Episode 404.

          Sandy Webber returns to Peyton Place for Lee's funeral.

WA:       A girl named Jill.  Jill Smith.  At least that's what she calls 
          herself.  Tonight, she's looking for something, for someone.  
          It is almost as if a magnet at the bookstore on the square was 
          pulling her along.  She has been pulled along since the moment 
          when she stood in the shadows of a diner on Peyton Place wharf 
          and watched Dr. Michael Rossi administer emergency treatment to 
          a baby girl.  Later she showed up at Doctors Hospital and claimed 
          the infant was hers.  Now the magnet continues to pull, pull her 
          toward Constance Mackenzie Carson. 
Intro:    Jill, walks around the square. 
Scene 1:  Constance sees Jill and impulsively calls to her, "Allison, Allison."  
          Jill turns to look at Constance.  Realizing her error she continues, 
          "Oh, I'm sorry.  Did you want something?"  Jill turns and walks on 
          toward the General Store of Eli Carson. 
Scene 2:  In the Clarion, Elliot is typing as Constance comes in.  Elliot 
          wants to go skating so he is writing a poem.  He reads: 
              There's a foot of ice on Indian pond, And a romantically 
              full moon promised for Saturday. If your Editor can persuade 
              his wife to forget last years' bruises ...  
          Constance tells Elliot that she saw a girl outside.  She saw 
          Jill Smith and thought for an instant that she was Allison. 
          Elliot tells her she must accept not knowing.  
Scene 3:  Jill walks up to the boarding house on the wharf.  Mrs. Hewitt is 
          cleaning a mirror as Jill comes in and asks for a room.  Jill says 
          that she got Mrs Hewitt's name at the post office.  ;The Post Office 
          is never shown in the series.]  Mrs. Hewitt says fifteen a week.  
          She says that most of her boarders are on the older side.  She 
          says that it wouldn't be appropriate for a baby that cries.  As 
          they are talking, Eli comes in.  Eli talks about Mrs. Hewitt's 
          turning out Eddie Jacks and now this girl.  Eli mentions his Aunt 
          Emma.  Mrs. Hewitt asks for $30.  15 and 15 in advance.  Eli 
          introduces himself to Jill.  They talk pleasantly.

Scene 4:  Sandy Webber rings the chimes at the Peyton house and Mary goes 
          to the door.  Mary tells Sandy that Mr. Peyton is out of town.  
          Steven tells Mary to let Sandy in.  Steven talks with Sandy about 
          the death of Lee Webber.  Sandy says that she is handling the funeral.  
          Sandy says she hates the house.  Sandy picks up the white queen's 
          bishop and examines it.  [Steven must have replaced the 
          black king which he had thrown in the fireplace.]  She looks at 
          the portrait and says, "Good evening, Mrs. Cord."  Sandy wants to 
          give a watch back to Mr. Peyton.  Sandy mentions that Lee's name 
          was actually Leroy. 

Scene 6:  In Rita's hospital room, Eddie has given an electric horse-race game 
          to her.  Rossi is watching.  Norman comes in and asks if he should 
          come back later.  Eddie and Rossi go out in the corridor. 
Scene 7:  Betty and Rodney are sitting bare-footed in front of a fireplace 
          in a room at the ski lodge.  Rodney reminisces about the Twin Maples 
          Motel.  They chat affectionately. 
Scene 8:  In Dr. Michael Rossi's office, Rossi talks with Jill about the baby, 
          Kelly.  Jill mentions St. Louis but says she is not from there.  Jill 
          says she loves the view from her room on the wharf.  Jill mentions an 
          angry old man with a walrus mustache.  Dr. Rossi allows that it 
          was Eli Carson.  Rossi suspects that Jill knows more about Dr. Rossi 
          than she lets on.  Jill leaves. 
Preview:  Steven talks to Betty.  Norman talks to Eddie.  Constance talks with 
          SC:  If they ever get around to judging you, I'd be very interested 
               in the verdict. 
          BA:  I think you'd better open the door, right now, Steven. 
          NH:  Rita and I play a game.  It's called "Charity begins at home." 
               I just want to feed the baby and take care of my wife.
          CM:  Your parents can't help you, if you don't trust them.  Do you 
               think it's right, to deprive her of a home? 
          JS:  It's better than making her live a lie.

Mrs. Hewitt-Maxine Stuart.