Episode 405.
          Eddie buys a horse for Rita.  
WA:       Jill Smith, a ficticious name for a desperate girl.  A girl who 
          came out of nowhere, bound for nowhere, with an illegitimate baby.  
          A baby suffering from malnutrition on the brink of pneumonia and 
          now Jill Smith has come to get the baby, she claims is hers. 
Intro:    Jill Smith walking up the steps to Doctors Hospital.  
Scene 1:  Dr. Van Dyke is paged to surgery.  Dr. Rossi comes out of his office 
          and greets Jill.  He tells her that he has not yet made out or 
          approved the release papers.  Dr. Van Dyke is paged to report to 
          surgery.  They go in Rossi's office and argue.  Rossi threatens to 
          call the welfare bureau.  Jill asks Rossi to give her another chance.  
          Rossi starts to make a call.  Jill puts her finger on the telephone 
          hook.  He orders her to take her hand off.  Dr. Rossi tells miss 
          Choate to make out the release papers.  They go back out in the 
          reception area.  Nurse Stacy brings the baby.  They all go outside 
          and nurse Stacy hands the baby over to Jill.  Rossi reminds Jill, 
          two weeks. 
Scene 2:  Jill is walking on the narrow road carrying Kelly piggyback 
          [pick-a-back] as Rodney drives up behind her.  He honks.  She 
          sarcastically says, "The horn works, try the lights."  Rodney tells 
          her to bring Kelly inside.  He backs the car into the garage.  Jill 
          comes into the garage and Rodney sends her into the office where it 
          is supposed to be a little warmer.  She puts Kelly on the bed.  She 
          introduces herself as miss Jill Smith.  Rodney says that he does 
          his own correspondence and bookkeeping.  She says that she worked at 
          the marina the previous summer.  She says that a girl gas-jockey 
          would be good for business.  [Joyce Jillson later wrote a book entitled 
          "Real Women Don't Pump Gas."] 
Scene 3:  Norman and Rita are kissing as Eddie comes in the hospital room to 
          announce that the murder charges against him have been dropped.  
          Norman makes it clear that he does not like Eddie.  Eddie says that 
          he has bought Rita a horse.  The horse is named Rita the Second.  
          It will be kept just outside of town.  Norman says that he just 
          wants to feed the baby and take care of his wife. 
Scene 4:  Jill is in front of the General Store sweeping Eli's sidewalk as 
          Eli returns.  On the window is a sign: 

                              Firewood Sale 

          They go inside to talk.  Eli says that he has had a cup of coffee 
          with Elliot.  Jill tells him that she is looking for a job.  Eli 
          takes a baby bottle off the stove where it has been warming.  Jill 
          feeds Kelly a bottle.  

          [Back in those days, most baby bottles were made of glass.  
          Now-a-days mostare made of un-breakable plastic.]

          Eli agrees to let her do light chores.  

          [Eli has provided jobs for Elliot, Norman, Rodney, Rachel, and 
          now Jill.  But not for Ann Howard.]  
Scene 5:  In her room at the Colonial Post Inn, Betty is awakened by a light 
          knock on the door.  She gets up and admits Steven Cord.  He asks 
          if he should close the door.  Her ski poles and skis are by the 
          table.  Steven tells Betty about the coroner's inquest.  He says 
          that the official cause of Adrienne's death was recorded as a 
          blow to the head sustained during an accidental fall.  He says that 
          it must be a relief.  Betty says that she is going skiing.  Steven 
          says it is a bit risky.  That she could break a leg.  Steven 
          examines Betty's skis.  She has a real nice pair.  He leaves. 

Scene 6:  Jill in on the square walking, carrying the baby with her right arm.  
          Constance sees Jill and invites her inside.  Constance introduces 
          herself.  Jill says that she was looking for a job.  She couldn't 
          make it there.  She doesn't dig books.  Eli told her that she ran 
          away from home.  Jill says she has been gone a little over a year.  
          Constance says that her parents can't help her if she doesn't trust 
          them.  Jill says that she remembers reading about Allison's 
          disappearancd.  Jill leaves. 
Preview:  Eddie talks with Rita.  Elliot talks with Constance.  Steven 
          talks with, and forcefully kisses Betty. 
          EJ:  What is it Rita?
          RJ:  (gasping). I don't know.
          EJ:  Rita.  Nurse, come here quick.
          EC:  Are you trying to tell that me you know?  That you're 
               absolutely sure? 
          CM:  We both admitted it was possible.
          EC:  You sound as if you know Allison was pregnant.

          SC:  You belong to me now, the same way you belonged to me on 
               our wedding night. 
          BA:  Let go.
          SC:  You're my wife.  You're mine.
          Steven forcefully kisses Betty.