Episode 402.
          Martin Peyton says goodbye.  Jill comes to town.

WA:       Tonight Dr. Michael Rossi has received an emergency phone call, 
          summoning him to a diner on the Peyton Place wharf.  A baby has 
          been taken ill aboard a bus passing through town and has been 
          removed to the warmth of first available place.  It is a 
          seemingly routine event in a busy doctor's schedule. 
          [The diner is identified as the Cider Barrel in the previous and 
          following episodes]. 
Intro:    Rossi drives his small red sports car to the Cider Barrel diner 
          on the wharf. 
Scene 1:  Rossi comes into the diner and is greeted by Dick, the night manager, 
          who is wearing an apron.  Dick says, "I'm glad you're here, doc."  
          Rossi is led over to the baby.  The waitress, Laurie, and some 
          patrons give Rossi what information they have.  Rossi says he will 
          take the baby to the hospital.  Jill phoned the hospital and asked 
          for Rossi by name.  Laurie gave Jill the dime to make the call.  
          Rossi asks permission from the manager for Laurie to go to the 
          hospital with him.  As they drive off, Jill Smith is seen watching 
          from a distance. 
Scene 2:  Rodney drives up in his rag-top convertible in front of the courthouse.  
          Inside, in the booking ares, Steven and Betty are talking.  Eddie joins 
          them.  Eddie says he has a couple more questions for Betty. 

Scene 3:  When Betty comes out of the courthouse, Rodney gets out of his car 
          and walks over to her.  He asks if she is all right.  They walk over 
          to the square and talk.  They talk about Betty's story about the day 
          Adrienne died.  Rodney apologizes for hurting her a long time ago. 
Scene 4:  As Steven comes out of the courthouse, he sees Betty and Rodney in 
          the bandstand.  He walks along, alone.  Peyton's maid, Mary drives 
          up in a cab, calls to Steven, and says that Mr. Peyton wants to see 
          him and Mrs. Cord at the house at 2:00. 
Scene 5:  In the mill office, Leslie is notified on his ten-line speaker phone 
          that Martin Peyton is waiting to see him.  Peyton says that he brings 
          him good tidings.  He is not going to burden him with the full 
          management of the mill, after all.  Peyton says he has the "contract" 
          with Eddie Jacks.  Peyton accuses Harrington.  Peyton says he 
          underestimated Harrington.  Peyton says he is returning to Boston 
          to the clinic.  He asks Harrington to continue to manage the mill. 

Scene 6:  Steven is in the living room at the mansion with Betty and Rodney.  
          He telephones miss Nolan to see if he has received any calls.  The 
          door chimes sound.  Peyton comes in and asks Steven to pour him a 
          glass of brandy.  Peyton tells Steven that he is leaving Peyton Place 
          for Boston.  He is leaving the house to Steven.  The cost of the 
          upkeep will be Steven's responsibility.  The plumbing is old and 
          Steven will have to contend with that.  Martin and Rodney have a 
          farewell talk.  Peyton says that it is important that Betty and 
          Rodney have found each other again.  Steven talks about Eden and 
          Adam and Eve.  Peyton asks for Rodney's help in getting up.  The 
          chimes sound again and Dr. Rossi comes in.  Peyton asks if Rossi 
          got a driver.  Rossi says yes.  Rossi tells Rodney that Peyton's 
          condition is serious.  Mary comes down the stairs carryiing Martin's 
          suitcase.  The old man walks out using two canes to a waiting limousine.  
          Rossi accompanies the old man.  Peyton tells Rodney that there is a 
          difference between owning a house and being the master of it.  
          Peyton and Rossi drive off in the limousine. 
Scene 7:  Jill Smith comes in Doctors Hospital and goes to the Information Desk.  
          She asks to see Dr. Rossi.  She introduces herself as miss Jill Smith.  
          Miss Choate tells Jill that the baby is in intensive care.  Choate says 
          that she has pneumonia.  She tells Jill that Dr. Rossi is out of town.  
          Dr. Fielding is paged.  She asks Jill to fill out an admitting form. 
Preview:  Rossi talks to Jill.  Leslie talks to Eddie.  Rodney talks to Betty. 
          MR:  I want you to tell me who the father is, how I can contact him, 
               and how I can contact your parents. 
          JS:  Why are you being so cruel?
          LH:  You've had your turn, now it's mine.  There's one thing I've 
               always been known for, and that's paying my debts.  And I owe 
               you a lot, Eddie. 
          RH:  You're not going to change your mind, are you?  I love you, Betty. 

Miss Nolan-Penelope Gillette.
Dick, the Cider Barrel night manager-uncredited.
Laurie, Cider Barrel waitress-uncredited.
Joyce Jillson-Jill Smith [later Jill Rossi]