          time he saw Constance in New York after she had Allison. 
Scene 7:  Rossi goes in to visit Rita.  Rita now has a small TV in her
          room and is watching a sci-fi program.  The sound of lasers is 
          heard.  Rossi suggests she go to sleep instead of watching TV.  
          A nurse comes in with the report of an emergency on the wharf.  
          A child is having trouble breathing at that little diner on the 
          wharf, the Cider Barrel.  We learn later that the child is Jill 
          Smith's daughter, Kelly. 
Scene 8:  The square.  Rodney heads toward the Colonial Post Inn.  He meets 
          up with Leslie and asks about the shooting of Lee Webber.  Rodney 
          continues to press Leslie for what actually happened.  Rodney asks 
          why Lee would want to break into his office.  Leslie says he has 
          had a very long difficult night.  They go in the bar in the Inn.  
          They continue to talk and go over to sit in a booth. 
Preview:  Steven talks to Martin.  In the Cider Barrel, Rossi examines 
          Jill's baby.  The night managaer and waitress Laurie speak with 
          Rossi.  Betty talks to Steven. 
          SC:  There's not going to be any new Eden, grandfather.  
               Because your idea of paradise is a living hell for 
               everyone else. 
          MR:  What happened?  Lady, I don't know, the mother's gone. 
          Man: We looked all over the place, doc, and the mother just ducked 
          La:  She rushed in here with the baby off the bus.
          Man: And all of a sudden, she was gone.  That's all we know, doc. 
          BA:  If this is the way it's going to be then maybe I'd better 
               look for another attorney. 
          SC:  Or another husband.

MEL:      022. Catherine Marie Peyton Harrington died in Doctors Hospital 
               shortly after being taken from the mansion. 
          048. Elizabeth Hanley Carson died in the beach house.  Elliot 
               was innocent, but convicted. 
          113. Joe Chernak died on the wharf.
          178. Gus Chernak died after breaking into the mansion.
          235. Brian Colby died in Boston Memorial Hospital.
          255. Ann Howard died after a fall from Sailors' Bluff.
          280. Rachel Welles' parents died in a house fire.
          280. Rachel Welles' Aunt Lucy, Chandler's sister died on the farm. 
          365. Jack Chandler died in a police shootout far from Peyton 
          394. Adrienne Van Leyden died from a fall in the mansion.
          401. Leroy Lee Webber died after being shot a second time, 
               in the mansion.  
          421. Dr. Van Leyden died in New York City as a result of a fall 
               from an apartment window. 
          476. Martin Peyton died in a Boston Clinic.
          509. Fred Russell died in Doctors Hospital.  Dr. Rossi is accused 
               of his murder. 

WBC-White Blood Count.
Steven Cord throws the black king in the fireplace in scene 2.
Police Officer Harry, crime scene investigator.
Crime scene photographer.
Laurie, the waitress-uncredited.