Episode 403.
          Romance blooms in Rodney's garage.

WA:       Doctors Hospital, Peyton Place, Morning.  A young woman has 
          been sleeping fitfully on a corridor bench most of the night.  
          She came here in search of a baby.  A very ill baby, that she 
          claims is her own.  Hospital procedure is strict, however, and 
          she must wait for the baby's attending physician, Dr. Michael 
Intro:    Miss Esther Choate is working at the Information Desk. 
Scene 1:  Miss Choate greets Rossi coming in and directs him to Jill.  
          Dr. Green is paged.  Jill sits up and talks with Dr. Rossi.  
          She wants to see her baby.  She goes in his office and they 
          talk.  Rossi says that he just got back from Boston taking 
          Peyton to the clinic.  Dr. Richards is paged.  
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi takes Jill to the nursery in the maternity ward to 
          see her baby. 
Scene 3:  Eddie goes to the mill to talk with Leslie.  Leslie asks Eddie 
          where he gets his nerve. 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi goes in to to room 101 to see Rita.  She asks him how 
          his trip was.  Rossi says that Rita is getting bored.  Miss 
          Choate interrupts to say that Steven Cord is there to see him.  
Scene 5:  Steven and Rossi go into his office and continue to talk about 
          Peyton.  Rossi says that Steven couldn't care less about Peyton. 
Scene 6:  In the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is working under a car as Betty 
          comes in and sits on a high stool.  Rodney says he is busy.  
          Betty tells him to go ahead and work on the car.  Betty tells 
          Rodney him that she has made a decision about them.  Betty is 
          there because she wants to be with him.  Betty asks Rodney what 
          the difference is between a square-out and a zig-out.  Rodney 
          respectfully explains the similarities and differences. 
Scene 7:  In the Peyton living room, Steven walks around and sits at the 
          dining table.  Mary brings him a bowl of something, possibly 
          soup.  Steven Cord has inherited Mary from Peyton just like 
          David Schuster inherited Anna Chernak from Leslie Harrington. 
Scene 8:  Jill walks around the square in the snow.  From inside the Book 
          Gallery, Constance sees Jill, runs outside and impulsively calls 
          out, "Allison, Allison."  Jill turns around.  Constance, aware 
          of her error says, "Oh, I'm sorry.  Did you want something?"  
          Jill turns back around and continues on toward the General Store. 

Preview:  Norman talks to Rita.  Sandy Webber talks with Steven.  Constance 
          talks with Elliot. 
          NH:  Look, your dad's got a big smile on his face all the time.  
               But when you really need him, he's not going to be around. 
          RJ:  Norman, you've got to make room for him.
          RH:  What do you want, Sandy?
          SW:  I am the widow of the man you killed.  Tell me, was it really 
               an accident? 
          CM:  If I just knew she was dead, maybe I could make myself accept it. 
          EC:  You have to accept not knowing. 
          CM:  I can't stand, not knowing, any longer.

Square-out and zig-out.
Jill Smith-Joyce Jillson.